ABLP launches manifesto promising jobs, reducing corporate taxes


The ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) Friday launched its manifesto for the March 21 general election promising not to re-introduce income tax having repealed the fiscal measure two years after coming to office in 2016.

“The ABLP remains committed to the view that the income of the individual is best left in his/her pocket. Persons can use the income to buy land, build homes, care for the needs of their children….,” the party said in its document entitled “Vision 2023 and Beyond”.

ABLPThe Gaston Browne ABLP, which is seeking a second consecutive term in office is also promising to reduce corporate tax to 20 per cent, noting also that the controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) that allows for foreign investors to acquire citizenship in return for making a substantial investment into the country “remains important to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda”.

It said proceeds from the CIP have been used for the socio0economic development of the country and “therefore the ABLP is committed to ensuring that the CIP continues to flourish, providing a steady stream of revenues for the benefit of all the people of Antigua and Barbuda”.

The party also said that it would be introducing legislation to operate and regulate blockchain technology as an integral part of its vision for the future of the island.

“This technology will leapfrog our nation into digital transactions of the 21 st century and ready us for the next,” the ABLP said.

The party has outlined plans for developing the health, housing, agriculture sectors here as well as supporting public servants through a number of special programmes and initiatives including housing grants, vehicle concessions, home ownership and health insurance.

“The ABLP is determined to do right to the public servants of our nation and to repay them for their patience, duty, and hard work during the years of neglect…,” the party said.

The ABLP said it regards education as a right and not a privilege and that in addition to new schools it will also spend “significant sums of money to expand secondary schools.

It is also promising to spend over EC$20 million (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) on scholarships to education students. It is also promising a free computer for every government teacher.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, speaking the launch of the manifesto, told supporters that the document is designed to “improve the living standards of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

“To ensure that we expand the economy and to put the people of Antigua and Barbuda to work,” he said noting that during its first term in office the government had provided over 6,000 new jobs.

In the last general election, the ABLP won 14 of the 17 seats with the others going to the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP).

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  1. This is a repeat of the unfulfilled promises of 4 years ago: More jobs, more investment, less taxes.
    You were unable to achieve your goals. Why should we believe you now?

  2. Hey Ms G…..me warned you ready… focus on your party, try to sell their plans.. attacking GB and the ABLP daily will not help your cause… You too hardened… The election day is fast approaching… Goosh the writing is on the wall for you foolhardy UPPITES….. Have a safe and blessed weekend…

    • LOL UPP supporters can dream boy…PPl have not forgotten UPP and the crying while ppl nah work and they saying we cant do much world going through economical stand still…really!!…..ALL dem projects but yet still nothing dey ah gwarn for Antigua ppl during UPP time…UPP folks just cant stand to see Antiguans getting work and making things happen that AH BUN DEM! Well yall gonna continue see ppl strive and live good!!

  3. Colombo Thomas, Be Gone!!
    AbLp manifesto should be transported to Cooks Dump, on the Big Red Machine.
    Maybe use for recycling, pure rubbish
    More waste of money.

    • Yup Another UPP supporter who wants Antigua to go back to unemployment and debt while the UPP builds projects and lines up investers LMAO one set ah dunce ppl support UPP I never wanted to say it but now I am convinced.

  4. At lease Ms G is brave and honest to revealed her name but A who are too nuff and edge-up. Your blog’s are always filled with innuendos… Get a life….. Ha… Ha…..

  5. Social Security will b increasing half percent till 2020, That is a tax. AND THIS IS FACTS

  6. All these promisses could have been done in the balance of your first term ,which u choose to turn in because u can’t run no country..Dont be fool people with empty promises AGAIN.. Take their gifts and vote them out ..They don’t care about poor people until when its election ..

  7. What-a-set-people? UPPITES.. Let me remind you’ll… Member the Sunshine governance and promise’s back in 2004 throughout their reins.. You’ll are amazing…. suffering from amnesia… I experienced and live through those failed policies… Most Antiguan and Barbudan have their heads on… We won’t forget… Cuss all u want… caused on election day we will reman all u again… Lick’s fu soooooo…. Where you’ll manifesto? Hope they are prepared and there will be no promises… Don’t stressed be blessed………

    • CT you wasting time with them they seems to block out a 10 year period 2004-2014. All they can talk about is 500 house. Still looking out for the boat full of investor who suppose to have more money than Stanford

  8. anybody that vote for the alp is supporting corruption at the highest level ask beef ,imagine this guy just cuss the he’ll out of alp is now supporting them just because he had a personal matter with state how could anyone seriously vote for asot Michael browne, Robin etc how can you vote for a party that believe in the enrichment policy and tell them to do it creatively, so how does one do this please i would love to know well we all know how it is done …..

    • How can enyone vote for a party that has plans to take 3 steps forwards with the end result of 10 steps backwards? How can anyone vote for a party that did not give a damn about unemployment? How? How can we vote for a party that land Antigua up in the words of Donald Trump a “Shit Hole” of dept that the people would be paying for years upon years to come if the UPP were still in office…You tell me how we coulda continue under that kinda rule….Open ya eyes u idiots the country going forward under ABLP…All u ppl who wanna see Antigua look like Haiti u can immigrate there we will stay here and move forward..

      • The number 1 reason I would not vote for the UPP is simple they went to the IMF. They did not sit down and work out a stragedy on how to move forward. Like the cowards they are they went to the IMF and did not even bother to pay the load the last few months in the reign of their power. If Harold Failure think he go catch me again he lie.

