ABLP trying to fix water problem in 8 weeks that they couldn’t fix in 8 years, Lovell says


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  1. #HFWL we know your are nervous because the water problem is being solved. We know you #UPPNEARGA are so badminded that if you all could make it stop rain you all would.

    • On Labour day Gaston said we would get 2 million more gallons per day in 3 weeks. That would have been June 1.

      Where the hell is the water? Why do I still have water one day a week?

      With 2 billion in CIP, and all we get is last minute promises WITHOUT RESULTS?

      Red dead! Vote UPP.

      ALP takes us for fools. They had ample time to fix the problem but were too busy creatively enriching themselves. Punish dem! VOTE DEM OOOUUUUTT!

        • He said in 14 days there would be an increase in the water supply not fix the problem entirely, although since 2019 the investment was made to totally fix the problem.
          Upp didn’t nothing to increase the water supply other than 300,000 gallons for 10 years of trying

          • Correction @ Jack, Gaston Browne promised 3-4 months ago that he will have in place an island wide water supply system by the 30th of September 2022.

            The Prime Minister was obviously using this ploy as an electioneering gimmick, but it looks like it has backfired on him big time!

            It sounds like you missed this important news, but many of Antiguans haven’t.

            27 days left and counting …

          • @ JACK AND PETE: He said that water will be flowing through the pipes in 14 days!
            So from 2014 to 2019 he did NOTHING at all to fix the water problem even with 2 billion dollars of CIP MONEY.
            Aren’t you even ashamed to mention that!
            The UPP did not have the benefit of the CIP money. Gaston did

            BTW The ABLP was against the CIP. So they were “against” while in opposition but ” for” while in government

  2. All these thousands of gallons they say are being generated and I still get water twice a week. The reality is people can feel the water you can’t fool them about whether they getting water or not. Every week, another date another plan. The only reason Labour is now paying attention to the water problem is because the election is around the corner. They said the water problem would be fixed in 14 days and 8 years later no improvements. Anyway, Wickman done tell them if they don’t fix the water problem they could lose. We the people we are not playing.

  3. ALP did nothing about water for 8 years because they all have large cisterns in their houses and so they have water everyday. They only now trying to fix water because of election. If there was no election, they would not care is we have water or not.

  4. The UPP really don’t know how to carry on a good opposition. First, they complain about no water, when water is coming, they say oh why not fix it sooner. I mean you guys are trying to hold on to each and every straw. And soon you guys will run out of straws to hold on. And then the election will come. Harold, the Gaston Browne government has been working on the water issues from day one when they took over from you. Remember you didn’t even pay your water bill from Sembcorp and were about to be shut down. This government had to find $23million to keep Sembcorp from closing the supply of water. And in order to save the Yachting sector and at the same time take care to the water supply in English Harbour they installed a new RO Plant there. When that wasn’t enough, they installed the biggest RO Plant at Barnacle Point, the Ivan Rodrigues RO Plant. And they didn’t leave it there. We increased production at Frys’ Beach RO Plant and recently we are in the process of bringing online the Fort James RO Plant. And before the year end you will see the installation of the Bethesda RO Plant. Meanwhile this government is also addressing a decades old problem, which is the renewal of the distribution pipes. Plenty monies have been invested in order to address the water problem, which by the way is not a stagnant fixed goal. The goal post keeps on moving. Ther water production in 2014 was 4million gallons, while the water production today is 8million gallons. And that will not be enough in just a couple of years. So we need to get to at least 10million gallons to satisfy the needs of the country. As one can see, housing stock is growing by leaps and bounds. Which is one of the indicators of growth of our economy. All because of the policies of this administration. Thank God for Gaston Browne. That was during a pandemic. Smart Guy. When tourism was at a standstill, he put all his eggs on construction.

    • @ From The Sideline

      ‘The UPP really don’t know how to carry on a good opposition. First, they complain about no water, when water is coming, they say oh why not fix it sooner’.
      You guys used the water problem to remove the UPP in 2014, now that the shoe is on the other foot y’all complaining that UPP complaining’
      BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES, when the problem existed since time immemorial, but u gave the impression it was only under UPP water was a problem. USEFUL LIARD IDIOTS

      • No, we didn’t use the water problem to remove the UPP we used their incompetent to run the country. Maybe you forget but they run us straight into the arms of the IMF. And they had no solution how to take us out. The country had four years of negative growth under Harold. And not to mention all the scandals that they had. The fencing scandal was the most popular of them. And building a bathroom at YASCO for $600K. Less we forget. Every deal was a steal.

