Abandoned Properties Could Face Auction Block In New Clean Up Drive


Abandoned properties that give streets and communities a disheveled and untidy look, and pose a security and a health threat to neighbours are to be auctioned, the government has said.

The Cabinet announced following its weekly meeting that it is formulating a plan to rid the urban communities and villages of abandoned properties that pose a health hazard and a security risk to neighbours.

The Cabinet says the Attorney General to have draft legislation readied by March 2020 to be taken to Parliament.

The legislation would allow the Inland Revenue Department to serve Notices of Property Tax Defaults on the last-known address of the owner of each identified property, and to threaten a forced sale to recover the outstanding tax liability.

The Tax Default Notice will go out six times in a six-month period and will also be published in a newspaper, in order to give adequate notice.

Owners who fail to respond will have their property auctioned, and new owners will be required to keep clean the property.

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  1. I trust this includes vacant lands that are left up to become mini forests and habitats for African snails. Too many land speculators just purchasing plots and then leaving them up to their neighbors to maintain.

  2. I’m happy PM Browne is focusing Antigua on being clean, tidy and organized. We can become the ‘Singapore of the Caribbean’ if we truly focus on this and follow-through. The rich people of the world like to live in clean, tidy and safe countries. Our per-person wealth can go to USD $40,000 per year if we play things the right way.

  3. I agree. Too many property and land owners leave them unattended which devalue those who put in the effort time and money to keep their property in good order. Next to Target is auto mechanics and auto body repair shops

  4. It’s another example of the People’s Government at work. Antigua is blessed to have such leadership. This is the New Antigua. Old things are passing away… Papa would be proud.

  5. Totally agreed these properties if we can call them are EYE SORES its about time they did this ….

    When antiguans living in usa england canada urope union buys land and leave dnt clean them start cleaning them and charge dem for it….

  6. I think this is a great idea. It will help everyone especially the younger generation to own land since it so expensive to purchase a piece of land in Antigua. It will also help the economy and clean up the island as well

  7. good ideas, :)As an Italian transferred to Antigua, I am only happy with how the proposal was made … maybe I could buy a small land at an appropriate price … also that clean would be a paradise 🙂 thanks for hosting me I love ANtigua

  8. Does the property include both land and structure? I hope in the process too many wealthy non nationals do not purchase the properties and deny nationals from owning a piece of the rock. Would sales be opened to nationals only or both? Great idea and initiative!

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