ABS employee had a mental health break-down in the station’s parking lot after being unjustly bullied by management



I am calling for the relevant authorities to intervene at ABS before it becomes a cautionary tale of what workplace abuse can do.

Last week, an employee had a mental health break in the station’s parking lot after being unjustly bullied by management for trumped-up offenses.

The person was so distraught that they said they wanted to hang themselves and leave a note on their body with a manager’s name signaling the person was who sent them over the edge.

However, the manager interpreted the worker’s breakdown as being a threat to themselves and other employees and had police summoned to the station.

When the police assessed the situation, they said he was just going through something emotionally.

Last week, another employee with the meekest and mildest demeanour snapped while being constantly harassed by a manager who will not let the employee breathe.

At ABS, we are witnessing people act out of character because of the toxic nature of the workplace. The place needs a human resource and mental health professional’s intervention.

There are other things going on behind the scenes like people working for only a few hours but being paid $150 a day without a Bachelor’s degree and a person who has a senior position who only comes into the station for about an hour a week.

However, there are people like the individuals previously mentioned who are being abused beyond their natural limits.

They’ll be some who say, “Why don’t they just quit?” Well, if only life was that simple. People have responsibilities and children and not everyone is willing to sell their fronts, and backs, become political prostitutes or engage in crimes to get ahead.

I’d advise anyone facing these challenges to plot an exit plan but let us not forget that the job market isn’t at its best right now and sometimes people cannot act immediately.

In the meantime, I am asking for help for the workers at ABS.

Editor’s note: The employee is question reached out to Antigua Newsroom to indicate that he enjoy good mental health. He confirmed however, that there is no HR Manager at ABS where employees can discuss their concerns.


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  1. How awful, we spend more time at work during the week than we do with our families. Our work places cannot be hell on earth. Get rid of Narcissistic Self aggrandizing soulless monsters calling themselves managers Now.

  2. At first I thought this was my workplace then i realize its ABS…are all Government institutions administrated by Tyrants ?????

  3. ABS employees have been towing and following the government’s rules, regulations and brainwashing for years now – HOW CAN ANYONE BE SURPRISED THAT THERE ARE MENTAL ISSUES AMONG THE STAFF!

  4. I always have to comment on events in Antigua, because I have being fund of the place over the last twenty years. I am not from Antigua,but like visiting the place (and no I don’t have property there). My career is in customer service and management, with extensive experience teaching people how to manage and be a good steward in your workplace, so when I say I’m not surprised by this behavior, I’m not exaggerating. I have seen the aggressive nature of how many people perform their work on Antigua, and lots of time I just shake my head and wonder how some of these people even have a job (especially at the airport) so I’m not surprised with this article and can see how it can easily happen on this island. You might think I’m being unfairly bias of Antigua, but I’m not. The way some people seems to be entitled in their position on this island was alarming to me ( and mind you I am a tourist) so I can imagine how that can easily translate onto their own colleagues who are of lower ranks. Anyway enough said. Shout out to Alizarin Joseph,nothing but love and admiration for that young man,continue to have success kid.

    • @Islanman26…
      …you’re speaking ‘truth to facts!”

      Now you realize, why I have to stay #Smood, nonchalant and easy like Sunday morning!

      The entire Island is like a set for a Reality TV Show, fashioned from ONE FLEW OVER THE COOCOO’S NEST.

      No need for auditions, just roll the cameras!

      Nuff said…

      • @ras. I got you from the unset ras,nuff respect to you. Keep shining light no matter how dark it seems

        • @Islanman26….

          …u dun kno de #fight!
          …of, what’s wrong and right!
          …so, even when I n I fighting #evil
          …in de Heat of the Night!
          …I am always, in Yah sight!
          …even, in depths and clutches of Hades might
          …where ‘tie sinister and dark
          …once, YAH_Lion roar and bark
          …such, and much #darkness
          …must, and haffu kum to light!
          …simply because, we are keeping it steady!
          …knowing, We’re already YAH BLESSED!

          positive blessings and guidance no doubt!


    • “I am being fund that place”? Are you attempting to say that you have a fondness for Antigua and Barbuda? Just want to decipher your content. Thanks

      • @Dave Ray…
        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood!