        • @ From The Sideline
          The same man you accused the UPP with the fencing scandal its the same man you have embraced in the ABLP, that says a lot about you people. It was all hot air!!
          As regards the IMF, you can blame the labour party for running the country into a huge debt problem which materialised when the UPP came to power. You behave as if it was the UPP that created so much debt, NO, IT WAS 28 YEARS UNDER THE ABLP, with them robbing this country blind. You wanna talk about scandals: guns to colombia, Safarti Lemon farm, IHI RIP OFF, Bloom cooper enquiry, Medical Benefits enquiry, and I could go on.
          As regards the IMF once again, any sensible business man would tell you that cost savings and revenue growth is their number one aim. This being said, which is better, obtaining a loan @ 1% pa from the IMF or several loans from local commercial banks at rates circa 7% – 10%? You make absolutely no sense.
          You guys are so incompetent that you COG, COG, COG, COG, ALL UPP IDEAS.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
          You have to be sick to say ‘Every deal was a steal’ when your ‘god’ GASTON asked all his ministers to enrich themselves with schemes to make money and rob the treasury!!!

          • Wow, you mean to tell me that you too want to throw Winston Williams under the bus. Now that is a typical Harold Lovell attitude and character. When we won the 2014 election, the PM Made it clear, he will spend no time nor money to investigate any of the UPP SCANDALS. His Ministers didn’t agree with him. That is why he wasn’t even aware of the case Michael Browne brought against Gisele Isaac. And he never supported it. On the other hand, the case of the buses was not brought by the government, but by the DPP. Gaston also has not fired people that were UPP supporters of their job, like what the UPP did when they took over in 2004.
            Only the board appointments have been changed. But Harry at the Transport Board was not fired. And Dean Jonas had a big problem with that policy. And at CMC you still have Ms. Millett there. Big UPP supporter. Put there by Brother B. So, you see, we do not practice victimization.
            And maybe you are a bit confused, but the Sembcorp debt has nothing to do with the Labour Party. Not one cent.
            I see you need many lessons in banking and financing and how the IMF lends money. IMF is the lending institution of last resort. Meaning you cannot get financing done on your own anywhere. So, you go into a program. You don’t just get money at a low rate. There are conditions attached. And those conditions are what we call austerity measures. The IMF technically comes to tell you how to run your country, because it seems that you cannot do it on your own. You do not seem to read the information I provide time and time again. The UPP was on the brink of implementing the PSST Which means cutting the public sector wage bill.
            Go and read the document and educate yourself.
            The UPP borrowed $10million to implement this.
            ABLP reversed this. Many people would have been sent home. Just like what happened in Barbados. But as a businessman I personally do not have a problem with that. We do have a over bloated public sector and that is costing of lots of our taxpayers’ monies. But I’m not a politician. Therefore, I can speak like that.
            So, do not stupidly compare IMF loans with that of regular commercial loans. Secondly the IMF doesn’t give money for infrastructure financing. So no development loan. That is why most of our development loans we have gotten from our big friend China. At even better rates and terms than the IMF.
            Anyway, I’m tired of educating you guys. You guys don’t learn anyway. Just like Lovell. Inept.
            All you guys can do is name calling, and denigrating people, like your candidate with no class Serpent.

    • That’s a lot of waffle about the water situation @ From The Sideline, yet, where’s the water supply for the rest of us?

      You mention what your idol and your God Gaston Browne has done in English Harbour with the water installation there – YOU MUST LIVE DOWN DEY!!!

      • You also seem to have a reading and comprehension problem. Ivan Rodrigues Plant is in Barnacle Point. So far away from English Harbour. The RO Plant in Frys. Again, at another side of the Island. Then we have then we have the RO Plant now at Fort James. How the hell you can come up with mentioning that I must be living in English Harbour.

        • As posted by @ From The Sideline:

          “… And in order to save the yachting sector and at the same time take care to the water supply in English Harbour …”

          Again boss, your words not mine (that’s a couple of times now I’ve used your own quotations)!


          Delusional. This is what happens to you when you start worshipping Gaston Browne …

          • So that statement I made lead you to think I live in English Harbour, but the other statements don’t. Give me an aspirin. You guys have a really small brain. No wonder we keep saying UPP are inept. They just cannot use their brain.
            Just to let you know I live in the north of the country

  5. Neither of the two major political parties has the right to talk about the water problem. They have both failed spectacularly at fixing the problem. If Harold recalls, the water situation was a major plank in the ALP’s campaign in 2014. At that time some of us were not getting water for weeks on end. Then the ALP took the reigns of government and promptly made a bad situation worse. Don’t know when we will realise that both parties are sides of the same coin.

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