ABLP St. John’s City East branch damaged in fire



The Antigua Barbuda Labour Party’s St. John’s City East Constituency Office has been razed by fire.

The blaze reportedly began around 3:30am Monday morning mere hours after ABLP Incumbent Melford Nicholas and his team wrapped up a strategy meeting.

While he could not quantify the extent of the damage, Nicholas says there were several broken windows and at least two offices have been completely gutted.

Just two days before general elections Nicholas has decried the political violence which has plagued the constituency in recent weeks.

He has discouraged his party supporters from any retaliatory action.

While neighbours report seeing several figures flee the vicinity of the blaze after it began, Police are now conducting their investigations.

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  1. The labour Party manual book create the problem so it look like someone else did it. I heard a million dollars suppose to be giving out today get rid of them, they are only concerned about staying in power for their own personal gain.A Bunch of lying Politicians. The most fraudulent party ever. Get rid of them, not them again. Red is dead!

  2. no lives lost thank God. So go out on Wednesday and KICK Harold loveLIE TO THE CURB LIKE A CHEATING EX!!!

    Send him and his hoodlums into retirement once and for all!!! Stay focused Minister Nicholas and constituents. harold loveLIE is desperately desperate. No fire can stop the people from REJECTING LOVELL FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME!!!!

    • @Tuna

      Is the same thing I was thinking.
      He Calling out all the vandalism happening to him during this silly season and giving estimate cost of damage.
      To set the STAGE.
      To now, MAYBE, want a big pay out.
      Recouping dem money loss.

  3. Yall never seems to amaze me bet u if it was lovell office are u woulda say a labour ppl do um,yall cant so stupid,i swear ppl like yall make me hate antigua nf ppl like lovell n his minions bunch of heartless devils

  4. Troy Allen spoke of these things. Astley Rodney, call the man in and question him. Sensible people, do not resort to this kind of wanton, criminal activity. This has ALP written all over it.
    Melford is in a spot of bother and is perhaps looking relevance at this eleventh hour. It wont work. They have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, and the writing is on the wall. How reminiscent of the US elections with Trump. Trump had his supporters, just like ALP, yet the people had had enough and voted him out of office, just as we Antiguans and Barbudans will do here. The turnout promises to be record breaking because our future hangs in the balance.

  5. Oh PLEASE! They think we strrrrupid?!! Alp was shocked at the huge crowd last night and decided to do this to detract from it. You might ask ‘why would they do this to themselves?’ The answer is that they would do anything to stay in power! BUT they can’t stop this BLUE WAVE! DESPERATION!!!



    Gird your loins folks!

  7. Desperate Melford. Your political life burning down next.

    Also we all very much believe it was set by yall internally.

    You personally not going need there again anyway. Bye bye

  8. These kinds of actions are counter productive and unnecessary. We must all learn to live together even as we disagree in politics. Let us all be more responsible and respect each others right to exist even though they might disagree with our point of view. Antigua & Barbuda was always known for a certain level of maturity in politics. Let’s endeavour to maintain that.

    • The Antigua Labour Party is notorious for such actions. In the mid 1900’s, George Moody-Stuart had a very difficult time with the then Trade Union. They were synonymous with setting fires to anything and for everything to the extent that Mr. Moody-Stuart referred to Mr. Bird as Volcan ( God of fire) and while Mr. Michael is at the podium, we need him to tell us who incinerated his branch office in St. Peter’s a few years ago.

  9. Melford,I do hope you have learned something from this. The evil you do,lives with you not after you. Isn’t this the same building you went into Parliament to get by eminent domain from a private citizen. Did you pay that Citizen for the Property,dried mouth?

  10. Melfraud good job to decieve the public so they will think it’s the other party. We are desperate for power will do anything. Reverse psychology self inflicted damage

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