A&B Customs Increase Security Protocol Against Dominicans Visiting The Island


The Customs and Excise Division in Antigua and Barbuda has initiated protocol safety measures in light of the recent events in Dominica.

The measures follow days of protest and fights between law enforcement and civilians in Dominica, regarding electoral reform and cleaning the voters list. Protestors had given His Excellency President Charles Savarin until 3 pm on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019, to postpone Nomination Day and to address their concerns.

Many residents in Dominica are worried over the violent rhetoric which has been spurred by upcoming elections in the country. Many fear continued protests and possible riots approaching the December 6th election and after.

According to a memo dated November 19th 2019 addressed to Customs officers, all passengers and goods coming out of Dominica via all ports of entry including Transit Shed, DWH, Air Cargo Shed or baggage section must be subject to 100 percent examination.

Comptroller of Customs in Antigua and Barbuda, Raju Boddu, says he could not share the exact reason for the heightened security but disclosed that the riots in Dominica could be a contributing factor.

Boddu cleared the air saying that the department was not preventing anyone from traveling to and from Antigua and Barbuda, but said: “We have many brothers and sisters from CARICOM living here, including Dominicans, and their safety and security is very much our business.”

“We are not stopping anybody coming and we are very much aware of the protocols regarding the movement of persons and goods. We are not averse to any of our CARICOM brothers and sisters; we’re all one,” he added.

It is not clear how long these measures will be maintained, but according to Boddu, “as the situation improves and as the community of border security agencies keep talking, we will know exactly when to stop it and to ease up”.




  1. Yet up to this day, not a word on the attempted assassination of on of his senior customs officer. Why he dont continue to eat the cheese

    • Did you not listen to the news? He commented on it. He also said it is in the hands of the police. His focus is on investigating the corruption.

  2. Only now this man can talk, we need to escort him to the Airport, Antiguañs wake up, we have have to much gadgets in high offices

  3. Which brothers n sisters this man talking about? Is he from a Caricom country? Must be his brothers n sisters from India he talking bout. He need to look into the shooting of the custom investigator and keep out a Dominica business. Antiguan need to be more like them so we can get answer from the PM n AG.

  4. Not even a side note about the customs officer that was shot.

    Nothing about increased security for other investigators.

    He only care about his Indian brothers and sisters in Dominica and Antigua….

    • Native born Antiguans and Barbudans will end up like the Native Americans if we don’t come together as native and take back our country. We are losing it little-by-little each day.
      If the PM and AG want to bring people here to cross trained us, one year contract is enough for them. We are educated people and we can learn in less than a year. Mr. Boddu time is long overdue and he need to go now.

    • Exactly and coming out we rubbish we need to know who shot the custom officer now his sister die the said broker should be hold accountable for that shooting God not sleeping the shooter will soon come to light.

  5. I am so disappointed with that Indian man one of his staff got shot and nothing was said and you talking shit bout do this and that when Dominican come to Antigua like really. You need to find the people behind the shooting of your worker. And you and others know who shot Benji. The broker wife on social media chatting shit but when she and she friends and them bragging and boasting of what them have not knowing them a rob the country. One day the bucket bottom going to drop out.
    To the AG sports minister your day coming to an end soon are you to wicked

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