‘A useless lot’-QC dismisses Bar Association

Watt speaking on Pointe FM with host Colin O' Neal

Sir Gerald Watt QC today dismissed the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association and the Bar Council for taking issue with statements he made about a recent court ruling.

The senior lawyer said the injunction in the Barbuda Airport case was “madness” and criticised what he said was a poor judgment.

More than a week after making the comments, the Bar Association responded by labelling the comments, especially the use of the word “madness,” as “unfortunate” and “troubling” comments.

But the senior lawyer used the same radio station,  Pointe FM, to reject the Bar Council.

He called them a “sleeping organisation,” adding that they have failed to “come to the assistance of the general public who have a difficulty with the way the system may be working.”

“I consider them a useless lot because the president who I know well. I have nothing against him but if you want to attack me remember I am not taking it.”

Watt said he has a right to criticise  “a decision of any court as long as I have the reasoning..and the way I do it I am not disrespectful to the judge.”

The lawyer for more than 50 years says he has on many occasions come to the defence of the court when the Bar Association was silent.

“And truth be told, anyone following my career knows that I have on numerous occasions, come to the defence of the courts when the bar association has been silent.

For example, when Gisele Isaac criticised the Court of Appeal when she was speaker. She took offence with the court in the time they took to give a decision with regards to the elections.

Where was the Bar Council? I am the one who went on ZDK and defend the Court of Appeal.”

Sir Gerald says he was standing behind the reasoning for his criticism which is that the judge never allowed the other side to be heard.

He said if the association had a problem with the word madness they should just say so.

“It doesn’t need a long parade to say that you shouldn’t use the word.

I have been talking my mind since Grammar School. I wonder if they don’t know that. I wonder if they don’t know I can’t be intimidated by anybody,” he added.

He said the word madness was only used to describe the judgement and not the court or the judge.

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  1. The old fart needs to get off the radio and repent to his creator. Your time is up you are trying to hard to gain respect. Sir you have lost your morning and now you trying to hard to gain your night. Look how the Puppet Master have you, only for a few dollars more. If you don’t know conflict of interest let me explain to you, you are the appointed speaker and still your law firm getting legal work from the administration that appointed you to the house. You a nyam from all corners of your mouth. Maybe I should say you wearing to many hats. “Poor Antigua” when people who are lawyer for 50 years and don’t understand conflict of interest.

    • Mr. Editor I would urge you to not let your website reach the kind of level I have seen on the OMG Website. Please sensor all this personal attacks on people’s character and name callings. If they have nothing to contribute to the discussion do not provide them with a platform. If they want to say something person to someone without remaining incognito they can go directly to the person and face the music. Please keep your website to a higher standard.

    • @Knight in Shining Armour- Are we Referring to the same Gerald Watt here? Could not be,from the moment you mentioned ” Lost his Morning” i realize we are definitely not referring to the same Gerald Watt..You cant be serious.

  2. Sir Gerald has made the strongest case why we should not vote for the CCJ to date. He made a very strong argument to support his poor choice of words that at one point even the host was convinced that we are not ready for CCJ that the host asked Sir Gerald “all that you are saying it does not mean we should not vote for CCJ”? His response was oh not at all. And the discussion was not about CCJ.


    Sir Gerald is ‘…Perfectly Right.’

    Instead of chiding him for his crude
    and contemptuous behavior, they
    came out with ‘…lukewarm sentiments’
    with lessons as to the manner attorneys
    shall conduct themselves.’

    Sir Gerald is aware of these and needs no
    refresher courses or reminders, neither from
    the President of the Bar Association nor its members.

    However, still maintain that he was unruly, callous
    and reckless in his unjustified and unprovoked tirade
    against the female Judge.

  4. Jerry What? He is a old fart. No relevance whatsoever. Gaston have you folded in his pocket like a cheap washrag. Go in peace you old fart. Lester must be laughing at you, jackass.

  5. Twice I have posted a comment regarding a court ruling of the Bar Association in Barbados and my comment doesn’t seen to be posted. I would really like to know why Mr. Editor.

  6. Guess some of you here will remain young forever.. The thing is the old fart as he is been described by some can clearly wrap some of you around his little finger-The fact that his age is been stressed upon simply shows the denseness of those who are doing so..Only a truly Ignorant person do not respect age..

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