LETTER: ABLP Has Destroyed Our Beautiful Islands!!


ABLP Has Destroyed Our Beautiful Islands!!


Antigua and Barbuda I cry for you, my insides are tearing up to see how the ABLP has given away every piece of our land to outsiders. We are left with nothing, our youths are lost without hope, they’ve convinced our children that all they’re worth is to smoke their life away and beg for their next meal.


The level of disrespect that indigenous Antiguans have endured at the hands of Gaston and his government is heart breaking, his lack of love and compassion for us speaks volume. He could care less whether we live or die as Antiguans, as long as his Syrians, Chinese and now Africans are well taken care of and given all the contracts to make them millionaires it’s ok.


Look at how he use our commonwealth brothers and sisters against us, meanwhile feeding them the same poverty stricken meals to keep them under his thumb, we as a people both Antiguans/Barbudans and our commonwealth brothers and sisters don’t even know the potential we have to win if we just stand together and save this nation.


How can one government be so greedy, self-serving and wicked to its own people? This is not the ALP that Papa Bird built, he loved this country, he loved his people he would never subject us to such hardship and displacement. Can you imagine inviting Africans to come and take over our Island? A people who’s survival methods will destroy our entire being.


What are our kids to do, what is left for the young people to look forward to ? Handouts and kissing politicians to get where they need to be? Look at the level of wealth the entire cast of ABLP has amassed in as little as 10 years! Their kids, grand kids and great grandkids are millionaires, all gained on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans because we think so little of ourselves.


I’m begging you Antiguans to vote for a change, vote for enrichment, vote for our youths! We cannot do another five years under Gaston, we will all become the slaves and poorest of the poor if we vote these people back in!


Please vote as if your life depends on it because it does, even if it’s a dog you vote for they’ll have more compassion for Antigua people and the people of the commonwealth than ABLP. We were the top country in the Caribbean up to 12 years ago and in less than 10 years ABLP has dinked us to the bottom. Infrastructure, development, cleanliness and Beauty allllll the other Caribbean Islands have surpassed us. 


Tourism will no longer be our main industry because our Island no longer offers the safety and beauty we’ve grown so accustomed to selling, my people Please wise up and vote for a well needed change in this our poor dwindling country. My commonwealth brothers and sisters stop allowing yourself to be used by these politicians because you will suffer just like us Antiguans and Barbudans when it comes down to the final analysis. 


We cannot weep no more, our hearts are broken it’s time to take back our peace, our pride, our COUNTRY!!!!!

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    • The writing is on the wall, UPP will implode after this election. … They will be dumped into the political bins of our history…. it’s long overdue

  1. hmm (read’s like), the song, psalm of a loser. Writer there are resources available to change your life situation (Second Change program). Take responsibility, get up, not only signup, but give it your all

  2. Commendations:

    Well written article, but I need to ascribe credits, however you appear to be a humble writer so unlike those minions writing such silly articles for the ABLP.

  3. Thank you for your heartfelt editorial letter. Truly moving.

    When you wrote about how Papa Bird built and loved this country and his people so much, I was truly moved.

    He really wanted to see Antigua & Barbuda progress and grow internally, but also on the internationally stage as well.

    Papa Bird reminds me of a joyful time I use to enjoy at my former church.

    It was a well run and organised church. The pastor cared for his ever growing flock; the local community; and he put things in place for anyone in need – and then suddenly he died.


    He fleeced the church, and all his immediate family travelled the Caribbean and the globe 🌐 and enriched themselves (sounds familiar doesn’t it!). He also introduced “handshake” membership – whatever that meant – and never showed how our tithes were being used, distributed and accounted for.

    Suffice to say, many of us left that particular wayward church ministry.

    Like my former church, Antigua’s problems started way back at the time Papa Bird’s son Vere took over – he just never had the same honesty or drive of his late great father.

    Now fast forward to the current Browne era and his obvious links with Vere Bird’s family and broken manifesto policies; and it’s plain for everyone to see how Antigua hasn’t progressed.

    The author of this letter has brilliantly hit the nail of the truth on the head of where we are today as Antiguans.

    The 18th of January 2023 cannot come soon enough for most of us … 🗳

  4. ECLAC expects the twin-island state to experience growth in Real Gross Domestic Product of 7.5% for 2022, placing it as the 5th fastest growing economy, behind Guyana (52.0%), Venezuela (10.0%), The Bahamas (8.5%) and St Lucia (8.0%).

    Washington, DC – July 29, 2022: On July 27, 2022 the Executive Board of the International
    Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the 2022 Article IV consultation on common policies of
    member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).1

    With ECCU economies slowly emerging from the pandemic with scars, the impact of the war
    in Ukraine is a setback to the nascent recovery. Higher food and energy prices, amid ongoing
    supply disruptions and intra-regional transportation bottlenecks, are raising inflation, eroding
    income, lowering output growth, worsening fiscal and external positions, and threatening food
    and energy security. As a result, inflation is expected to hover over 5½ percent in 2022. Real
    GDP is projected to grow by 7½ percent in 2022, leaving output still well below the prepandemic level

  5. The idol worship of Gaston Browne according to @ From The Sideline (alias ABLP plant and joker):

    “Have you ever seen a Prime Minister donate $50,000.00 to his church, just to celebrate his 50th birthday? …”

    A 50,000 Dollar donation from a man who has somehow acquired $300 million – over 7-8 years – is chicken feed (and may I remind you that Asot Michael wants Gaston to also explain to the nation how he accumulated such wealth during his two terms in office?).

    Are you ok in the head? Or well emboldened in ABLP governance? looking at how (by some MIRACLE) you produce all these facts and figures in support of Gaston? Hmmm!!! 🤔


    Nobody reproduces all that data in one hit without prior knowledge or insider information. Tarl!

    • Hey, come better than that @ Sideline when you try to challenge Brixtonian … MI TELL YOU DAT ALREADY 😂😂😂

      ANR threads are the best in town 👍

        • And if he did make that kind of money. Are you jealous of him? Are you saying that he should not be making money while he is our Prime Minister? Is that a worldwide standard that people in office should not make money? I think Trump already showed you that nothing goes so. As long as he doesn’t make money by illegal means he is a citizen like everyone else and conducts business to make money.

    • You always like to make statements without any proof of evidence. Can you proof for once that he has made 300million in the last seven to eight years?

      • Asot Michael also wants to know like the rest of the country, and you seem to want to overlook that they were once very close associates and friends. Why?

        You and I know that Asot Michael was always going to be Gassy’s nemesis … how are the likes of supporters like you in such denial about the PM’S own self-enrichment; and not only for himself but also members of his family as well.

        You alone might be happy about this greed and avarice, but I can assure you that right thinking Antiguans and INDEPENDENT political commentators are not.

        However, SIDEY, you keep defending the indefensible … readers do not expect anything less from the likes of you.

        Don’t hide away yourself when the ABLP get trounced in the election.

        • You conveniently want to take Asot Michaels claims without any proof above that of Gaston Browne, who at least has brought legal action against Asot. Asot’s bad reputation is known to everyone. Why not you? Because you choose to. And all because of your hatred for the man called Gaston Browne. Well sorry. Nothing that scumbag called Asot says about the most decent and scandal free Prime Minister we ever had running this country can even bring the slightest doubt in my mind. Maybe you guys should bring Asot in the UPP. He will fit right in there with the Laggards, Losers, Charlatans and Conmen. Asot may teach you all a trick or two.

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