        Me no hab, wan “fondness” fu Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA!
        Me lub dem lakkah no oddah!

        Now as who’s in the know, I would like to know #who’re the owners, of REDONDA?
        Is it a fact, that it’s now privately owned by an American philanthropist from California?

        It would make a great Castle, or a set for a #Realty_Show!
        You know, locally produced shows/local producers need to pick up the pace, of local theatrical productions!

        What ever happened, to the conversion of DELUXE to an Arts_Culture_Entertainment/Education Center. #ACE_Center?

        • @ras. Take this hint. It makes cringe when I hear people say Redondo belongs to Antigua.lol.

          • @Islanman26…there’s nothing to “cringe” about.
            We did not set up the #territories, as they are. We inherited them from a System of Governance which ruled the region.
            You have to realize, ANTIGUA’s English Harbour was the home of the British Fleet under Nelson. Grouping Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda together gave the British Fleet better control of the waterways, namely the Leeward Passage to protect their territories from the French, Dutch and Spanish.

            This present generation had nothing to do with that. We are simply protecting and defending what we inherited.
            Such is the #Nature of the Beast.
            And, as to REDONDA who knows what types of resources lay in the Ocean which gives Our Nation of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, the opportunity, to break from its reliance on the visible Sun_Sea_Sand.

            Lest you forget, England went to War with Agentina over rocks way closer to Argentina than England.


      • @ dave.Lol.sorry. typing fast. Yes I have a fondness for Antigua, love the place,beautiful island.lol.

  5. Shame. Shame. Shame. Seven years after I was Seconded and later transferred to the Ministry of Health for making my stances known and fighting for my staff, this thing has gotten WORSTER and WORSTER not Worst and Worst. There are 52 cards in deck of cards including 4 Kings. 4 Queens and 4 Aces. But it’s the 2 Jokers, (Joker Speards) at the ministry of information that are the worst thing in the Public Service in ANU/BAR (HellaMae and DunceFord). So until Heckle and Jeckle are removed I am so so sorry for my former workmates. I still feel it for that educated and quiet young man who died just days after he was dismissed by that same She-Devil…… But to the likes of Relish Pipe, Dezeree, Kerrio, Jack Matthew and others, keep the faith…. (Yours Truly, Jermaine Gary Alex Sylvester Oliver Montgomery Festus Buffy Kentish

  6. That lady who does be on the cooking show on a friday afternoon is a ….. What secret she keeping so for ….. that she can behave so? I never saw such …..mannerism in a humanbeing who is working for the government, until I was invited to the goodmorning set …. yes invited

    • Yeah them too, if hell…. mean ministry of hellness (health&wellness), dem dey too can cause a man to go BONKERS. One ITworker at EMS made a fb live one time, and oh my goodness
      So buffy jump from the fire up into the frying pan!

      • Lol. Lol. No. Health is not like ministry of information at all. It’s Peace being compared to war…

  7. The Minister and Permanent Secretary had better arranged to have a meeting with upper Management. Then have a meeting with the Staff. The reason I am suggesting those meetings before as we say the chit hits the ceilings. By then it could be too late.In the workplace the people are your best assets. You are supposed to MANAGE them,not mothered and or fathered them.I am hoping nothing stupid happens as a result of non intervention by the those being paid to oversee the Management Team, at ABLE LESS/ABS.

  8. I am hoping something sensible comes from this.

    Do we just not care about the wellbeing of our staff? In a pandemic at that?

    But then again, remember early in the pandemic when staff posted about them having too many people in studio at same time, and they got punished. For standing up. For their HEALTH in an airborne pandemic. And they are one of if not the only government department that FIRED staff in the pandemic.

    Voting out is the only way if you care about anybody that works at ABS because batty and po are glued together through deeds, misdeeds or whatever else may be the case.

  9. The same thing is currently happening at the ANTIGUA PUBLIC UTILITIES AUTHORITY!!!! I STRONGLY suggest that someone intervenes and act NOW to get rid of these CRUEL, HEARTLESS & POWER-HUNGRY souls!

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