ABS staff stop work in protest


ABS TV/Radio staff as well as those in the Informational Technology department have stopped working in protest.

They are calling for better working conditions, overtime pay and a number of management issues.

Staff members say they will remain off the job until instructed otherwise by their union.

ABS workers striking today outside their headquarters at the Cecil Charles Building

Here is a full list of their concerns.

  • Low Morale
  • Poor Internal Communication from Managers/Directors to Staffs**
  • Lack of Staff Motivation
  • Shifts(schedules) needs to be sorted well in advance
  • No consistency in operational procedures and Standards
  • Lack of Training and Development for promotions
  • Poor lighting (bathrooms, Sales, 2nd  & 3rd Floor, Editing room)
  • Very poor air quality and AC not working in some departments cause employees to be uncomfortable
  • Salary increase
  • Unpaid Overtime

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  1. I thought the Jamaican guru was to make this place a better place or is he busy seeking out the better interviews to be on TV profiling and send the junior reporter to cover stories such as rat infestation in buildings!

    • The man came with an agenda. He has not helped with anything. If anything all he did or does is shut everyone down and elevate himself. Waste of money

  2. The man came with an agenda. He has not helped with anything. If anything all he did or does is shut everyone down and elevate himself. Waste of money

    • Hmm sounds like you are an operative for victimisation. What difference if you see their face or back. At the end of the day humans not cows are protesting. That much we can make out!

      • Nar. I am anti-victimization. It’s more about the quality of the photo/journalism. The employees did the right thing. It takes boldness to stand up for ones rights. I just hope by the end of the day, a resolution would have been reached.

        P.S. – Isn’t Erna-Mae a professed Anglican? Is this what she learns every Sunday morning at church?

        • Even the devil goes to church. Erna-Mae needs to go home. She couldn’t manage Scotia Bank and now she’s trying to see if she could manage something. She and her cooking obeah need to go!

  3. LOW MORALE is a KILLER!!! It means that staff will not give 100% if morale is low because they feel like those in authority do not “have their backs” or their best interest at heart. So they need to get a new building and a new manager? Is that the solution in broad terms?

    • You are right. Sadly, employer still do not seem to appreciate the critical importance morale can play.

      They seem to think once you get paid (on time or not) you should just hush and tek any conditions and treatment.

      People who are truly respected and appreciated tend do willingly do more and work better…

      Didn’t they bring down some Antiguan hotshot from the US? Are they not letting her use her full potential and experience? Does she get through to staff?

      Not too convinced the Minister is serious about a resolution but I wish the workers well in at least trying to bring about positive change for

      Keep it clean and peaceful. Hopefully it’s resolved so all can have a pleasant holiday season!

  4. How did ErnaMae get here in the first place, wasn’t it banking she was into? She must have been promised something and got that. Hmmm wonder what?
    We also have to bear in mind that powers that be micromanage everything that happens. So even if they invested in a Jamaican, he nor whoever cannot do what they want. One phone call and whoever it is lose their job. So me being him, would continue to work and get paid until that phone call comes to make a change..

  5. It was first the Post Office, now ABS, where else tomorrow? Somebody needs to know if workers have conducive working environment and high morale coupled with adequate pay, productivity will be at peak! Government still cannot understand this! They will wait for the next department, maybe St. John’s Health Centre, where nothing that pertains to health should be conducted in since outside looks like a derelict building and inside confirms it!

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