ABDF Says It Cooperated with Police in Investigation into the murder of Bruce Greenaway

Front Row (seated L-R): CSM K Joseph, Commanding Officer 1ABR Major T Lake, Course Officer BRC 01/2020 Lieutenant J Cannonier, RSM K Edwards. Front Row Standing (R): SSGT L Grant, CPO R Meade, Cpl K Phillip, Pte George (Medic). Standing (L): L/Cpl Riley, L/Cpl Daley, L/Cpl Meade, PFC Appleton. Center: New Recruits (Dark Green uniform) — at ABDF Crabbs Training Area.

The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, (ABDF) on Saturday morning turned over to the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPAB) three of its personnel who were subsequently arrested and charged with the murder of Bruce Greenaway.

The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force has given its full cooperation to the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda in this matter and is satisfied, that to date, the rights of the individuals have been upheld.

The ABDF stands firm by its core values of discipline and integrity and is committed to seeing the judicial system exercised.  We expect that the individuals will be allowed due process under our system of natural justice and we await the outcome of the judicial process.

The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force however notes with concern that the ABDF personnel alleged to be involved in this matter have been tried in the court of social media and public opinion.  We strongly believe that the public must allow for due process to take its course.

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  1. If the public didn’t speak it would of been covered up. NO ONE should get away of murder . NO ONE !

  2. “The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force however notes with concern that the ABDF personnel alleged to be involved in this matter have been tried in the court of social media and public opinion.”

    I always wondered why people post this kind of dumb comment.
    People are not send to prison for 1 or 30 years after blabla on, “… social media and public opinion”. Cases of this nature follow due process where the Judge/Jury hear the arguments presented from both sides then decisions are handed down base on the facts and guidelines.

    I never went to law school, but from since I was 7 years old I keep hearing, “the last person seen with” when it related to homicides and disappearances. Mind you, they did not just detain the “last persons seen with”. The investigators took their time, did the investigation then, make the arrest base on findings, we assume.

    When I was much older than 7 years I learned that it is easier to find guilt when investigating more than one persons for the same crime. “…conflicting stories” that does not add up.

    Here this:
    The victim allegedly was walking along the road.
    The victim was allegedly seen in police/soldiers custody.
    The next day, the victim was not in any jail cell. And it is alleged that there was no record in the police book about any arrest the previous night.
    The victim was never seen alive again after he was allegedly seen in the police/soldiers custody.

    From since I was about 7 years old I heard the saying, “…three persons, but a one God”. Or something like that.
    In this case, the lone “God”, a female office from the the ABPF.
    The three persons, are all soldiers from a different entity, the ABDF.
    Base on the autopsy revelation…., who is most likely to strangle a big strong man? A male or a female?
    I know about the part exactly like in the George Floyd case. If it really happened and she was there.
    I am just painting the picture of how much punch this “God” has going into this case.

    Mr. Rolston Pompey, will we see the “God” with here own lawyer, in her own corner testifying against the “three persons”?
    Mr. Rolston Pompey, will we see colleagues of the “God” “her disciples” from the ABPF pushing her in this direction?
    Mr. Rolston Pompey, what is the brotherhood like between the ABDF and ABPF? Even if you shirk the previous questions, please answer this one.

    I think I was about 7 years old when I first saw a tog-of-war between the ABDF and the ABPF. The rope was not so fat back then. That one was a peaceful event without any riffs. But boy, the ABDF men was flexing their huge biceps/tricepts protruding below those rough rolled up shirt sleeves. It appear that they pumped a lot of iron because back then they were not well fed like they do today.

    Will the competitive tog-of-war be peaceful here after?


      Might be on same wavelength.

      Never for a moment, believed;

      (i) …This ‘Female Soldier/Accused’ had active participation in this heinous crime.

      (ii) …Believed she knew or saw what may have happened;

      (iii) …May have followed ‘Bad legal advice’ and remained silent;

      (iv)…Me, lawyer, soldier or Police, ‘Spilling the darn beans.’

      (v) …At trial still has option to ‘Spill the beans;

      (vi) …Runs risk of being indicted an ‘Accessory After the Fact.’

      This means going with other accused to ‘…dispose of the body.’

      There is also the ‘Common Law’ offence of ‘…Misprision of a Felony.’

      This means ‘…having knowledge that the crime was committed and fail to report it.

      There is still another possible offence ‘Conspiracy with others Known.’

      This means that all four accused agreed to ‘Kill the deceased and conceal his body.’

      This case is hinged on ‘Circumstantial Evidence.’

      Strongest Proofs;
      (i) …Detention;

      (ii) …Custody.’

      (iii) …Death;(Pathologist’s Cause-Strangulation).

      What the hell happened thereafter, is left to a ‘…properly directed Jury drawing reasonable inferences.’

      Trial Judge will give directions.

      Must be fair, though.

      From personal knowledge ‘…good working relationship between the ‘Military and Civil Powers.’

      Excellent ‘…Inter-agency cooperation.’

      Don’t know ‘ah darn thing else.’

      • I would not dare say, that I saw this case coming! However, what I had coming was Words, from wise and scholarly minds which indicates, that the Defense Force in its present form, does not give the Nation, Value For Monies spent

  3. Charge all a dem with the same thing. Murder. The age difference between these 4 says it all. It’s obvious who was in charge. But all ah dem have enough time to come forward and talk, which they didn’t. Disgrace to both uniforms.

  4. Why they just don’t tell the truth of what really happened and stop waste court time and taxpayers dollars. If you did it then take your punishment like men and woman. God sees what had happened.

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