ABLP responds to Asot Michael New Year’s Day Message


The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has noted a so-called “New Year’s Day Message” from Mr. Asot Michael, carried by the online publication, Antigua News Room, with which he has an intimate relationship.


Mr. Michael is notorious for many incidents of public misbehaviour.  He is also well-known for his capacity to portray himself as a person with clean hands while spreading false statements about others – that is his trademark.  He has also been the subject of police investigations overseas, including in the United Kingdom.


Due to all these activities, Mr. Michael was severed from the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) – an event that spoils his political ambitions.   He has only been elected as the parliamentary representative for St. Peter, in the past, because he ran on an ABLP ticket.


It is known that, since his separation from the ABLP, Mr. Michael has turned to funding the UPP and has adopted their tactic of trying to smear the ABLP leader, Prime Minister Gaston Browne.


In his latest act of collaboration with the UPP, and in return for the promise of a big Ministerial position, Mr. Michael has become an attack dog for the UPP. Therefore, he spewed a tirade of cheap insinuations, unfounded allegations and clear falsehoods against the ABLP leader.


The ABLP exposes Mr. Michael’s rants as nothing more than sour grapes by a flawed personality who has sold his soul to the UPP and adopted their political playbook of attacking the Prime Minister.

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    • Exactly, he did not respond to any of the allegations. Gaston is afraid of ending up in jail if he loose the election.. Antiguans want to know where you get all that money. Gaston, you are the number one vagabond.. You were put there to serve and you failed miserably. Time to go.. Antigua don’t belong to you desparado.

  2. Bush league politics, Antigua needs less of the childish behavior between Asot and Gaston.

  3. LOL…..Gaston you are really desperate, a real desperado.

    How can Asot be bank-rolling the UPP campaign when you and your minions say the UPP have no money and could not even buy their supporters a turkey nor ham for Christmas?
    You cannot have it both ways. So how do you justify this, if in fact he was, wouldn’t the party be flushed with ‘blood money’ like he bank rolled you in 2014 and 2018 and giving away money in t-shirts like ALL your candidates are doing in all 17 constituency (and then you turned around and stabbed him in the back?).
    GASTON, YOU and YOUR MINIONS are sounding like a bunch of fools and degenerates.
    The 18/01/2023 cannot come soon enough, for Antiguans and Barbudans to ‘spew’ you out of our mouths.
    Your response to Asot’s letter is so weak, to say the least. The letter is FULL of ACCURACY and documentation, which will be released in due course. TAKE WARNING.

  4. What the hell is this? Trupz.

    The Labour Party should have just kept quiet.

    The Lord God Almighty used Saul, one who KILLED/PERSECUTED Christians, to carry his Word/Message to the Gentiles and to become a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God Almighty.

    Give me a break Labour Party and just shut you stinking trap.

  5. Look how quick quick double quick the cretinous ABLP responds to Asot Michael address; and yet when the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda request likewise on rising crime, the high cost of living, outstanding pensions, wages and overtime, you just can’t get a pip squeak out ah dem deh fools.

    Damn political lightweights!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the ABLP are not fit for purpose.

    Choose any issue that concerns dem, and in two twos they are on it, whether it’s litigation, the opposition, or the current situation with their former bosom buddy Asot Michael … ABLP on it hard, hard hard!

    They see Antiguans as ignorant fodder, and only fit for purpose come election time.


  6. ABLP has noted a hard tump in the ABLP face.
    The misbehavior of Mr. Michael has never lasted this long.
    ABLP is unsure whether the people of St. Peter in fact, loves Mr. Michael or if it’s the ABLP.
    Funding the UPP was always known to the ABLP, Mr. Michael has always helped everyone with funding.
    This attack has now exposed the ABLP Leader.
    So to counteract, the ABLP is FAILING to expose Mr. Michael not knowing which type of grape he really is.

  7. Is the usual spin person on Christmas break? Or Chet was too in the Christmas spirit when he wrote this empty reply.

    Ok so tell us who owns 30% of Jolly Beach? And who are the beneficial owners in respect of WIOC? Directly deny and provide contrary proof of Asot’s allegations.

    What about the 150kUS? How on earth can this “reply” not even mention or address these things?

