ABS Staff boycotts Christmas awards ceremony

Some staff attended ABS awards ceremony

Over fifty percent of staff members at the National Broadcasting Media House failed to attend a staff party and Awards that was held in their honor last evening.

According to reports, the decision to not attend the function was made by staff who are in day five of protest action sanctioned by the Antigua Trades and Labour Union.

Staff says, to date, there has been no attempt by the Information Minister the Melford Nicholas or management to meet and address staff complaints to include low morale, poor working conditions, overtime pay and the victimisation and disrespect to employees.

The Minister in a telephone interview last week on ABS News said he is unaware of any staff issues and staff are acting out based on disciplinary action against other employees.

He further stated that staff members are using the government’s time to work for private entities.

Meanwhile, staff members within the IT Department have downed tools in support of their ABS colleagues and complains of similar issues poor working conditions and owed monies.

There is a union meeting scheduled for 2pm today with their union representative Ralph Potter.

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  1. Why is Melford allowing the situation to exacerbate? This should have already been handled by day 1 of the protest action (granted it didn’t have to reach to that level). He thinks it is more important to parade around in a jacket while things under his stewardship run wild?

    P.S. is the GM really that bad? I Mean she is married so her husband must like her attitude.

    • She has his little dark secrets. Lol fling seed man. Sly devil you.🤪😃 I like what her husband does tho. He lives in another island from time to time. No one can stay around that bitch to long.
      They either go crazy bruk then crazy.

    • All these employees should be fired and ABS should be closed and shutdown, it is a useless organization that was created before the age of the internet. Fire them, shut it down!

  2. It was alledge someone was called to the head office to remove a female from an office.

    Police keep coming to Abs to speak with management and no one in authority thinks that is a bad image.

    A team and B team in an organisation which rely on team work.

    How many account does the nation station really has.

    Why are staff denied emergency leave when the manager and PS takes them when ever they feel without denial.

    Stealing time.

    Staff are asked to work over their hrs during outside recordings. Carnivals season.

    Staff are asked to be staff drivers. Never paid for it. Who really staealing time.

    PS answers to manager.

    Staff and ministry managers playground.

  3. Melfud was quick to say observer running illegally but now his ship is sinking he dont have a clue …….how do these people get pay

    • Observer is/was a private entity. Family squabbles and poor management led to its demise. Abs is state-owned. Observer didn’t get disconnected by APUA ( unlike the common man). Ask Winston wife and daughter about the real reason why ….

      • I consider you to be my new “Bat Fan”and look forward to further feedback. By the way did some of the extras make it to your kitchen. It was probably a merry Christmas indeed for you. Eat up eat up before electricity goes and the food spoils!!!!!

  4. Who was Erna-mae’s predecessor? I heard she also gives trouble at her church. Don’t know if it’s true or people just have badmind and grudge her. One thing is for sure, these issues need to be urgently addressed.

    • 60 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong. Erna- Mae can’t be so unfortunate that people just bad- mind her just so. Erna- Mae was weeded out of Scotiabank, in problem with people when she was a part of planning Carnival, had grand falling out with Spliff… she IS the bad- minded and begrudging one. There’s been an exodus of staff from ABS since her entry and she is over 60 and should be the one leaving.

      • THANK VERY MUCH!!!……….SOME ANTIGUANS HAVE SHORT TERM MEMORY IF SHE HAD A GOOD REPUTATION BEFORE I CAN UNDERSTAND THE QUESTIONS……….BUT EVERYWHERE SHE GOES ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE…….SHE NEED TO BE STOPPED FOR GOOD…….she she came to ABS several persons with over 20+ years some before I was born they working in the media and were sent home because they were over 60, she has ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER IN MEDIA yet still at 60+ she’s given and extension of contract lasting 2 years, WHO DIED AND MADE THIS WOMAN OR EVEN MELFORD GOD OF ALL THINGS???

  5. Waste of time. Ralph is a un-educated union rep who will get the workers into more trouble than they already are in.
    I keep saying, you cannot let the inmates run the asylum, Just like you cannot let the tail wag the dog

    • You are reducing the plight of workers by assuming that it’s an attempt to have them run things and the analogy you chose to use says a lot about you. If VC never stood up to injustice in the workplace, where would we be? Why are Antiguan people so afraid to take a stand?

  6. Hahaha once Ralph Potter handing this you know the dishonesty that goes along with the matter. He lie and have no sense. Workers interest goes out the window cause he want publicity. Worst union rep in Antigua.

  7. Honestly, people in Antigua need to have a better diet of food, clearly. Our people eat too much sugar and bread and rice – we need to eat more vegetables and fruits.

    • Wah dat have to do with the strike at ABS? If they eliminate the rice and pigtail from their diet, all will be instantly well with their working conditions?

    • What u trying to say now they big like cow hope is not that u trying to say so i had to be the one to ask you a question about this …sarcasm rhetoric.

  8. Not a bad idea to close down shop since the book is off balance Big One the LOST column is profiling to often

  9. Why the union don’t call on all it’s members for support when one member is in trouble.

    This will always remind the ministers that they are not in charge. And find speedy solutions.

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