  9. What matter does” Beef” has with state insurance…if you DNT have facts go FUKKIN…hummmmmm
    As for Mr DUNWIN YEARWOOD …..no one can ever say bad about him politically….

    Politicians do their best ….if you broke go fuk…
    Cuckaholes ah big business in Antigua …go get you some

    • Lemme give u a joke…Daniel paying youths in Villa and Point to support him so they keep going to his office and he always ah leggo LMAO. Dem man tek Daniel Money and ah put up Gaston Bill Boards and stickers all over Villa and Point…Ppl just want money in dem pocket during elections cause this is the season when money ah leggo..Daniel nah win Villa and Point that spot belongs to world boss ya check…

  10. People can’t express themselves without social media bullies attacking them? This is 2018 and people are still entitled to their opinion. Get a grip of yourselves!

  11. I’ve read a number of articles from different post and must say can’t these UPP supporters find a better issue to comment on. All I keep seeing 500 houses straight. When their 5 years was up in 2009 they said give them a chance cause they did not get to do anything and they were granted that chance and they screwed up big time in their second term. Honestly the UPP should have gone with Joanne Massiah as their leader cause they are doomed to failure with Harlod Lovell as leader.

  12. When there is nothing to show , then pie in the sky seems to be their best option . Oh what a tangled web they weave when the people they try to deceive .

  13. In 3 years 1billion in CIP money came in. What was it spent on? Not even the car park was finished. Hope the CIP money doesn’t dry up because the government has no money to even meet the basic needs of the country. Do you notice that they have to borrow for every project. The ABLP has always operated on borrowed money which they don’t repay. Some Antiguans are always talking about the good times under the ABLP. I think the stench of the gutters must have gone to their brains.

    • Guess you forget in the last years of the UPP time in office they were borrowing from every Tom Dick and Harry to include the IMF

      • They went to the IMF because the world was in a recession. They could not pay the bebts they inherited from the ABLP and still find money to run the country. The UPP did not have CIP money. They did not have the millions seized from a foreign dictator. With all the funds that came into Antigua the country should be out of debt. Check the debt balance today compared to 2014.

        • The UPP really love that ecomonc crisis excuse bad. Between 1995-1999 Antigua was hits by 8 hurricanes and the IMF came and the government refuse and run them. The UPP failed that that is why the were vote out and with Harold Lovell as leader they will be rejected again. And FYI it was the UPP who implimented the CIP.

          • They did not take IMF money because they did not want to be accountable. You tell me. Where did the government get money? We know they did not raise it through taxation. All the borrowings they did in those years are still on the books and have paralyzed future governments ability to move the country forward. The UPP lost the election because the people like freeness and think that under the ABLP they don’t have to look after themselves. Look at the current manifesto. Isn’t it a promise of more handouts? This will only keep the people stupid, poor and perpetually beggars. What Antiguans need are good paying jobs.

      • Why did so much of the people’s lands end up in the hands of certain individuals? I will tell you why. Because the ALP gave away our lands for debt.

        • Held accountable my foot. Everyone know once u go to the IMF your country done wit. That is why people don’t deal with them they are the worst loan sharks.

          • Waiting u sound like a real dumbo LOL The people min wah work!!!! When u get a flat tyre u dont sit in ur car and say ohh its a flat tyre so my car cant drive NO! Ya get ya ass out and fix it so u can keep moving…UPP say the country have a flat tyre so we jus gonna hope it inflates itself one day while we plunge Antigua down the drain in debts….UPP cannot run Antigua they just cant if they get another chance I know for sure we gonna end back up in the same hole we were in.

  14. It’s soooooo sad and pathetic the UPPITES continue to perpetrate these falsehood that their failed government of A & B didn’t borrow any money from the IMF and nothing is happening and this the present government almost pay it off as well as employment has improved. Goosh you’ll think we are fools, suffer from amnesia and are not educated… March 21st, we patriotic A&B will remember 2004 – 2014.

  15. At lease give some them some credit for rescuing Antigua & Barbuda from your failed regime …(UPPITES)… Any Fair an objective minded person will agree. But don’t say the lives of the people haven’t improved after 2014… You UPPITES continue to sing the same old outta key tunes that used before 2004… Most Antiguan and Barbudan are not buying it.. Focus on your party efforts to win back the reins of power…. F.Y. I… Hope your party will not promise anything…. Your diatribes are not working….(Waiting Male/female)..

    • Tell me how. More debt. Young people can’t find jobs. All the criminals allowed into the country for votes killing Antiguans and being deported and jailed daily. No infrastructure improvements, only more stench. Yes tell me how.

      • Do me a favour just go to the bank on a Friday or pass by Percival gas Station and then come and tell me going people nah work and I can say you are a liar.

  16. Let not your heart be troubled…..the heat is on and coming soon…Its unfortunate that you were blind between 2004-2014 and now you can see… Continue to sing the same old tunes- remember we go lock them up, sunshine governance and me have on me head… caused you are not convincing…. See after the 21st…. your head too hard…..

  17. It is a pity that some peoples brain don’t explode in their heads when they come on this site and write soo much foolishness . What has the government done to improve the lives of the people ? All we see is a bunch of incompetent fat cats. Why not run on their record instead of trying to make unsubstantiated claims and all these sweet nothing promises . Some people know how to do the job when they are on the outside looking in but when given the chance ain’t worth a lick.

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