  8. What needs be addressed is the accusations not what mr Micheal is known for .
    It is a know fact that your so called leader is on a self enrichment course with no breaks no bells . According to him, there is no law to say he shouldn’t be making money !!!! Such utter nonsense!! Not when you were elected to make us as a nation make a better life and instead you your wife and kids making it all as you boast of your millions while we live in an impoverished nation !!!! HELL NO!! Gaston think you bright Browne

  9. Isn’t all of this between Gaston and Asot enough for Antiguans to see and understand that neither of them are fit for office and it is time to move away from the ALP until it has cleaned house as an institution?

    • You may be right.
      But clean institution (political administration) means the country’s resources dont need tidying. And for the country to be aware of it.
      Dont ask dumb questions. If you really looking an answer.

  10. If I was Gaston’s puppet, I would say the same thing about Asot and laugh hahahaha when Gaston threaten to tump he inna he face. Give me an aspirin.

  11. The ablp doesn’t realize that Asot is beating them at their own nasty game. And while they are busy ranty behind of Asot they are quickly loosing their way come een January 18 let’s us see who the real boss is

  12. I am Mr. Antigua and I am so happy to see the ABLP trembling . Well Asot has declared what he knows of Gaston in a light format because we know he knows much more . If Asot was doing all this for UPP , why is he not on a UPP ticket. We don’t entertain Lamins, Driftwoods , Williams and Nambas. I endorse all previous responses Gaston , be prepared for the guillotine.

  13. @ ABLP please share with us the evidence that Asot is funding UPP! Its a new year and nothing has changed with ABLP – same old tricks…..!! I dont see UPP sticking posters and billboards every street corner and every tree across the island! The sad part is the poppets believe every word u sprew…. time for Antiguans to rise up and vote out Alp once and for all!! Get the hell out!

  14. Gaston Alphonso Browne. You Saul. Time up. You corrupt.

    Social Media exposed you and you family. All ar u in a trouble. Maria dun, you DUN. The money train off track.

    Come January 19, 2023 you will be relegated to find a new source of revenue.

    You and you party DUN! Utter nonsense in your response to Asot Michael.

    E.P. get you new Hugo Boss suit press. You win. The Labour Party is in your hands.

  15. They keep saying that UPP broke. But Gaston knows from experience that Asot can make “the broke, rich.” So if UPP getting Asot money, how they still so broke?

    • Does UPP (the party funding) vs. UPP (the candidates) mean anything to you. Some candidates have principles, NOT ALL.
      Dont ask dumb questions. If you really looking an answer.

    • They would have been there in person encouraging the PM to assault Asot.

      They seem wrong and say right. Not liking Asot doesn’t change the obnoxious bully violent response we saw.

      I don’t want a PM who going thump down somebody. I want a PM who respects us, himself and his office enough to control himself and not make threats of violence.

      If you have whole security team and threatening violence, what about us poor people, who are stressed tf out, this is suggesting violence is appropriate.

      If the PM going tomp somebody for being in his space, I can understand why our society killing each other for $50 and less in these times.

      If the PM can’t hardly restrain himself, who tf is the rest of we.

      You know how much people me coulda well thump down and ah hold my side for peace and maturity sake. Dem might get um this year if ah so ee go.

      Y’all don’t see thinks as connected and it all is. If top ah one hothead….welp…..

