Supervisor of Elections told to get ready for general elections

Lorna Simon

Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet has also instructed the Supervisor of Elections to make the arrangements to purchase ballot paper, to acquire all other supplies necessary to conduct free and fair elections.


And to ensure that all human and material resources required to hold flawless elections are available to the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission in quick order.


The Cabinet took a decision, acting under The Antigua and Barbuda Constitution Order 1981, to establish an Election Boundaries Commission consisting of four commissioners, three of whom are to be named by the Government and one by the Opposition.


The Government’s three Commissioners include: Hilroy Humphreys (Chairman), Garfield Christopher (Member), and Ivor Ford (Member).


The Opposition is invited to nominate one member.



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    • You DON’T HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE in Antigua!

      In Antigua, it is either labor or labor…. You’ve been conned by them way too long.

      Come on business sector, step up to the plate and sacrifice a short period of your time for the good of our country. The people need a viable conservative, capitalist option.

      • You joking, right! Antigua don’t want no “conservative, capitaliist option” Yes, this is a Labour-based country ever since we kicked the colonialists out of this precious land. The philosophy of the nation is Black Democratic Socialism in the social democratic/labour tradition. POWER TO THE WORKERS. POWER TO THE LABOURING MASSES. Yes, ABLP and UPP were both raised up in that tradition. The so-called “consiservative capitalist option” is the screwed up world of Donald Trump and his little Trumpers. May the red flag of international labour, social democracy and progressive Black democratic
        socialism fly here for a hundred years. The ancestors are watching.

        • Sekunda X,
          The country was founded in 1981… 40 years ago now.
          What has LABOR GOVERNMENT done for the LABORER in all that time?
          You still don’t have unemployment benefits. You are hard pressed to pay the pensioners on time and you have to create a bloated government work force to ensure your reelections. Not what I’d call a success story.

          Since you mentioned Trump, if he were TOP DOG here, he would make a BIGLY success out of Antigua real quick. First he would CLEAN HOUSE of ALL your corrupt politicians. Then he would then bring in small manufacturing to create jobs. He would create a certified apprentice program for skill labor with work/study programs for schools. He’d open the country up as a DUTY FREE ZONE and he’d stop the government from competing with local businesses. Oh yeah, he’d cut the government work farce by 75%.

  1. There is a global pandemic yet:

    1. The ABLP administration ensured every civil servant to this day received their FULL SALARY.
    2. Pensioners continue to be paid irrespective of the fiscal challenges.
    3. Your children continue to get a quality education.
    4. The government has cautiously ensured the economy remained open so there can be some activity. Tourism which is our business should see an uptick in the coming weeks.
    5. The government has sought to ensure you remain protected based on the recommendation of WHO/PAHO.

    Need I say more why ABLP remains the better option especially in trying times like these?

  2. Has any of the opposition parties sent people for the TRAINING in ELECTION FORENSIC AUDITING practices yet? The GOLD STANDARD procedures being used in Maricopa County, Arizona (USA) are transparent and ensure fair elections.

    I urge oppression parties in Antigua to send people there for training in what to look out for and how to conduct a transparent forensic audit.

  3. This time around, elections won´t come like a ´thief in the night´because the UPP already launched their full slate of candidates. What about the DNA

  4. “Elections Coming”

    Covid 19 elections coming. It’s time to sweep all the scamps out. ALP for prosperity, but only for goat and donkey…

  5. This is a BS story as Labour Party will NOT call any election any time soon. Economy down, Gaston unpopular, people unemployed. Pretty soon Gaston will not be able to pay civil servants. Unless he trying to get an election called before he lays off government workers. He hoping to get their vote before he sends them home unemployed.

    • Is that you Harold Lovel? Are you ready to get another ass whooping
      WON 2
      LOST 7
      LOST 7
      LOST 7
      LOST 7
      LOST 7
      When you get another beating next election, will you finally hang up your shoes and exit BRUISE, BATTERED, SHIPWRECKED and KICKED TO THE CURB LIKE A CHEATING EX??

      • It’s sad, “Really”, but you are right, totally correct. They need a new leader. One wonders if he enjoys being kicked to the curb? It’s so strange. The people has spoken. The guy is a has been politically.

  6. Another top dawg deception, UPP don’t be fooled he begging CDB $50 million election campaign money. Wait what happen to these old comrades in top position, them want die in office. I read somewhere that the top dawg was going to Parliament to change the age limit for the supervisor of election. We need to start a campaign for these minions to retire. I remember this comment by the top dawg “we put you there to do our bidding” at age 72 and 75 a wha sweet so in the electoral commission office my God make room for young people. Go home and pray to your God, politician minions go home.


