ABLP’s Turner responds to ‘false and defamatory statements’ made on Observer Radio’s Snakepit



On February 5th, 2022 on the Observer Media Radio Snake Pit show, false and defamatory statements regarding my business interests were made and I find it necessary to respond to those untruths and seriously libelous allegations made by Mr Sherfield Bowen and Mr Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts.


The fact, I am the owner of Marl-Stone Industries Limited an Antiguan and Barbudan company. The same ambition and drive that propel me to work hard to provide for my family and contribute to the development of my community coupled with my experience in construction and a natural understanding of aggregates also propelled me to form Marl-Stone Industries Limited.


Further facts, because of my professional and business interests I personally set out to identify suitable and available locations that could produce aggregates of the type currently mined in Antigua. My first application for a lease of a parcel of land in 2017 was unsuccessful but upon finding a location in Bethesda, the same as identified in the live Facebook video streamed by Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts on 6 February 2022, the company applied to the government for a lease. Lease negotiations ensued and were finally completed in 2020 with terms and conditions akin to similar leases granted by previous administrations including the UPP. Therefore, the lies purported by Mr Sherfield Bowen in the live video that the quarry was discovered by the government and then siphoned off to a private company for enrichment is completely unfortunate and baseless.


The lease entered into by the company was not an opportunity to deprive the Government or the Bethesda Community as stated again by Mr Bowen and Mr Watts, but rather a lease that the company applied for like any other interested citizen whilst making significant investments and risks especially at a time when development and economic activity were uncertain.


Most importantly the deliberately erroneous statement that the company made millions of dollars from the government is total fabrication. The government has not ordered, nor have we provided any materials to the government from the quarry. My involvement in the operations of Marl-Stone Industries Limited has not been to corruptly enrich myself or anyone else. Yet the Marl Stone Industries Limited lease and my involvement was intentionally discussed with fabricated lies. The company and its operations involve hard-work, investment and risk-taking by a young local Antiguan and Barbudan.


Finally, I find it concerningly disappointing that I am personally being attacked for my hard-work and entrepreneurial spirit. I am a young man from Parham Town who was educated through my personal and family sacrifices and have kept my head down and focused to create and realize opportunities for not only myself, but others and our communities. Observer Radio, Mr Bowen and Mr Watts need to immediately retract the false and defamatory statements made about Marl-Stone Industries Limited and myself personally. Instead of crying down fellow Antiguans and Barbudans, focus on identifying and developing realistic opportunities for development and economic growth for Antigua and Barbuda. That should be the focus of your platform and the issues you wish to discuss; not personal libelous attacks.

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  1. SHERFIELD BOWEN has NO MORAL AUTHORITY to even chastize a 4-year old for taking up candy. The man has blood on his hands. You would think he would lay low and hope for the public to forget his trespass, but he has the audacity to even run for public office after snuffing out the life of a young lady.


    • Mr.Edwards you are a Man of INTEGRITY. Do not bother with the JAIL BIRD MUDERER and The FOUL MOUTH Guy who cannot go to St. Lucia. If They DO NOT apologize SUE They ARSE.

    • Bowen is running in the same constituency where the deceased young lady lived. what a HEARTLESS M0NSTER and UPP Candidate.


  2. Now that your running for public office. What is the contingency plan if you are elected and become part of the majority government or opposition? Now that it has come to light that your enterprising spirit has been rewarded. What is your interpretation of the lease and it’s conditions there in? Are you operating at a guarantee that a specific amount of aggregates will be purchased by the government annually? Who is responsible for machinery recurring maintenance and breakdowns?

    Fair questions! Hope you can answer with clarity!

  3. Some other young men in Parham were trying to be entrepreneurial. They had their business destroyed. I guess you have to be connected to the ABLP to flourish under the ABLP ADMINISTRATION

    • Or maybe follow rules and regulations? This isn’t a lawless country? Will we award those with an “enterprising spirit” who seek to sell stolen goods? Antiguan people want to cry victim over every thing.

      • According to Mafia hit man Vincent Teresa, Antigua is absolutely Lawless, HE WRITES IN HIS BOOK, ” My Life in the Mafia” I had no idea either.

  4. These guys just continue to insult Antiguans and Barbudans, as if we can’t read and comprehend. That agreement is pure robbery of the people’s wealth. These are the persons we really want in leadership? He’s not even in government yet and is already embroiled in corruption. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Lame attempt. You don’t even get an E for effort. You get “F” for your lack of reading, reasoning and critical thinking. You are just like Jamale “Dead Darg” Pringle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 empty-headed and can’t read

  5. Dude you should have made a Syrian front for you cuz we Antiguans don’t love our own. Let it be hadeed or shouls or Mansoors it wouldn’t be a problem… hate this Antiguan mentality

  6. Government a lease you government lands with tons of aggregate and you pay the government I believe $70 a ton for their own aggregate. Gaston likes to tell Antiguans to invest and get get rich, but why all you people can only get rich off government and other people’s assets? You not in governing yet and you done start the Labour Party game of self empowerment.
    You people are a dam disgrace and really playing Antigua people for fools.

    • Should be self enrichment. Isn’t it any wonder Antigua is in so much debt when it’s resources are plundered and stolen.

  7. Mr.Edwards you are a Man of INTEGRITY. Do not bother with the JAIL BIRD MUDERER and The FOUL MOUTH Guy who cannot go to St. Lucia. If They DO NOT apologize SUE They ARSE.

