ABEC reiterates the integrity of the Transfer Process following statements made by PM Browne


Thursday 20th April 2023: The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) wishes to dispel any allegations being hurled at the Commission as it relates to the Transfer Process.

This follows statements made by the Hon. Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for the St. John’s City West Constituency, the Hon. Gaston Browne on the “Browne and Browne” radio show on Saturday 15th April 2023.

The Commission aired its concerns at its meeting on Wednesday 19th April, 2023 and believes that it is critical for persons to understand how the transfer process works and overall the integrity of the procedures carried out by its officers.

The Commission wishes to reiterate that if a person has moved from one area (constituency) to another and resides at that new address for six months and over, the law (Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2002, section (6) dictates that the applicant seeks a transfer of the registration.

This application for transfer may be done at the Registration Unit in the new Constituency of residence or the former one, where the registration initially took place.

At the Registration Unit, applicants will indicate to ABEC’s Registration Personnel, that they are seeking an application to be transferred in the new constituency.

Persons may be asked a number of questions to further validate the process such as proof of address and contact information. Please note that residency verification may also take place (this process also involves the SCRUTINEERS – representatives from both political parties.

The necessary paperwork will then be compiled and the applicant will be given a receipt of the application. The application will then be submitted to the Head Office for further processing. The applicant is advised to secure the receipt, which must be presented upon receiving a call from the Head Office.

The application is then published on The List C (persons who no longer qualify to be on the register in a said constituency or whose information has been altered).

The List C is published monthly and forms part of the claims and objections period for the particular month (31 days), after the last day of the registration for the previous month.

After the Claims and Objections period has ended, once there are no objections to the application for transfer, the elector will be called by the Head Office to complete the process, which will be validated with the applicant’s fingerprint.

The elector’s name will then appear on the publication of the next Preliminary List or the Register of Electors.

ABEC welcomes the interest displayed by the public in all processes involved in electoral matters and is committed to protecting and advancing the cause for democracy in Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. All that is well and good but that’s not what the PM suggested he did. ABEC has not addressed his claim that he transferred people to help other candidates. If that was done, can the ABEC address Mr. Bruce Goodwin’s concerns? Research the transfers and identify If anyone was indeed transferred without living at the new address for less than six months. Everything else is not relevant.

  2. Hopefully for the next General Election in Antigua, voters should be allowed to bring along a valid passport (photo ID) and something with their current address on (and no longer than 3 months old).

    Then we’ll see if the ABLP SCRAPE through again.

  3. Thanks for such pertinent information…! UPP are trying every trick in the book to blind fold the masses & to makes persons believe that Honourable Gaston Browne is involved in wrong doing….. Each member of UPP needs prayer and at the sametime to look in the mirror and cleanse who they see there

    • @ Bluddy Bloke……you are not just a joke, but a fool.

      how can the UPP make ‘persons believe that Honourable Gaston is involved in wrong doing’, when GASTON BROWN HIMSELF ADMIT THAT HE HAS DONE WRONG IN ORDER TO WIN THE ELECTION……obviously you have not HEARD THE RECORDING, or pretending not to.

      Up to the time you hear the words coming out of the PM’s mouth you are still defending the indefensible!!! SHAME SHAME AND JOKE

    • You are a kunt and a half a wet one to please listen to what the PM said I don’t think you will write these 🐕 dog shit

    • I don’t know if you are male or female and I really don’t care but I know for a fact that you are a child,capable of being lead by cheats,fools and lunatics. If by chance you do have children, I’m awfully sorry for them.

  4. He said it, he said it….that’s all that is all…now it is up to you, The Electoral Commission to see if Gaston Alphonso aka “PM of Antigua and Barbuda”utterances on “RUM SHOP” radio are true. If they are! Then the commission has a duty to nullify the election and reiterate to PM that he must dissolve Parliament, notify the GG(an Alphabet Man), and call upon you;The Electoral Commission to prepare for a snap election. On the date set by the PM within SIXTY DAYS of doing so.

    An easier way is at the next sitting of of the Lower House of Parliament. A member need to rise up and call for a Vote of no Confidence in the “PM.”

    Action time….

    • We don’t need no new election with Gaston’s government and this ABEC in charge. They done prove to us that they are a bunch of fraudsters. We need Gaston charged, and he and his accomplices jailed.

    • @ Audley Beef Joseph: Beef, you sound very grieved……. I wonder why? Is it that things are not going your way politically? Just a simple question ask.

    • @Audley Dave Joseph(Beef)…and, how does shutting up the A.B.E.C., helps #democracy and Free & Fair Elections, by burying their heads under Redonda, while the rest of their body’s firmly planted, on #Boggy_Peak?

      Politics in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA(very important for nautical miles, air space etc), always have certain aspects, of #gangsterism to a take, on the Italian #Cosa_Nostra, however, this #Next_Level of the political culture in our Nation is teetering, on #dictatorship. It’s as visible as a rainbow 🌈seen from standing, on #The Indian looking SSW.
      It’s no wonder many in the Nation are arming themselves with guns and ammo. Unfortunately, as the “monkey see, monkey do” syndrome roots go deeper in Our Culture, the elderly, the less fortunate are usually the ones most affect.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg 🦶🏿Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  5. The PM put ABEC on the backfoot and in a terrible position. The PM is known to choose his words carefully when he speaks
    ABEC attempt to sugar coat and put dressing on his words is laughable. The Prime Minister knows what he was saying.

  6. ABEC, thanks for letting us know what should have happened. Will you investigate what Gaston said he did? Because if you don’t, Gaston will be viewed in the eyes of the world as not a democratically elected leader, but a fraudster.

    • Here’s some more appropriate descriptions of Gaston Browne @ Asking:

      Flim flam man; illywhacker; shyster; bunco artist and double-crosser.

      And there’s more:

      Bilk; cozener; deceiver; charlatan and trickster.

      My personal favourite is the FLIM FLAM MAN … there’s a certain ring of truth about it 😁

  7. ABEC must be truthful with their claims. I can recall that the Final Voter’s List with the various transfers in the different constituencies was published a few days just before the January 18th 2023 General Elections. Hence there wasn’t enough time for claims and objections to be held. It is all well and good that ABEC explain in details what the procedure is in transferring an electorate from one constituency to another should be but the question is ‘Did it happen that way?’ We all know that election date was announced by PM Browne in mid December 2022 for elections to be held one month later the following month. Come on ABEC we all are not fools!!!

  8. One can recall there was a debate about ABEC and it’s lawyers whether calculating the time legally allowed (excluding the public holidays) before the Final List can be published before the General Elections.

  9. There must be an independent investigation into Gaston Browne and ABEC. because if what Gaston said did’nt happen, he should be in Clareview.

  10. What ever is good to stop Diarrhea. Gaston Browne needs to take it like yesterday. For in my opinion he suffers from Diarrhea of the mouth. He says thinks on Saturdays,that is mind boggling to me as the Prime Minister of the Nation. He surely embarrassed himself,the Nation and ABEC as a whole. That Radio Station owned by you would become your Waterloo.

  11. ABEC you guys are waisting your time to try and educate these UPP people. They are too dunce to comprehend even simple maths. Remember they claimed the Africans came here to vote. Now that it over they are looking for another straw to hold on to. Cannot help themselves.

  12. @Sidelines: You say they are too dunce. I say,you guys are so bright and knows it all. So why the Country is in such a desperate financial downward plunge. Next Level,Brokeness.Next Level,Bankruptcy,Old Farts.

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