ABDF Honours Officers For Long Service To The Organization


Officers of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force and government officials gathered recently to celebrate three Officers of the Force with combined years of service of over ninety-six (96) years.

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne joined Chief of Defence Staff Colonel Sir Trevor Thomas and other Officers in honouring Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Croft, Lieutenant Colonel Iver J. Walker and Major Mikyla D. Frederick, for their contributions of thirty-four, thirty-seven and twenty-five years respectively of distinguished service to the ABDF.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Gaston Browne commended the three Officers for giving themselves selflessly to the nation through their service in the ABDF.  He said that the three Officers stand as ideal examples of what it means to be of service to country.

Chief of Defence Staff, Colonel Sir Trevor Thomas commended the Officers for their dedication to the organization and for molding scores of young men and women into some of the most patriotic  individuals in our society.

All three Officers were presented with tokens of appreciation during the event.




        Three honorees;
        (i) ‘…Lt. Col. Edward Croft
        (ii) …Lt. Col. Iver Walker; and
        (iii) …Major Mikyla Frederick.’

      • LMAO! Trevor Walker join Defense Force? Since when? Wasn’t Iver Walker kicked out of immigration and “seconded” to the DF?


      It is time to effect change to the ‘…Colonial Legacy and Mentally’ in honoring people simply because they have been, or were in an organization ‘…LONGER’ than the time Noah had taken to build the Ark.

      What of the distinguished services they would have ‘…patriotically; …dedicatedly; …professionally and selfishly rendered?’

      What of honoring persons for ‘…Meritorious Service?’

      Seems more in keeping with their status, dignity and worth.

      Congratulatory messages are deferred until they are formally recognized on ‘…Merit’ than for ‘…LONG SERVICE.’

  1. Congrats to all, but what happen to the regular men and women who have also service more than thirty years? some are there from 1981 and before, is it because they are not officers. or plans are in place them too.

  2. It is sad when persons like Mr. Pompey thinks along the line of desisting of giving awards for longevity…… longevity speaks well of an individual…. Its speaks of contentment, discipline, stability and dedication…. Hence, these factors should not be overlooked…… Let us not forget that each member of an organization has a role to play and furthermore, creates a link in that organizational chain, inspite of their position….. Remember Sir, all horses do not run alike but each one adds value to that race.

    • Longevity does NOT nevessarily mean “contentment”

      A couple can “celebrate” 40 years of “marriage” but were those years of mostly “contentment”? Some couples are living like “roommates” going through the motion, but not getting a divorce. You can “put up with” any situation not because you’re necessarily “content” but for other reasons.

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