ABS Reportedly Cancels Interview With Dr Joey John

Dr Joey John was the subject of criticism when he tested Hodges Bay Resort Staff

ABS reportedly cancelled an interview with Dr. Joey John last night as the government continues to express dissatisfaction with how he revealed information on coronavirus cases.

According to reports, Dr. John was scheduled to appear on state media at 8 p.m. but told the Doctor at 4 p.m. that the interview was cancelled.

ABS has not said why it cancelled the interview.

Yesterday, prime minister Gaston Browne criticised the doctor for revealing information about corononavirus testing on his own.

“You have to understand that when you dealing with health issues there is a level of confidentiality that should not be breached,” the prime minister said on radio yesterday.

“I don’t believe he did this purposefully, but I just want other health officials to understand that they have to be more cautious in their public articulations about health issues.

“It was not appropriate for any health official to be going to the public and giving that type of information to the public, it has to be centralized.

“And maybe it was done out of exuberance and we hope that there will not be any such repeat from Dr, John or any other health practitioner in this country” Browne said.

Dr John was engaged to test 66 staff at the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa. Based on his test four people are positive with the virus.




  1. Information has to be centralized but you once took it on yourself to reveal a new case on your personal Facebook page while the Misinformed Minister who was chairing a press conference was left out of the loop and dismissed reports of a new case as “fake news.” Information has to be centralized but the dashboard seems to be run by a person who randomly enters figures. Dr. John can speak about his private findings and he never revealed anyone’s name so I don’t know where confidentiality could be breached. As for ABS that’s just a propaganda machine so whatever.

  2. The names of the patients were not released! No breach! This is a form of bullying to silence the targeted party.

    • I agree.

      The prime minister has a private talk show which is NOT a politics platform, and the first place you hear certain government dealings is on his show.

      How is it he can say what he likes but a doctor can’t speak facts

  3. This is just a lot of BS I guess the staff and management of abs are securing their jobs keep up the good work doc now is now a time for us to be blinded by the political games this government playing with our lives

  4. They can’t tell Dr.John what to say. They’re afraid he will expose their lies!

    • What a thing. UPP people now into Joey John. I gather because he has done something that government disagrees with, you now love him. Must be in a bad place to only embrace person’s because the entity you hate has issues with them. Explains why the UPP finds it hard to have lasting relationships. You can’t build anything good based on hate

  5. Dr John is now the medical Moses after been vilified by some of these same ones who are now putting him on a pedestal- simply because he appears to be leaning on the same branch with those who were hoping for a wide spread community outbreak- he predicted it would happen a few months back so guess he’s now speaking it into existence. Some people egos are soo inflated that they hate to be proven wrong. Anyway it’s put- regardless of these last cases his prophecy was wrong because we had no widespread community outbreak and still don’t. This must be the only place where residents are wishing the worse outcome for itself, well it ain’t going to happen- the Almighty got this one.

  6. WTF !!!!! “I hope there will not be a repeat by Dr John or any other practioner” man that sure sound like a Dictatorship . I’ve never heard of a Doctor having to get approval to do or speak of the results of PRIVATE TESTS which he did on HIS PATIENTS yes Ladies and Gents they are HIS PATIENTS. WOW THAT’S IDIOTIC !!!

  7. Ummmmm did anyone think to call and ask ABS why they cancelled the interview? Come on ANR….do your homework.

  8. So Observer, this is your moment to shine. You interview him. It’s your audience he’s playing to. Let him at least try to earn the alleged promised knighthood promised by his supporters come November, ahead of the hardworking Minister ofHealth and Wellness and the other happy doc. By the way, was a reason given for the alleged cancelation? Why not share it?

  9. The constitution of Antigua and Barbuda protects you, protect the rights of a person with his freedom of expression

  10. Rise up Antigua and Barbuda. The govt should have nothing but total transparency towards its citizens. Gaston thinks we are here to help him fill his bank accounts. Yet people will continue voting this bully and bottom feeder in.

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