ABLP to hold national convention this year in preparation for general election

ABLP Leader Gaston Browne

Antigua Barbuda Labour Party leader Gaston Browne says his ruling ABLP will hold a national convention this year to finalise candidates for the next general election.

Browne gave several hints over the weekend indicating that he is serious about calling an early poll.

The ABLP leader says his campaign songs are already in production.

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  1. Why can the Labour government not serve a full five year term?
    All Gaston is concerned with is staying in power. Being prime minister must be sweet bad and don’t talk about the enrichment opportunities. There is covid, there is high unemployment and all Gaston can talk about is calling election at the opportune time to hold unto power. Do you Gaston really care about Antiguans in general? You seem to invest a lot in pointe and villa so the mostly poor people down there will vote for you, but you couldn’t care less about the rest of the country. Are you prime minister only of your constituency?
    I hope that when you do call the election that your government is soundly defeated. Since in power you have done nothing for Antigua. You want to remain in power not to really develop the insanitary mess that is Antigua, but to satisfy your insatiable greed.

  2. The elites may not be happy with our PM, but he is in the heartss of the common people and the poor. This IS still a worker’s state. The PM is a man of principle, high morals, and values deep rooted in our Black Democratic Socialist heritage. The elites never did like him. It’s same crowd that fought against Papa Bird, and the same ideology. Gaston Browne remains the choice of the working class.

    • @CEmle
      Any country Whose leader depends on the common people and the poor to stay in power, remains just that, poor. The leaders of these countries are not poor but exploit the stupidity of the undereducated, unsophisticated class to stay in power. The leaders keep the people poor so there will always be hand out of crumbs to make the poor think they are loved.
      Show me a developed country with a high standard of living that is not governed by an educated elite class.
      VC Bird was a man for his time. If you ask me he stayed in power too long and is responsible for all the ills that plague Antigua today because of the underdevelopment of a lot of the people’s minds.
      In which other country would a leader be able to cuss out anyone who says something he doesn’t like and stay in power?
      Gaston exhibits a lot of VC Bird’s behavioural patterns. Are we sure they are not related. Or maybe there is a little red book that guides the Labour Party.

  3. Gaston do your job and stop the clown show. You were elected to serve five years. The last thing Antiguan people want now is to go queue up to vote. They need time to recover from this covid mess.

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