ABLP Branch of St. John’s Rural East Constituency calls on UPP to condemn verbal abuse of women by its spokespersons


The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Branch of the St. John’s Rural East Constituency has been informed of a series of disparaging remarks made by a criminal element of the United Progressive Party on the opposition owned Crusader Radio and Facebook page.

The abusive comments, circulated via social media were made by a criminal deportee from the United States, who is a mouthpiece of the Opposition United Progressive Party.  The radio programme (Eye on the Issues – Tuesday 8th February 2022) hosted by a convicted paedophile, questions the intellectual capacity of parliamentary representative for the constituency, the Hon. Maria Browne.

The ABLP Branch of St. John’s Rural East Constituency wishes to remind the spokespersons for the Opposition United Progressive Party that the Hon. Maria Browne is an academically and politically accomplished female within the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.  The Hon. Maria Browne who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an LLB (Hons) degree in Law, is also one of a few celebrated students of the Christ the King High School who has achieved first place in class, every term of every year in every form.

We wish also to remind the UPP mouthpieces that during the 2018 elections, the Hon. Maria Browne on her entry into elective politics in 2018, gained the most votes (2, 175) in the history of elections in Antigua and Barbuda dating back to 1951.  In addition, the Hon. Maria Browne is the youngest person and the youngest female to be elected to the Lower House of Parliament.

The United Progressive Party is also reminded that as Minister for Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal, the Hon. Maria Browne has built more homes in her first term since elected, than the UPP built in its 10 years in office.

The ABLP Branch of the St. John’s Rural East Constituency views the vicious verbal attacks on the Hon. Maria Browne by the two criminal elements of the Opposition UPP as attacks on women in general and more so on women who have worked tirelessly to advance themselves academically and compete in a male centred culture.

The ABLP Branch of the St. John’s Rural East constituency calls on the leadership of the United Progressive Party and more so the women who are putting themselves up for elective politics to forcefully condemn and disassociate themselves from the comments of the criminal elements.

We are fully aware that after the first interview given by Minister Maria Browne for 2022, that the Opposition United Progressive Party and its mouthpieces recognize that their chances at success at the polls due in 2023 are further from their reach than dreamt.  The ABLP Branch and the people of St. John’s Rural East intends to return the Hon. Maria Browne to the Lower House of Parliament with a wider majority, voting in their thousands.

The ABLP Branch of the St. John’s Rural East Constituency remains committed to the people of St. John’s Rural East and pledge to continue working with the Hon. Maria Browne towards their empowerment and the development of the constituency.

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  1. Grow up.

    They think you are dunce and you know yourself to be accomplished educationally, why even respond to show think skin?

    This has nothing to do with attack on women. They do not think this MP is sensible, and they are entitled to say so in politically dramatic tones.

    Also, one can have many letters to one’s name and still be…not smart. I believe we are past thinking education means you are actually bright. Or good.

    You can say an opponent is sexually impotent, but you can’t say you think them dunce lakka wah? In one’s opinion? The latter is actually relevant to decision making skills for governance.


    no suprise there. The UPP has a knack for attracting CRIMINALS and exalting them to high positions front and centre.



    3). The aforementioned CRIMINAL DEPORTEE
    Brother of a fomer UPP candidate and known for cussing women

    • Wait a Spilff and Manhunt write this letter and making these comments? Just asking. Pot a call kettle black. I have a job for them go tek the goat out of the garden and save the top dawg from going crazy.

    • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? UPP would not allow a “convicted pedophile” anywhere near them. I’d suspect they’d beat his ass and run him out of town. Pedophiles are the lowest of the low. They cannot be rehabilitated. Are you sure they have a “convicted pedophile” anywhere near them???? You must be mistaken. Can’t be!!! I hope you are wrong, otherwise I’m going to beg the Freedom marches to hit the streets in protest.

    • EDITORS @ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM: You should proof read comments before they are posited on this portal. Bowen had an issue in the Courts. That matter was appeal to a Higher Court and was discharged in his favor. Therefore according to the Courts of Laws,NOT GUILTY.
      Hmmmmmm: Comments made by him in my opinion into that matter should not be published. You as the Editors of this portal,knew the end results.
      people do have rights to say anything.However,there are consequences for saying things without proof.

    • YUP. SADLY. They all have the approval of Lovell and Gisele. They are most proud of snubbing Shawn and going with MR. Bowen instead.

