ABS reporter Terry Andrew in court for allegedly violating an interim protection order and trespassing

Terry Andrew

ABS reporter Terry Andrew has been charged with violating an interim protection order and trespassing.


According to the Observer Newsco, Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards ordered that the court be cleared during the proceedings to which Andrew O’Kola – the lawyer representing the complainant – Sherrie-Ann Bradshaw objected, saying that the matter is not one of a sexual nature nor does it involve a minor.


The news anchor remains out on station bail until Wednesday when he is to return to court.


The matter was adjourned for hearing because Andrew’s lawyer was unable to make it to Tuesday’s hearing.

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    • And your point is?? If it was Jane or John Doe it woulda be NEWS so what makes the difference in this case??? To save face?? Chuuups. He wasn’t thinking of his public image so why should Observer NOT REPORT on matters before the Court. Y’all disgusting with the stupidity


      Obviously, female Complainant ‘…wanted her own space.’

      Applied to Court for ‘Protection/ Restraining Order.’

      Court granted Order against the ‘Defendant.’

      Would have been warned not to visit or go near to the Complainant.

      Some darn thing happened. Police called, and that’s it.

      Police detained and took to Magistrate.

      Must give ‘…good reasons’ to escape ‘punishment.’

  1. Sherry Ann-Bradshaw? Isn’t she a Lawyer? Some years ago,I closed on a Property in Antigua. A Sherry-Ann Bradshaw was the Lawyer.

    • One and the same, she is the claimant. A lawyer’s job is to approach a legal case with objectivity and every lawyer that is worth their salt knows it is not wise to represent themselves when they are personally involved, ask Rudy Giuliani if you don’t believe me.

  2. So Terry gone on the back bench now and Shermain is back in town? What happened to the young lady who was reading before? ABS full ah drama.

    • you full a jarma, lub ugly and badmind as Makeda Michael so aptly put it. Watch you own backyard mind fu you bizniz nah get way while u so busy a focus pan ABS.

      • LOL Lub ugly? How about you not allegedly violate a protection order? How about ABS get THEIR house in order? You are talking about watching my own backyard… apparently, that’s what ABS should have been doing so you are actually criticizing ABS too. ABS reported on Bramble’s case, Petra Williams’ case with a whole bunch of pictures of di ooman and you ah say me lub ugly? If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Antiguan people hate when their favourites are held accountable and light shed on them and want to put it off as people being “badminded.” Me nah tap mind ABS business. Fu me tax money ah pay fu um.

    • IF it could a min get Bill Clinton, King David, King George, and countless other men in trouble, why not Terry? Men will forever be brought down by the vagina.

  3. This is not a joke matter. Based on what I have heard in the news. He violated a Court Order. He trespassed on the property of the Claimant in question,last week. He could could get Prison time for doing that. It is not a joking matter. One must obey the orders of the Courts. Or be prepared to stand the consequences of your behavior.

  4. Dear Editor,

    What’s the update or outcome on this?

    While some others may dismiss this as just ex-girlfriend issues, this is a serious issue that is plaguing our society and families.

    If he is guilty of wrongdoing in this regard, we do not want to be seeing this face on our national TV. It would be a disgrace and very vexing.

    Or is it that we simply nuh kay bout woman tawl tawl, even in 2021?
    If he doesn’t respect the woman involved or women generally, he damn well should respect a court order.
    Unless he feels he is above the law.

    This is a very sickening situation. I cannot imagine how the woman felt to know that she still was not safe even with a court order if the allegations are true.

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