A matter of neglect, disrespect and abandonment in St. Peter, Asot Michael says


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  1. Why is this old guy still getting any press? I’m beginning to think he might be an agent for the opposition. His time in Parliament is rapidly coming to an end. The people of St. Peter seem to no longer support the guy. They jus waiting to see who the next ABLP candidate will be. The old guy is simply aging out, and is from another time. It’s sad to watch

  2. I have no opinion on the St. Peter’s situation in particular, but I wonder why so many MP’s seem to want to build “Community Centres” furnished with donated computers etc when those funds and facilities are needed elsewhere. When I see these massive structures, I think of the community schools that still need new buildings and wings. When I hear of computers being donated to such centres, I wonder if every school already has a state of the art computer lab that allows all the children to be trained in IT. If so, I wonder why the funds are not being used to imiprove the internet infrastructure at the schools and in communities islandwide. A donated computer without good internet is as useful as a rock.

    Did anyone ask for such centres to be constructed anyway?
    If people want to socialize in a community, they can just chat at their neighbour’s gate or have a (socially distant) block party or organise other fun community events. Going to a centre seems like rather an artificial way to live.
    Kids should be trained on computers at school. If they need access after hours, the school’s library can provide that. Adults can always take one of the many affordable private classes around. Until every school has great IT facilities, I don’t see the purpose of these centres…. E.g. some schools barely have functional printers available at the moment.
    If the elderly need activities to partake of, a much cheaper community garden/park would be more useful – only empty land and a couple of bathrooms required – no million dollar building needed. Imagine a nice community park with walkways, flowers, benches, open areas to play some games. Members of the community can maintain it themselves. E.g. the seniors can even get a plot of their own to garden. Fresh air and sunshine – much healthier for them than being stuck inside a building…

    • If we really must have some (small) “Community Centres, it might be most useful to have them hosting more artisan classes such as basket weaving, hammock making, pottery, modern cabinetry/wood working etc.

      Classes of this sort would help young people have something productive to do, developing useful side skills. They would also assist persons who need extra income with making a few extra dollars from selling their creations around the place, even online. Finally, they would assist senior citizens with finding activities to occupy their time and also to earn some income to supplement their pensions.

  3. What I wish M.P.’s would do for their communities include:
    1. Water: Ensure that your community has a reverse osmosis plant available that can supply constant water daily. Ensure that pipe systems are adequate. Support initiatives that assist persons with harvesting rain water and saving a bit of pipe water for off times e.g. grants for startup companies that install and maintain cisterns.
    2. Healthy Food: Support community farming and backyard gardening initiatives. Check around your community and ensure there are places where healthy produce is readily available. Support the modernisation and expansion of neighbourhood shops with easily accessible small business loans and grants. Provide grants for persons who want to start a health promoting business e.g. a smoothie shop or a soup shack.
    3. Clothing: It’s ridiculous that everyone has to go all the way to town for a basic T-shirt, shorts, or sundress for a child to wear around the house or to find a barber etc. Basic items should be easily accessible within communities. This would also reduce crowding in town. So, help to establish community run plazas where small time entrepreneurs who live in the community can start small modern basic shops selling basic essential supplies. Encourage established town businesses to offer franchise opportunities in other locations to interested persons.
    4. Housing: Check around your community for individuals and families living in deplorable or challenging housing circumstances and organise fundraising activities and volunteers to help assist with renovating their homes. Check that affordable housing exists within the community for locals. Too many rentals are priced for visitors/expats. Offer grants to persons wanting to start housing companies catering to locals e.g townhouse complexes.
    5. Employment: Employment offices that help link young people within communities to job programmes, internship opportunities, educational opportunities, career guidance. There are too many young people hanging about the communities doing nothing much, getting into trouble etc. instead of finding a productive path forward.

  4. Asot finish. I like the guy personally, but he politically extinct and on the road to retirement from public office. It’s sad to watch him self-destruct.

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