  3. Cry me a river . You guys still at this again ?
    This one must really touch his nerve I wonder what happened to all those people that felt rediculed ,disrespected , threatened and bulleyed what was their recourse ?
    How many times I’ve read the awful things Gaston said about man or woman fried or foe and yet to hear one ALB branch make a comment. Clearly using her gender as a major point Yes this person was somewhat colorful but the facts are the facts are the facts.
    Ever heard of a individual named Gaston Browne ? Look it up.
    I live here in the US. and some of family live in her constituency and they’ve been Red before I was born and they have the same complaints .
    My qualifications are quite similar to hers and what does that make me? Disclaimer I’m not saying not to get an education but 2022 most of the biggest and highest paying companies in the world don’t even look at a degree they’re only interested in your tech knowledge and training what you can do for them.

  4. It is obvious that common sense is not very common…. Clearly, (Dunston & Dunstontene) those two spokes persons of UPP are very much simple minded & have a brain filled with sawdust and a mouth filled with verbal diarrhea ….. It is for this reason why their thought processes and actions are so limited & shallow. As was suggested before, they can attend the Second Chance Institution administered by Mr. Troy allen, and have their brains rehauled. It will certainly help them & UPP along the way. Simple minds discuss people -: Average minds discuss events -: Great minds discuss ideas !

  5. The “abuse of women” verbally and physically is nothing new to Our culture.
    Our history is replete with such abuses from the BASTARDISATION of their children by the Church, to the acceptance of the #Kip-Oman lifestyle.

    Now, with that said politics has always being and still is a Dirty Game whose playing field can be compared to a Pig Sty. Therefore, anyone #WHO’RE into politics is fair game to attack with or without reason, as it’s the nature of the beasts(oligarchs, plutocrats, media) which set the rules to the game.
    Therefore, Maria as a politician you will not only get “jammed” from the front but because your husband and PM does some of the same things which you now want the UPP to condemn(Dotsie Isaac comes to mind), but you’ll get “jammed” from behind too, like the Rhythm Section of Halcyon jamming #Iron with the sweet sounds of…

    …tillee-Lang, tillee-Lang!
    …‘Cause all they doing is jamming iron.
    …tillee-Lang! tillee-Lang!
    …so, wen u join de political procession
    …jus remember, de sweet sound and vibes
    …of, de Rhythm section jamming plenty Iron!

  6. Chupz…what about she husband calling people all kind a name saying all kind a funny thing less we forget. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • The “World Boss” speaks the truth about his political opponents with decency. Deracinated imbeciles (disloyal fools), for political opponents on Barbuda who were seeking to undermine the recovery of the island.

      Losers, laggards and charlatans (LLC’s) to describe the UPP’s slate of incompetent underachievers.

      When they said goat in my garden, I responded Goats denuded Harold, Serpent et al garden, so they are garden -less.

      If the vocabulary of your Candidates and other criminal party members like Croif and Magic are so limited and they have to resort to hateful and grotesque language; don’t compare me to them.

      They are not in my class. Tell Harold Lovell that I have never abused my mother; I never chucked an elderly Donald Halstead; I never sought to intimidate any of my political colleagues with a fire arm; I have never buckled under political ridicule and respond publicly with profanities; I don’t abuse cannabis; my home was not an inheritance, but built on my blood sweat and tears.

      In addition, I have enjoyed great success as Minister/PM empowering the people of Antigua & Barbuda.

      I have a success rate of 100 percent at the polls. Harold’s record is two wins out of eight ejections.

      Harold’s hands are cursed; dead hands.

      Again, I repeat: do not compare me with those LLC’s in the UPP, they are not in my class.

      • @Gaston “de worl Boss” Browne…

        …A-men! AAAAAmen! Amen! Amen!

        …Papi! #Papiii! Kum een and blow de Conch Shell.(gud god)
        …’cause, de PM don’t like his wife(Maria! Maria)
        …de love of his love ❤️ of his life,
        …to be called a #Sketell.
        …but, according to de word on de street!
        …and, at every crossroad where dem Obeah Neargah does meet.
        …all dem allegation’s
        …about Goat nyaming dung U garden
        …is as a result, of U being de Worl boss
        …flying high in first class
        …wid, all of your #Kip-Women.
        …so, please don’t blame we,
        …we’re just observing, recording and reporting
        …about, all a dem #Nastiness
        …in Our Country!
        …sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Wadadli.

