ABLP preparing for byelection in St. Mary’s South, PM Browne says


Gaston Browne, Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, Talks About By-election Preparations

Gaston Browne, the leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, has stated that his party is getting ready for an upcoming by-election.

He acknowledged that if Shugy’s information is accurate, the by-election must take place within 120 days. Browne assured that the Labour Party is actively preparing for the by-election.

In a previous statement, he had suggested that the by-election would not be called within 90 days.

However, Browne mentioned that he allowed for a longer timeframe to allow the ongoing court case to proceed. Regardless, he emphasized that his party will be ready to face Shugy and the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Browne expressed his opinion on Shugy’s confidence, noting that while Shugy secured about 55% of the votes, it was not a substantial victory.

He highlighted that in polling, a small margin of error is typically 3-5%, indicating that Shugy’s win was not overwhelming. Browne questioned the notion that Shugy is invincible and stated that he is uncertain where such an idea originated.

Furthermore, Browne raised the issue of voting based on personal interests and the interests of the community and country.

He argued that voting for Shugy, in this particular by-election, would not alter the government’s composition.

Thus, Browne questioned the rationale behind voting for an individual rather than voting for oneself or for the betterment of the community and country.

Conversely, he argued that voting for Samantha Marshall would align with personal, community, and national interests.

Browne acknowledged that he does not anticipate Shugy joining the government, as he would be in the opposition. He expressed his belief that it is presumptuous to assume that Shugy is likely to defeat Samantha Marshall.

Browne emphasized Marshall’s achievements and contributions to her constituency, particularly highlighting her efforts in improving infrastructure, education, housing, and public services.

He argued that Marshall has proven her capability to provide effective representation over the past nine years, contrasting it with Shugy’s perceived lack of contributions to the community.

Browne expressed confusion as to why anyone would underestimate Marshall’s accomplishments and vote against their own best interests by supporting Shugy.

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  1. So was voting for asot yet you got a good whipping. Your government does not deliver so for the people it does not matter. Voting for shuggy will be a clear demonstration that the people do not want no labor representative.

  2. That is all spin doctor BS. Gaston knows fully well that Samantha will get her ass cut again and probably by a wider margin. Gaston predicted that Asot would lose and he won by a landslide. Gaston predicted Labour would win 17-0 and they won by the smallest margin possible with a minority of the votes. So, Gaston predicting that Samantha will win gives us all the comforting assurance that she will lose and lose big as Gaston has got it wrong with each and every election prediction.

    • The Honorable Samantha Marshall should be elected, it is the right decision to be taken by any rational thinking constituent. Senator Marshall’s competence cannot be disputed, she is a brilliant lawyer by training and has represented the country capably at meetings and conferences all over the world, and has been well received internationally. She has long been a community and gender advocate, fighting for the rights of women and vulnerable groups, and she has always been a down to earth and relatable people person. Her party is in power, and as MP, she would be able to push progress and promote community development in a way Mr. Simon simply could not. What is is track record of leadership? Partying and feting does not instill any confidence, make the right choice SMS.

      • Samantha had almost 10 years to reprint us and did absolutely nothing for us in SMS. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. She is an absolute waste of time but is welcome if she wants another beating.

  3. Even a CARDBOARD CUT-OUT of Kelvin ‘Shuggy’ Simon would defeat Samantha Marshall easily in St Mary’s South.

    She’s not the right candidate for the very intelligent constituents (as proven at the last winning UPP vote) that puts them on a par with recent voters in All Saints, Barbuda, as well as the other enlightened UPP supporters around the country.

    When she loses in St Mary’s South again, I’m interested to know what POLITICAL STUNT Gaston ‘300 Million Dollar’ Browne is going to come up with to stop Shuggy from returning.

    I must remember to order more popcorn🍿, Wadadli beers 🍻 and some delicious Bullfoot soup 🥣 … hmmm!

  4. The Buffoon PM GB should take the bold step by killing two birds with one stone and call a snap General Election and let’s see the outcomes.

    As he is confident of Marshall’s success, he should apply the same bold approach and call a snap elections and allow the people to remove him and the geriatric frail gentleman from the house and his redundant cabinet.

  5. This idiot was not too long ago saying that there would be no byelection, now he is singing a different tune? He and the minions were just trying to stall while the pompous, arrogant a$$ Twatts was making the media rounds, knowing fully well he has absolutely not authority to refuse a resignation. We continue to tolerate this brazen incompetence from Gaston Browne, Steadroy Benjamin, Daryl Matthew, Molwyn Joseph and the whole lot, just wreaking havoc in our country.
    Samantha did nothing in nine years and now has the gall to be asking these people to vote for her? Send Gaston Browne and his whole ALP thugs a message people. There are ramblings in the east in St. Phillips North. Le’ts watch this space. God knows this country cannot survive five years of this incompetence, corruption and stealing.

  6. Wait but the PM said no election will be called in 130 days…

    He said it will be called when he is ready….so what’s really going on here?

    Can the PM please clarify when the ABLP is preparing?


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