      It sounds like you are crying…..You are RESPONSIBLE for throwing UPP in the DUST BIN. No use crying now.Save your tears for after election 2023. You will get your A*****S KICK.
      Knight have you seen the most recent POLLS ?

      ABLP leading in all POLLS. Knight save your tears.
      Are you off the Radio Air waves for ever?

  7. Only supporters of a Political Party could be on this Boundaries Commission? There are many smart persons inna Antigua and Barbuda.Who could be on that Commission and do well.
    Ivor Ford on the Election Boundaries Commission? Could that be the reason he was calling into Gaston’s Station and kissing up to him,weekly. Labor Party over the years have always taken care of their Comrades. Hilroy Humphreys is still relevant. Joke of the decade. If my memory serves me correctly. He was sentenced and pardoned by a Labor Administration. He is on West Indies Oil Board. How many so called jobs is he one man going to get. While many Antiguans and Barbudans are starving for work. There is also a Maria Vanessa Browne on West Indies Oil Board of Directors. Is this the Member of Parliament,Maria Browne? Wife of the Prime Minister,Gaston Browne.


    You are a REAL FOOL. I thought You were hiding. UPP DO NOT want you back on radio.You are a DISASTER .
    The results for ELECTION 2023 as follows.

    ABLP. 17. SEATS

    UPP. 00. SEAT

    DNA. . 00 SEAT

    BARBUDA. .00. SEAT.


  9. We live in nothing else than a Democratic Dictature! Everything around you gives you the feeling that you have a choice and a voice. The fact is quite the contrary. This is what white fox call “banana republic”…pathetic that some of us think that ALP or ABLP is the answer! Rather have UPP any day, even if I don’t like the leader.

    • Right on Concerned Citizen!
      Great word choice… Democratic Dictature and yes it is pathetic.
      I agree with you. I’d rather have a corrupt UUP rather than a despotic ABLP rulership.

      Is there anyone in Antigua that still revers the constitution and loves our people?


    UPP…DNA (is that party even relevant ) wet your hands WE READY WE READY AND WE WILL WIN…



  11. Jtruth cant save USE.ESS UPP with his hate ignorance and HIS MANY PERSONALITIES….


  12. @ Where are my FRIENDS CHARLESWORTH TABOR and DESERT ROSE ? Stop.Hiding. Elections around the corner. Let’s hear your views.

      • @JUST SAYING
        I totally in agreement with you. UPP better RE-NEGOTIATE a new contract with TABOR and DESERT ROSE. UPP get that RETAINER going. You will need these Guys to spread PROPAGANDA for the election.

  13. It was Anthony Stuart who let it be known that Lovell isn’t fit to be PM. It’s just a little wish he has – much like little girls wanting to be a princess

  14. Listening to the ABLP’s rhetoric and propaganda reminds me of other socialist leaders like Hitler, and Stalin. Sorry guys, I no longer believe your lies.

    The ABLP crowd running our country today have shown us who they REALLY are, DICTATORS!

  15. The Labour government wants four boundary commissioners but want three from labour and one from the opposition. Why isn’t it an equal number from each party so there is unbiased consideration? It appears to me that the government wants to fix the boundaries to benefit themselves. The opposition should not participate unless there is equal representation from all parties. Why do politicians think they have to name the commissioners?
    Sorry but the way labour operates, there has to be some ulterior motive at play here.

  16. Lady, looks like you have returned to work your magic for another Labor victory. One day you will stop, then you will lie in bed and your conscience will bother you. And your doings will catch up with you. And this will start as you begin to look for ways to get into God’s good books.
    But that will be very hard because you have been doing some wrong things that has caused the nation a lot of pain. Then you will toss and turn in your bed because you can’t sleep. And in your old age the little men with the pitchfork will be in your head and you will not be able to sleep well. And you will scream and beg God to forgive you for the wrong things you done, but it will be too late.
    And just like how the other one pants fall off in public when he went to receive something he did not deserve, you will have things falling off of you. You think God nice? You will go out bawling like a banshee for all the wrong things you did to the people of this nation in Labor Party name. Go ahead. Play with God

  17. JUST SAYING and ERIC (THE RED) if I was given a $1 for evertime you guys call my name I would be as millionaire and do not need a retainer. Anyway, sorry to disappoint you, unlike the ALP the UPP do not pay supporters to propagandize on their behalf. The UPP has genuine supporters who only want the best for this country and speak out against the ills and malfeasance that presently exist with the current administration. Sometimes I wonder how much you guys are paid for your work as defenders of the FAILED EXPERIMENT as someone dubbed this government.


    I am happy to hear from you TABOR. You still with your DECEPTION???????. I would spare you my prediction for 2023 election at this moment.

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