ABLP denies bribery allegations



The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has derided an allegation by the United Progressive Party (UPP) that the ABLP has offered money to electors to relinquish their voter identification cards.

ABLP Chairman, E.P. ‘Chet’ Greene, responding to the UPP’s fake news said, “The practice, which the UPP identified, is their own.  In the 2004, 2009 and 2014 general elections, the UPP engaged in the skulduggery that they are now trying to attribute to the ABLP in this election”.

Mr. Greene added, “Since the UPP has made this bogus allegation with such conviction, the ABLP challenges them to produce the evidence.   We know that they cannot do so, because no such thing has occurred”.

The ABLP Chairman also declared that: “The real reason behind this fake claim by the UPP is that they are perfectly aware that they are losing this election, and they are preparing the ground to allege that the election was stolen from them”.

“All the credible polls show that the ABLP is well ahead in these elections and that the UPP is struggling with a very poor slate of candidates, the majority of whom are unknown, have absolutely no financial, managerial or negotiating experience and could not run the affairs of the country, anywhere but into the ground”, Greene said.

He concluded: “The UPP ruined this country before and they would do it again.   The people of Antigua and Barbuda know that”.

The ABLP Chairman dismissed the UPP allegation as “the desperation of the defeated”.

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  1. Chet, WHY would anyone belief anything you have to SAY, your whole life is based on lies, j envelope was placed on our GATE in Hodges Bay with FAKE NEWS about Dr Emanuel & YOU KNOW THE REST, just be careful WHAT you wish for, PM never declared his property in Florida did he? now you on thed SOAP BOX, PLEASE TELL US WHAT UNIVERSITY IN THE UK THE PM GRADUATED FROM?

  2. U ABLP folks are just a bunch of liards..if people weren’t so gullible and lowlifeted and in poverty because of this administration they would gather some back bones and stand up and say yes the were bribed..
    I wonder if a minister change someone ticket to stay back to vote what is it called..?
    If it one thing I can say ABLP ministers should be in guiness book for lieing..


  3. Well look ah joke this is the latest craze. Hmmmm I remeber in the 2014 elections the same claim was being made. MBS order plenty blood pressure tablet EMS be on standby MSJMC emergency room get ready for a busy night cause plenty people go bawl next week Wednesday night

  4. Setting up excuses for when the blows are shared i guess.. Ben up drop out teeth Chaku go si dung..UPP FLAP and Roach out.

  5. The reason why this will always happen is that allot of us too beggie Beggie and Lickey Lickey and following to far up politicians behinds for Everything We want. Plus we can only see Party colours, and everything our party do, it’s fine. Antiguans! Residents! Hear me. Until we stop this nonsense of accepting the $100-$2000 or the mediocre road works and sidewalks just before an election, we will never get the proper infrastructure, Social programs and healthcare we deserve . Call them out and call wrong wrong and right right.

  6. Can you believe they are only now trying to fix the basketball courts in Cedar Grove. We want to see that video Dubbery… I hearing if you go to Asot house you will get a Laptop and a $1000 cash even if your not in his constituency.

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