ABLP going for all seats in next general elections, PM Browne says


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has put the United Progressive Party on notice that his ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is going for a clean sweep in the next general elections.

The prime minister was responding to a comment  under the article — PM announces inquiry into US$94M spent on Airport Runway extension.

Jackson commented: “When Mr. Gaston Browne’s time comes he will definitely be going into 1735. He and his wife. Because, he is running the Government wrong: he is Minister of Finance, controlling all the money; while his wife is Minister of Lands, controlling all the Government’s owned lands. All things of value in Government’s possession are under the Prime Minister’s roof. So, at the end of the day, if anything is missing we are going for him and his wife. We are going to lock them up and throw away the key.

Don’t worry Antigua and Barbuda will redeem. Time is longer than rope. He is going to lose the next General Election, and we are going to jail his ass.”

The prime responded to Jackson, reiterating his good governance mantra.

“Roy Jackson – Your sorry ass will never live to see that. Neither you, nor your fellow UPPites can produce a scintilla of evidence, circumstantial or otherwise of any abuse of public resources on my part, or Minister Maria Browne,” the prime minister said.

“ABLP will “wup” you and your UPP loafers, laggards and charlatans again, come the next general elections.

“This time – we are going for all the seats.

“Study that !”

On Saturday Prime Minister Browne announced that a forensic audit will be conducted into a near US$100 million loan by the former United Progressive Party administration.

Browne said the Cabinet agreed that the Audit should be conducted.

Some people, on ANR’s social media pages, commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement, said it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money, while others asked why an investigation was not launched in the last several years that Browne has been in government.

In another comment on ANR, Browne said: “This US94M was to extend the airport runway by 1000 linear feet, to resurface it and to spruce up the old airport terminal.

“It has nothing to do with the new terminal that was funded by the PRC.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to assimilate this gigantic rip-off, which warrants an audit and a Commission of enquiry.

“If Harold and others fail to cooperate in providing answers to the numerous questions, then law enforcement has the option of taking them to court.

“So ultimately, he and others who presided over this project will have to answer in the docks.”

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  1. 1. Go get registered to vote if you haven’t already.
    2. Go collect your voters card if you haven’t already.
    3. Check the Expiry date on your voters card if you have one.
    4. Check the issues and situations happening in your life and in the country, whether good or bad.
    5. Go out and vote.
    Makes no sense to come on media or otherwise and complain when you had the chance to take action and you didn’t, who the rass would want to hear you? You have the power, use it wisely.

  2. Blind to corruption inside but want inquiry? Love to send distraction for cheap political points, we removing all the old heads, new breed of people. No longer can we do the same thing and expect to get different results.
    Too much complacency, greed, corruption has taken over the leaders

  3. ERIC CARDEN I see you are repeating your mantra. For some reason you have left out the DNA. I hope you do not get the shock of your life when Antiguans (notice I did not include Barbudans) wake up and say enough has become too much with Gaston’s failed Administration and vote them out of power. It might just be ALP 2 or 3 seats.

    • @ TABOR


      ABLP. 17 SEATS

      UPP. 00 SEAT

      BARBUDA. 00 SEAT


      • @Eric Carmen, I think 🤔 you meant to say that ABLP candidates can’t run the own home 🏡 that is why our country in this mess.
        ABLP has about 80% of the non-nationals votes 🗳🗳and 20% Antiguans and Barbudans votes 🗳. Since the PM said that we native Antiguans and Barbudans 🇦🇬 are in minority, the non-nationals are his leverage over the native. When they join with the ABLP and destroy our beloved paradise island 🌴 them run leave us. A lot of non-nationals have children born here and some are at voting age where most of them loyalty lies with political party of their parents.
        Antiguans and Barbudans wake up it is time take back our beloved country from them old renegades. We need a slate of young fresh candidates and we can get that in the UPP or the DNA.

    • For sure, Harry will NOT win his seat. That’s a given. He’s damaged goods. The UPPites cannot win even one seat under the current leadership, and I don’t only mean Harry. It’s time for an internal housecleaning if UPP hopes to win a couple seats. New leadership is a start.

    • If the people can make Gaston and Lester Bird become Prime Ministėr, so why not Harold Lovell? Isn’t he a son of the soil a native born Antiguan? The pensioners monthly money were raised under the UPP, government workers got salaries increased, social programs initiative, APUA 10% write off electrical bills once paid before the due date, free school uniforms, the dollar barrel at Christmas 🎄 etc…and the list goes on…on…on. UPP didn’t have the CIP billions in revenue and the millions make off each gallon of gas, and they still manage to introduced all these things. What does the ABLP has to show especially for the CIP billions?

