ABLP says Court decision does not affect its candidate in St. Peter


Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. The People’s Place, Lady Nugent Avenue, St John’s

St John’s, December 13… The Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), E. Paul ‘Chet’ Greene, says that the legitimate representation of the Party in the Constituency of St Peter is “in no way affected” by a decision of the Court today in relation to Mr. Asot Michael.

The ABLP Chairman stated that the Party’s candidate remains Rawdon Turner “who enjoys the full support of the Party”

Mr. Greene explained that “while the

decision of the Court is fully respected, the reality is that the Party has already taken all the necessary steps to handle the matter, concerning Mr. Asot Michael, in accordance with its internal arrangements”, adding that “In this sense, events have overtaken the proceedings of the case, and Mr. Michael has won no victory and the ABLP’s decision on its candidate cannot be overturned”

Referring to the Court’s remarks in relation to the testimony of Mr. Lionel Hurst, Mr.

Greene said that “any perceived reticence by Mr. Hurst was a result of the decision by the Party’s Executive not to contest, Mr. Michael’s claim, and to proceed with validating Mr. Turner as the ABLP candidate in St Peter”

The Chairman made it clear that no one, other than the ABLP, can decide its candidate, and the country and the people of St Peter can rest assured that the ABLP’s candidate is validly Mr. Rawdon Turner.


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    • Even if Labour party do not contest the St. Peter’s seat, Peter Reds will still come in last. Peter Redz is a square peg in a round hole

  1. @ gaston

    @ Gaston

    Athley Rodney on 08/08/2021 to Gaston and Cutie ‘should I proceed with the plan to tear gas the poor black hungry Antiguans and Barbudans?’

    Gaston and Cutie’s response to Rodney ‘Yes, teargas DEM R_ SS, make certain that you hurt them real badly, let them know that a we run things ya’

    Dem wicked evil and HEARTLESS Vagabonds.

  2. The electorate of St. Peters needs to understand that they hold all the cards to deny the Prime Ministers his wish — If Asot is the rightful and legal ablp candidate for the constituency and the St Peters voters wants him as their representative, then the people needs to send a strong message to the PM by NOT voting for the candidate of HIS choosing.
    What the PM and by extension the ABLP is trying to do, is to disenfranchise all of St.Peters voters. If the PM/ablp is allowed to get away with a blatant disregard of a courts ruling, then what will they ignore next? The more power you give them the more ruthless they become. Governments should be afraid of the people not the other way around.
    “Give them and inch they take a yard, give them a yard they take a mile.”
    This is the time to send a clear and decisive message that you will NOT cower to bullying and illegal political shenanigans.

  3. Heard Max Hurst and another party stooge on pointe fm today, re court ruling, say that The constitution of the Labour Party says that if you run as an independent or for another party you are automatically dismissed from the Labour Party. These people think all Antiguans are fools. They are the ones who fired Asot and said he couldn’t run on their ticket. So if Asot decided he will run anyway even as an independent while challenging the Labour Party decision through the courts, you then say he is running as an independent so can’t run for labour.
    Is Max Hurst a lawyer? Why he is so deceitful and lie so? Stop playing all Antiguans for fools.

  4. The ABLP thinks that it is above the law.

    In fact, it thinks that it is the law.

    Gaston tells the police who to arrest. And when a judge gives his/her verdict, the ABLP THINKS IT CAN DISREGARD IT

    • We are all soon to be consumed by the greed which ultimately creates a Dick-tator, when he had to hide his ill-gotten gains in a hurry. Nothing must intervene in his plans to evade the SEC who are hot on his trail. He will just go to the Appeal
      Court and like his partner-in-crime in Dominica, tie it up in the Court, have his illegal election and ‘the dogs may bark, but the big red wagon moves on’ from the benevolent dictatorship of Papa Bird to today’s Self-enrichment Dictatorship! God help us!

      • @ I DON’T KNOW MY NAME:
        Trust me, everything comes to an end. READ Psalm 37.
        Dictators often are their own worst enemies because they think that they are bigger than God.
        God is not asleep. Gaston, will fall!

  5. So does this mean ALP does not have a complete slate of candidates? Is Asot still the ALP representative for St.Peter? How the hell did Turner become a multi millionaire overnight? This country is really messed up, just like its Risperdal taking pm. Where is the ONDCP? Aren’t they supposed to guard against any sudden, unexplained acquisition of wealth? Turner should be on their radar. This is what exacerbates the situation here in this country. Permanent secretaries, technicians and people in positions who do not do what tax payers pay them to do.
    Guess Max Hurst and his reputation for lying caught up with him.

  6. Asot Michael has a proven track record of going above and beyond for the people of St. Peter. The infrastructural development falls on the government. The way the ABLP has neglected the constituency until they selected Rawdon Turner reeks of a nasty setup. Why couldn’t public works repair roads while Asot was in the cabinet? Why were his developmental plans to revitalize Parham rejected, but now Turner is going to do what he was pushing for all along? People in St. Peter need to keep their heads on and deny Turner any opportunity to sit in parliament. The current MP is doing his job, but being stonewalled as if he is a member of the opposition party.

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