    • The fact that he has not threatened to sue them is very telling. I wonder what would be revealed during the recovery process. Time longer than rope!

    • Sue them for what? For exposing the fact that he rented government lands and agreed to sell back the government its own aggregate. Some of you people are so foolish that you don’t appear to be from this world.
      What I would like to know is which government minister is his partner.

      • Hey Watch yourself bouy. Government minister partner. Sounds like an old Jedi Mind trick. Hmmmmmmm Laka Sly JAY

    • @Dale: Be sued for reading the Contract in that matter. Did you listen to the Snake Pit on Saturday? My guess,you did not.For if you did ,your conclusions would be different.

    • Is this INGRAM
      OR DRAKE
      OR LYNN B
      OR JOHN PQ
      OR DRAKE


  8. Mr. Turner I welcome young Entrepreneurs. And you are absolutely correct, the middle Eastern Community and even prior leaders of both Parties have utilities loopholes in law and practices to enrich themselves. I have no problem with you brother man. I would however, have a concern if Shares in the company are being held by you for and on behalf of the Prime Minister and any member of his family to include baby mothers..

  9. If you had registered a vehicle imported from the South Korean President in your name, you would’ve been celebrated by the UPP for your “integrity” and have George Wehner record you and the bus. But it seems you shun the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 option promoted by the UPP and Baldwin “ASHE LIED” Spencer.

  10. Listening to Beef on Pointe Fm last evening the amount of money Alister Thomas owe for rent. Also Sean Bird owe one former staff member so much money. How in Hell these Guys want to be elected to run this Country. Alister and Sean CANNOT take charge of Their own affairs and want to be elected. What a shame.

    • INGRAM some people say that YOU ARE BEEF. You also use other names as well. Shall I SHARE THEM. These are the names:

      PHILIP G
      V GORMAN
      JOHN PQ
      GT ARBOR
      LYNDA D
      LYNDA G
      ANDREW K

      YOU are such a fraud. I HOPE that you are paid well. After all, there are so many of you!

    • INGRAM what has your response got to do with the subject matter? Why don’t you stay focused. The fact remains that Government is leasing valuable lands that is rich with material that the Government needs for building purposes. The government then turns around and purchase at high price the very material that it needs for building from the Lessor. Who gets rich off of this arrangement? Is it to make sure he has enough dough to fight Asot in St. Peters? Just asking.

  11. I listened to that show on Saturday.They did read the CONTRACT THAT THE GOVERNOR GENERAL SIGNED OFF ON IN A BUSINESS THAT INVOLVES YOU,TURNER.In my opinion,that was one of the more sweetheart deals I have heard in any contracts.What Serpent should do publish that contract for all to see,read and perhaps COMPREHEND.I do not know what was false and or defamatory about what they did read on Saturday.All of you men in Politics like to dish it out,but cannot take it when it is dished out to you. You would cry like puppies,spineless,gutless, men of straws.Please labor party gutter snipes,bring it on.

  12. INGRAM if not owing money was the criterion for one to be eligible for running for elective politics, then many of the current members of the ALP government would have been disbarred as well. Some still have cases in court for not paying their debts.

  13. If for one moment I thought you were doing this on your own initiative, I will cheer wildly for you. But you are not. Everyone knows the history of the man who is behind you. He doesn’t do these things for nothing. Sadly, I believe this. You are not special. He will treat you no differently. You are a glorified bag boy. Even though you keep it quiet, he will tell it all. He’s like that. Can’t help being that way.

  14. I am no ALP supporter or fan. In fact am not a fan of Caribbean politicians. They are downright too thief. However, nothing is wrong with him leasing the land for a fair market price and selling back aggregates to the public or private sector. In fact nothing is wrong with government giving him a guarantee as a young Antiguan to purchase certain amount at a particular rate. Government has two quarries Burma and Bendals and none of them run properly. Who’s land is CO Williams on up Ganers . Do they sell material to the government. Are they constructing roads for the government using the materials? Is the government paying them directly or indirectly for the materials ? How many acres of land have the government exchange with CO Williams for work done and materials supplied ? Does CO William hire locals equipment , local engineers? So Mr. Young Antiguan I am giving you my complete blessings.

    • There is a lot of skulduggery going on that Antigua people don’t know about. Only when the opposition finds them and tell the public, we know.

  15. Once an individual becomes a #CANDIDATE in the General Election s #ALL not some, not ALL of their assests, business ventures locally and internationally MUST be divulged PUBLICLY.
    This means ALL CANDIDATES from any side or independents.
    🛑 ✋🏾 STOP – DO NOT PASS GO, and get into the game if your not willing to make this commitment.

    Yes, they can continue to receive Healthcare through the Government.

    Get #real, and start to bun out all de rasishness to bombo!

  16. Antiguans,we spend too much time watching peoples Pocket, when we should be organizing and locking down the country if politicians dont dance Right, one false step and you out the door,that is what Antigua needs, the politicians dont fear a people who cant organize!!!

  17. Well, someone needs to remind serpent about his sweetheart deal with the Board of Education while his friend Ms. Isaac was the Secretary. I mean does he thinks we have forgotten. He may have been acquitted on legal grounds, but the moral of the story showed clearly that it was corrupt.

    • Tell us how much Serpent was paid? Was he not trumped up charged for not paying a few dollars in sales tax? Please, you can’t be serious.

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