  4. Nobody locking nobody up for corruption and white collar crimes. Every election cycle they promise it but nothing happens going all the way back to MBS scandal and before. It’s a gentleman’s agreement between themselves

  5. Yes, FRDdERIC – To be honest, Tabor does not need any help to challenge all you laborites because you are all Jokers just seeking attention and trying to be humorous.

    • T’gan, I thought something similar. It appears to be the same idiot just changing his/her name and repeating the garbage.

    • wow! You are anticipating and eagerly waiting to rejoice in the downfall of anotherhuman being. Says a lot about you. Your turn will come too you know. when you dig one hole dig another one for yourself.

      • I were never accused of skullduggery in Public Office. I cannot wait to see his arse going to 1735.Walking from the Court in ankle and hand bracelets. I would surely rejoice,in his downfall.

  6. What a backward, cartoon country Antigua is! In most countries a lot of these ALP minions would be either charged with corruption or forced to resign.
    An alleged leader clandestinely takes a vaccine( the $30us one) and now sits in judgment of others who don’t want to take the $6 us one that’s been associated with deadly bloodclots and halted by countries all over the world.
    A health minister, given a knighthood for mismanaging and suppressing information about covid19 and publishing a dashboard that has never been right.
    A CMO who doesn’t seem to be able to speak unless told to do so. Who never could account to the public for the numerous sudden deaths last year, or be truthful about the possible presence of the UK variant earlier this year.
    A police commissioner who hears and sees about the possibility of crimes and is silent; never being straight about needed help to solve the brutal murder of Nigel Christian.
    The DDP being accused of corruption and waited days to respond in the most lame, pathetic, unconvincing way before cowering back into silence.
    The secretive attempt to rape the Barbudans of their lands after sucking millions in sand from them. Then to openly say they were pampering them to get their vote.
    My God. Where does it end? I’ll tell you . When Antiguans and Barbudans take back their country.

  7. Why comment on a backwards country? A fool a write foolishness, but fool’s aren’t reading your nonsensical comments. Wadadli is one of the best country in the Caribbean. Your absurdity and Political tribalism has clouded your warp’s mind. Support who you want to support but leave Wadadlians alone.

    • Its his/her wishful thinking. Them just want to back of their truck and thief and labor blocking them. They long for the days their political leader had persons sending moneys to his personal account, so he could give them official positions. Seems, he used to also send them some of the crumbs

    • One of the biggest problems with Antiguans is our failure to be critical of our country and those in leadership positions. We tend to sweep thongs under the carpet to give the impression that we’re this pearly white, perfect littoe island. WE ARE NOT. From corruption to social issues, including but not limited to the abuse of young girls and boys by ordinary joe bloke and those in leadership positions (police and politicians), Antigua is a cesspool.

      Not to mention our lack of civic pride. Just go on some of our beaches and remote locations and see the amount of garbage. So many of our people are lawless and laws only apply to a selected few. Once u know those in high places, you get away scotch free. Btw, has the son of the high ranking politician been arrested for battery, after he decided to play police?

      But alas, how our people operate is that once they are feasting off the crumbs dropped by the politicians, everything is perfect. Pathetic.

  8. Sad to say. It will never end. It’s a political way of life in Antigua and Barbuda. If you so choose to participate in the political process in A&B do so knowing your in a wheel that spins in the wrong direction. No one in public office will ever be held accountable until the powers that run the state are separated and act independently of one another.

    The Prime Minister should be just that. Not minister of this or that. That’s what you have permanent secretaries for. That’s who should be in the cabinet. Not parliamentarians. They should be in parliament debating and voting in the people’s interests. Advocating for the Constituency that elected them. Not the Prime Minister.

    Last the Judiciary should be separately administered. Not under the purview of the Attorney General. His or her job should be to advise the cabinet on relevant laws that govern the country.

    The Commissioner of Police should be a position appointed by the GG and not the Attorney General who’s under the PM’s thumb print. And be approved by the Parliament.

    Institutions and it’s actors do as they like because of no accountability. The ENTIRE CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. As one famous PM said in the past. “What’s right will remain right. What’s wrong will be made right.”