      • Hon. Gaston Browne you have spoke. I hope ANR will publish this statement

        UPP attract CRIMINALS , CHILD MOLESTERS and Person wanted in St. Lucia
        How can these Persons running for POLITICAL office. Hon. Gaston Browne I suggesting the following.
        During the political campaign Place BOWEN, SERPENT, MAGIC HUGHES , SEAN BIRD ALISTER THOMAS names on the LARGEST billboard and place all over Antigua with Their HORRIBLE descriptions.

      • You no have no work fu do? Tell us about boboy. Instead of talking about success record, tell the people wa you do for city west and why the place still look like a getho after you representing them for so many years.

      • Hypocrisy is a heck of a thing!!! There is not evidence of Harold beating his mother etc. Hearsay!! Could be true!!! But there is report in the Police Station that you physically abuse and have beaten On more than one occasion… it’s known common knowledge. Her own family members attests well. Stop with the hypocritical posturing!!!

  7. She smart alright. Smart enough to marry a man old enough to be her father. Just another smart gold digger? I would like to know if she got those degrees the same way she got the Bird name. Ask your labour colleagues, especially Max Hurst. He said politics is a dirty game. You have to destroy your opponents. I would suggest you take your political licks or get out of the kitchen Maria. Because the more protestation the more licks go come.
    Nobody troubling any other politicians wife’s as they are not greedy enough to run for political office.

  8. This is one of the many issues I have with the UPP. They always seem to attract criminals, deportees and fraudsters, to name a few. I use to listen to the show on observer every single night and the Magic Hughes always a chat rubbish as if he represent the UPP. Well if Harold Lovell has to depend on criminals to be his party’s mouthpiece then what is he expecting to accomplish during the upcoming election?
    How can I as a voter learn anything sensible from Mr. Hughes or Mr. Murderer? Or the deportee from New York? Come on Mr. Lovell have some decency for Christ sake.

    • @Quann you have some nerve with your diatribe. I suggest you read the following books and be educated about the scamps and scoundrel, the ALP has attracted, causing antigua to be known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
      All is clouded by desire by Alan Block
      A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid
      Caribbean Time Bomb by Robert Coram

  9. She love get bang up by she husband. She used to getting bang up. Getting bang up in the political game is a bed of roses for she.

    Take all your banging.

  10. I hate how this is going so onesided .the prime minister cuss all sort of people and called them names that i am so shame sometimes that i am from Antigua .
    Everyone has his or her opinion .
    Alp have criminal as well so please you all stop the onesidedness just to please the pm and his wife.as far as i see they are all criminal on the alp side they are thieves and robbers.so teck the yampy out are you eye first before talking to anyone.

    • Jules, dear righteous one, what in hades are you talking about? We are so blessed to have this highly respected Leader at the helm in times like these. The whole Caribbean is in awe of his accomplishments. He simply speaks the truth. He doesn’t allow stupidness and he doesn’t speak falsehoods about others. He simply tells it like he is. He will be PM for many years to come. He really is a true Comrade Leader, and the common people love him (and his wife) deeply. Thanks be to God for Victory. We ARE blessed.

  11. Gaston Browne what is your nickname really “WORLD BOSS” or “TOP DAWG”. Anyway, I would prefer any day to be a cannabis abuser that a woman abuser. By the way, you might not be garden-less but that is why goat till and nahm dung you garden. Anyway, I hear you are nahm dung so many garden that your own garden is left unattended.

  12. It’s obvious she’s not active in her constituency, when was the last time she went to her constituency office? If she did she would realize that the water tank at the back of the building has been on it’s side for months. Does she know that or doesn’t care to have it fixed?

  13. Hon.Dean Jonas I know your Family and I also know that you are NOT a SCRAPPER. I am appealing to you Hon. Dean Jonas to start attacking SERPENT ( MR.LUCIA).Listen to the recording circulating on SOCIAL MEDIA with Wilmoth Daniel speaking about a certain RADIO HOST who raped a Girl in St.Lucia. Hon.Dean Jonas it is time to take off the gloves.We in St.George DO NOT want a RAPIST in our Constituency.

  14. I heard them say he was the god father to the lady that become his wife. These are some of the hypocrites that condemn trump but cheer a dog with ticks in his moustache, who looks to empower himself and sell out his country.
    Trump looks out for the people of America where this one looks to sell out his people for his own benefit.

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