  16. We the voters need a truthful response on the hundreds of homeless Africans that are walking around Antigua. I am sure Antigua tax payers are footing the accommodation bills to try and save face. That is still not properly arranged so hundreds of them are still on the streets knocking about. This is one of the issues that is swinging the pendulum from ABLP to UPP. With three weeks to go it is swinging at a rapid rate and can move from what I saw as an eminent ABLP victory to a UPP forming the new government.
    Over the past few weeks , especially the last week you can see the incompetence of this ABLP administration coming through like wild fire. Also the one man decision making and none of you were ever man enough to say Gaston this wrong. All yes men and puppets. At least Donald Trump has children big enough to stand up and say Daddy. Not even Maria can say to her husband, honey you are on the wrong path- she might get a thump in the mouth.
    Right now the ABLP candidates are all fighting by themselves. Samantha on her own trying to win by default. Maulvin alone giving out lands like he name DCA. Dean Jonás the guy Gaston treat like dirt in front his staff is now so desperate-. This time Maria is campaigning all alone , while Gaston obsession with Asot, have him campaigning only in St.Pete’s. Adult pampers is being worn up Willkies . Weston will be loosing in a constituency that was held by UPP before and will again. Chet will win St.Paul , Pringle will win All Saints East in a tightly election once again. Michel Brown is not even campaigning. Gaston has destroyed him – with his own help rape case and E-books and completely Disconnected from his constituency. Cutie is struggling and Franz gaining. Gladis hard working and will surprise- Mathew is depending on foreigners to bring him across. On the eleventh hour he went and push down Stowe in act of desperation. Nothing can be accomplished by that act so close to an election. Gaston of course will win easily. Max will win also – think Pearl should have ran where Jackie did.
    Serpent can pull of a victory again foreign vote is what Dean counting on .
    Harold if you loose this you are done so you better had pound on every door and go on your knees if you have to.
    Barbuda is swinging towards Nedde. St.Peters is anyone’s. If Turner win his victory can be overturned in court. The person that comes in second can well be the victor. Peter Reds can will by split votes between Asot and Turner. His chances looks good both st the polls and the court fights there after. Readers we are in for a long night.
    However the constituency with Medford and Harold will be the trend setter . This is normally called first due to the size of the constituency. Although the foreign votes might still pull it off for ABLP and they are high percentage.

    • @Frankly Speaking…while a large percentage, of the “foreign vote”(mostly those from the Caribbean region) will vote ABLP, the expat and CIP votes(also can be considered foreign), the INDEPENDENTS and the youths(first time voters) should cancel out, the “foreign” voting block. Now it’s up to the local Antiguans to be more mindful, of what’s really at stake(their sovereignty, freedom of expression, lack of transparency and accountability in the public sector).

      ABLP .- 9 Seats

      UPP – 6 Seats

      BPM. – 1

      Independent – 1





    Vere C. Edwards

  19. It is obvious Gaston would like the police overseas to issue an arrest warrant for Asot to get rid of him and save his skin. Asot knows plenty about the source of the illegal wealth as the two of them were in it together. Can Gaston have a good night’s sleep with Asot around?

  20. The hand writing is on the wall, God put up and he takes down. See all the nonsense you are doing Gaston, it’s not your own will. It is the taking down process. The Africans, you going into UPP small pull up, you going behind Gladis Potter counter, the fighting with Assot and you will get into worst tangles between now and Election Day.
    You have insulted the entire country, both individually and collectively. You have insulted your cabinet ministers and the opposition just the same. You have insulted the simple men and
    women on the streets and likewise the GG and the Port manager. You have insulted every member of APLP party by disregarding its constitution. You have disrespected our laws and court by disregarding it’s ruling. You hay disrespected Caribbean leaders over and over. You have disrespected Caribbean citizens/ LIAT workers. The hand writing is on the wall and none have your back. People use you as you use them. People are afraid of you do they tell you what you want to hear. No one can level with you , Mr. Another level . You are their by yourself- wealthy, greedy and disrespectful.

    • Frankly speaking: “well said!” Nail on the head. Gaston nassasitic n dictatorial. He is nothing but a street ghetto mangy dog who is eating Kobe steak for the first time

  21. Me a go tump he inna he face. If he come inna me space. Where is your space Gaston? I am asking in order to stay out of that Garden. Getting tump in my face,I would just hit back targeting the upper areas of the body.

  22. Bringing a man like Asot Michael into the pollical area was and is the biggest mistake Lester Bird ever made. The ABLP needs to stand strong and correct this cancer. It needs to be cut out totally. He should not come anywhere close to our parliament ever again. Let him keep his bad behavior outside of our political arena. He is not fit at all to run for public office. He is a rotten element and having money has made him even worse. He has corrupted many in public office. Even some of our police officers. To date we have not gotten the truth about the Dry Hill shooting of a police officer that was to be a security guard there. Asot operates like a gangster, but he hasn’t really met a real gangster yet. The ABLP need to disassociate themselves from this tug and clean up their name and reputation that he has stained for years.

  23. Whatever “from the sideline” you will never meet a perfect politician/person. Asot has some bad ways but deep down he is generous and cares about ppl. Gaston you are better of aborted when you where a baby rid the world especially Antigua of you in a hurry. Hope u get kicked out of office big time

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