    • Hmm so the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc all have it it wrong. By the way you really need some lessons on our system. The AG does not control the judiciary. The AG’s job is to advise the government re laws. The Comish is appointed by the GG, selected by the PM after consultation with the leader of the opp. Watch you cry for accountability yet contradictory argue that elected members should exercise no oversight function (ie they should only just pass laws). Guy this is not the US, and if you pay attention you may notice the gridlock they have (its a clown show), and the mess they are now in

      • We can start with the PM not appointing the DPP and Police Commissioner. Those positions shouldn’t be left to the whims of our PM.

  9. Colombo, it clowns like you who are one reason why this country remains the way it is.
    Backward comments? Everything I stated is right out there for all who have eyes to see.
    Political tribalism? What on earth does that even mean? I’m no party suppprter sir. I’m for what is in the best interest of this country?
    How is Antigua the best in the Caribbean? The world laughs Amtigua .
    Fools aren’t reading my nonsensical comments? Obviously you did. Does that make you nonsensical and a fool? I wonder

    • Woops … A corn is thrown and it caught a rat. I not a voter and I don’t live in Wadadli. However, it’s interesting that you don’t have a steak in Wadadli Politics. But Wadadli is backwards Country. You fooling yourself but not the same people if Wadadli. No doubt you’re an UPPITES and these blind followers are filled with hate, bad mind and envy. Again I say Wadadli is the best Country in the Caribbean. You can chew on it. I may add the present Political Leader is the most visionary and forthright Leader in the Caribbean. Cuss all you want is typical of ignoramouses.

      • Nomwonder you can make statements like that. Look, I’m Antiguan. I love my country and every single Caribbean citizen thinks their country is best. What separates us from them is that they are not afraid to hold their politicians accountable, well except for St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Dominica–something about the labour party spell/koolaid–and call.out the ills in their country. No island is perfect, but how you progress is by exposing and calling out wrong and work towards fixing it.

        Those who live in Antigua are currently experiencing the hardships brought about by the pandemic and the LACK OF SUPPORT from your beloved Antigua Labour Party. So much money wasted from 2014 that 3 months into the pandemic, Gaston started crying “the country broke”. That 2 montjs after declaring we were doing so good! Gaston’s leadership has been nothing short of dismal.

        • Me nabel string buried in the Southern part of Wadadli. I was around during the PLM time and a supporter. They were awful. Then again I was around during the UPP and the worse to govern Wadadli. The same gang in different suits, vindictive, bad minded, dishonest and malicious. I hope you blind UPPITES followers think your Leader is of the same opinion as GB, that his party will win all the seats. If not, let him tell the nation which one they going to loose. Goodness.. Gracious…you all don’t loose your sanity. GB is a Master Political tactician. Look how he hab all you grasping for straw’s. Kudos PM. Victory again against those LL and S.

          • PLM was the best government Antigua ever had. Had they been given another term, Antigua would have been a more progressive place. It is a real shame that a lot of Antiguans like you don’t know what good government is..

          • The PLM government that ALP and their supporters sabotaged? Yea. So much for love of country huh. I guarantee you that Antigua and Barbuda would have been far better had we not squandered 28 years to the ALP. UPP did more in 10 years than the ALP did in 28 years. ALP’s model of development was always: pack the public sector with persons, pay them $1200 a month, and let them feel good. Everybody happy.

  10. Watching” 👍 and waiting too. The next election may not turn out how some think. I like ABLP but I like Antigua more.


    Please advise your UPP ( UNHAPPY PEOPLE PARTY) FRIEND Alister Thomas to pay Mr. Warner His rent for His house. Mr Warner is 92 years. How can UPP tolerate this type of situation ?

  12. Charles I believe you should stop trying to come in through the back door. The front door is wide open. Just offer yourself up for elected office. Then we will see if you stand a chance of being elected. Just like your Chairwoman and Joan you people want to come in through the backdoor. And then when UPP loses you guys run for cover.

  13. I hope there will be outside foreign observers to make sure there is now CHEATING.
    EVERYONE needs to vote in THIS election!

  14. I stand corrected on any errors. The UK, Canada, New Zealand have accountability. No system of government is perfect. Deterrence is?

  15. Gaston, you say law enforcement has the option of taking them to court, but ultimately, they will have to answer in the docks. What happens if law enforcement decides not decide to take them to court? Will you force them to? Seems to me that you can influence the outcome you want. Talk about separation of powers. Many of us know that this does not exist in Antigua. That is why the heads of the police force are all in acting positives.

  16. World dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne thinks he will stay in power forever. All his deviant ways will catch up to him and sooner than he thinks.

    That maggot needs to be removed from office before it’s too late.

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