ABEC Chairman John Jarvis Leads Tributes To National Stalwart Ivor Ford

ABEC’s Chairman, John Jarvis

“Ivor Ford Was A Giant” – ABEC Chairman John Jarvis Leads Tributes To National Stalwart

Tributes have poured in for Ivor Forde, who has died at the age of 78.

The stalwart in several areas of national life, including culture and the arts, died at a nursing home Friday afternoon.

He had recently been discharged from hospital. Ford had been a member of the Boundaries Commission up until the point of his death.

Among those leading the tributes is chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission, John Jarvis, who called Ford “my real brethren” and “more than my best friend.” Jarvis also hailed Ford as a “phenomenal guy who was very much under-rated.”

Ford is remembered for his pioneering role in several areas of culture.

He played an integral role in ‘Brothers from across the Waters’, the first album for Ambassador Rupert ‘Baba’ Blaize, as well as Calypso Joe’s first album.

He is also being hailed as an instrumental figure in the first recording of the Combined School Choir at the Methodist Church in the 1970s, in addition to his part in the development and evolution of the Youth Rally and Festival of Choirs.

He had been a stenographer at the High Court and also served as Assistant General Secretary of the Progressive Labour Movement, PLM.

In his later years, Ford had been immersed in the establishment of the Lavongel Foundation, which was seeking to crystalize key junctures in the nation’s development for succeeding generations.

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  1. What the public wants to hear from you is why you let ABEC do all those illegal things it did during the elections.

    Some of you have a lot of talk outside and as soon as you join them you become another facilitator. Talking about Ivor is safe, so, HERE’S JOHNNY!!!!!

    In the words of one of our political leaders, YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to commemorate Ivor Forde’s lifetime achievements in some lasting way?

    Here’s an idea:

    As many of us know the late queen Elizabeth’s face is still portrayed on the bank notes of EC$ Dollar, wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture to replace her with a lasting image of our own Ivor Forde?

    And why not?

    How fitting for a man of the people who loved his country.

    • @Brixtonian. That’s a decision for the ECCB, not for the government of Antigua and Barbuda. The design of the currency, a regional currency, cannot be determined by any single government. Furthermore, while Ivor Forde has made valuable contributions to Antigua and Barbuda, his impact on the OECS is probably minimal. If you ask the average person from any other OECS territory who is Ivor Forde and what his legacy is, I am sure they will look at you with a blank stare because they probably have not even heard the name before. For that reason, it is HIGHLY unlikely that his image will ever appear on any EC banknote.

      • Please just allow that fool to continue make himself into an idiot. He clearly doesn’t know his head from his rear end and thinks writing all this long half ass essay will make him appear intelligent.

        • Do you have an opinion on the matter @ Chupes, or do you rely on vacuous and unintelligible announcements?

          Seems so … 😁

          Try and engage nah man – if you can, that is!

  3. BTW, why is Cabinet meeting and members who have not yet been sworn in taking important decisions that will affect the nation? Isn’t this illegal?

    And Chaku and the UPP people, stop asking bright questions about this and other irregularities and do something about it. You know they don’t have legal power, so contest it. File whatever you have to file and keep at it. That is what Labour would do to you. Stop the damn plenty talking and act.

    You all too MAKE ME SICK!

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