ABLP and UPP leaders to engage in discussions before an audience on 31st October and 14th November, 2022


The leaders of the country’s two main political parties will be hosted by the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus in a public advocacy series.

The Antigua Barbuda Labour Party leader, Gaston Browne, and his counterpart in the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell, will engage in discussions before an audience on 31st October and 14th November, 2022.

Director of Academic Affairs UWI FIC, Dr. Curtis Charles, said both guests will be quizzed on matters of national importance and asked to share their plans for advancing Antigua and Barbuda.

“We think we have two very thoughtful subject matter experts who will be asking the questions and then naturally we’ll open it out to the audience for like 30 minutes,” Charles said.

The engagements, which will bring the political leaders will be the first of their kind in Antigua and Barbuda.

The university’s director of academic affairs explained that events such as the public advocacy series are ways in which, historically, “we bring the community into the university”.

“We have to basically acknowledge the fact that there’s a major election. There are two major candidates, two major political parties and we are professors who are on both sides of the aisle, we have students who are on both sides of the aisle, we have faculty.

“So, it’s not something we can ignore, so, we really want to raise the discourse of what you will traditionally hear in a clip on television or a clip on radio in an ad. What we want to be able to do is to embed ourselves into the tradition of a university of research questions and deep, thoughtful answers.

“So, that’s the premise of bringing these leaders to campus,” Dr. Charles explained. POINTE XPRESS

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  1. Good.

    Greedy Grabston must answer for his failures:

    Dozens of failed projects.
    Out of control cost of living that he refuses to tackle.
    Still no water.
    National Housing money burning

    Etc etc…

    • Quite A LaGGA Head…
      A Forum. Inevitable with CHARLES in Charge. Let De UNIVERSE be FED…
      Lets Evolve MeDIEvAL TIMES.
      Whence Lords & Knights
      Complex Wrong & Right
      Diversifying Black & White ” Alike”
      Here & Now You / Two
      Then & Now Red / Blue..
      Disagree to Agree. A& B
      Unified..Mystic 🎤

  2. Look at how Harold is going to show himself up to the loser and record breaking liar that he is. Gaston will wipe the floor up with him. I bet he’ll cancel at the last minute. The UPP knows they don’t want no part of the World Boss.

  3. Amen!!! We have reached a level of mature discourse. Hopefully, the moderator will be able to keep the two combatants on topic and do not allow personal insinuations and rumors to be introduced into the debate.

    Stick to the Facts!

    • @Freetownson…since, it’s being conducted and moderated by the University, then they could, and should have fact checkers to verify, information, if not immediately, then in the follow up debate.

      Additionally, the opposition and media houses can do their #home_work and verify the information provided, by either candidate.


      • Not in the follow up but immediately upon the response of the respondent. No time lag. Whatever question that is asked. The moderator should have the facts and truthful response at their immediate disposal to corroborate or dispel the response.

        Stick to the Facts! Every Antiguan and Barbudan know the conditions that they have been dealing with as a result of this government policies and programs.

        Gaston got his wish to reach the independent voter via this debate. As he could not have done so via an appearance on Observer. I await the topics of debate. Hopefully they will address the decades long plague that have devour the majority in Antigua and Barbuda.

  4. For those of us who might be able to attend…would be carried on all media houses in the country and further a field?
    Guess this time around Observer and Newsco will carry it knowing their esteem leader will battle Gaston Browne.
    Finally we got our wish…A DEBATE!

    • @Not trump- No OMG won’t carry it, ie the part with Gaston in its entirety, because it will aid the ABLP in winning. Afterall its owner has made clear, that nothing that will cause him (and his party) to lose will be allowed

  5. That is an excellent and a sign of the maturing of our politics. Anyone of these two leaders will be leading us in the future and it is fitting that we are able to have discussions with them. Brilliant and I hope we participate at a mature level.


  7. Jumbee_Picknee says, great news. Now, since the University is hosting the debate, will it be #virtual?
    If, it’s #virtual(Twitter, Black Twitter, Facebook, Tic-Toc) will time be allotted for questions from the #virtual audience?

    • From what I understand it’s not a debate as we know it. Gaston on the 31st taking his questions from the panels …then on the 14th Lovell!
      So all you Observer fans..you not going hear Gaston..I’m sure they will record him for their selfish plots.

      • @Not trump…such a format defeats the purpose, of debating. Face to face debating gives everything from composure to body language to eye contact with the audience(s).
        They can employ various formats…

        A…Parliamentary style with time limits and fact checkers!

        B…Moderator(s) from 1 to 4 from various media houses with an audience of first time voters to seniors.

        C…Presentation of Manifesto(timed) with questions from all quarters(timed answers).

        Just don’t speak about it, we have the capacity, to be about it.


      • If this is the format it will defeat the purpose of bringing forward the maturity of political discussion of ideologies. This will be no more than a political rally in a rational environment!

  8. Congratulations Dr.Charles. For years I have ask myself, is the role of a university just to teach maths and physics or whatever else they teach? And I have ask myself these questions because apart from the degree that the students achieve at the end of the program there is nothing else which differentiate a degreed person from one who would not have achieved; no depth, no critical thinking, no behaviour, no ethics, no character, just a degree.

  9. I can’t wait for this one!

    If Harold Lovell plays this debate correctly, and push Gaston Browne into defensive mode and provokes him into anger; arousing; and in-your-face vexing, he will then again show everyone his true colours, like Gassy showed recently to the diaspora in the US.

    Mr Lovell, this debate should be a cakewalk for you, even I would relish taking Gaston Browne apart and pushing his buttons … your so lucky sir. Enjoy and best of the best to you!

    YIPPEE …

  10. … I’ll definitely try to put a pertinent question to the Prime Minister as well – that’s if the powers that be allow me to?!

  11. No water in ARG for youth rally. Bodies a rotten both live bed sores and dead copse in the morgue. Local contractors and supplies especially the picky head Antiguan that the government owe not getting paid, except the politicians, their families, business interest. No proper medical attention- it took so long to bring a specialist her to look about the 14 years old that was struck in the head yet we fly Michael Brown to Cayman Island for a fake heart attack. Just because he felt a tightness in the chest because the ebooks money he wasted and kick backs/ finders fee coming to light and you know Gastón was going to throw him under the bus .

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