A letter to our health minister Molwyn Joseph


Dear Mr. Joseph

As the minister of health and the overseer of our health facilities here in Antigua, I choose to ask you, how much does a “Patient’s life”  at SLBMC matters to you & the health authorities? Sickness, in my view, is everybody’s business and a positive outcome for each patient, resulting from an optimal functioning staff at the medical facilities including MBS, should be your main concern.

Recently, a mother took the airwaves to air her concern about her child as a patient at SLBMC. Surprisingly, I heard the child eventually died. Of course, I cannot say what was the cause of the child’s death,  but I can say that repeatedly, I keep hearing complaints about the operations of the hospital and the unfavorable end results of some patients.

Obviously, there had to be a tangible concern as to why that mother took that approach to make her concerns be heard. It is for that reason, why I am now prompted to ask you how many more persons are we going to hear about facing a similar situation and not getting the privilege of having a thorough investigation done by your administration or a health board in reference to the misfortunes that are encountered by a patient at SLBMC?

The ER unit is certainly another area of great concern. The waiting time to see a doctor is very burdening.  Persons have to wait extremely long hours before seeing a doctor to get medical attention. Don’t you think it is full time for our health care system / operations at SLBMC be reviewed and be upgraded accordingly?

At this moment, I am also compelled to ask you, why is our national medical insurance scheme (MBS), which I assume falls under your portfolio, seems to benefit the prominent residents of this country and not the common man who seems to be treated like second & third class citizens who are then faced with extreme challenges to benefit from the scheme when they also need that financial assistance for health care?

Interestingly, two of our prominent residents,  a politician & a well known radio personality received assistance from MBS in a twinkle of an eye to get their medical attention done overseas. However, with the common man, it appears as though the response time to get that financial help from MBS takes extremely longer or in some instances they may not get any help at all. Now Mr. Joseph is this really fair to the common man?

Of course the mantra of your ABLP administration is “Building an Economic Power House ” which in my view means, providing food & shelter &  proper health care & high standard education for ALL, regardless of the person’s economic status, their political persuasion, their nationality or their religious belief.

SLBMC is our main medical facility and the abnormalities that take place at this institution are percieved to be too many. These abnormalities should not be taken for granted. Sometimes it is percieved that such matters are overlooked or even be swept under the carpet, to protect a medical personnel. All lives matter!  Many persons are now suffering because of the perceived inconsistencies that takes place with patients.

Sir, If we are thriving to build an economic power house I am making a plea for the hospital to put in place an outlet, to provide patients the privilege to file complaints & seek a recourse of action concerning traumatic medical matters that they have experienced.

I am sure that An outlet of such will bring about better accountability to our health care system.

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    • U check,me wouldn’t hold my breathe either.For this same reason me nah go hospital,holistic health treatment….Health care in Wadadli a joke

  1. So many complaints have been voiced in the past about the health care system or Lack of. None have been addressed. Sad state of affairs

  2. SLBMC definitely need to get their act together….. A de poor & vulnerable who are suffering ….. we absolutely need an Avenue to Express our concerns & mishaps. The politicians & their cronies tend to fly out to get medical care when we can’t…..

    • @Bluddy Bloke . . .from your “english-man’s” perspective, you seem to be having a change of heart from voting them back in again for the same ole same ole of mismanagement et al.

  3. I fully understand what is been said but if they don’t care about the staff that are overworked, underpaid, badly treated, frustrated and tired and still manage to give care how are they going to care about those getting care?

  4. Wait, he still the Health minister. . !!
    I thought after the knighting, he would have been put out to pasture

  5. The politicians jump on a plane and fly 1st-class to USA whenever they feel a headache coming on. They don’t have to put their lives at risk by using the services at the death-trap (SLBMC).

  6. Mr. Joseph, what are your plans for creating a fully operational hospital?
    As earlier commented upon, a politician and radio host flew to the US for medical attention.
    This same person mentioned that the SLBMC is up to international standards. Really? Then why did you get your medical attention elsewhere?

    Political dissonance and hypocrisy running amuck.

  7. Wow! while there are always two sides to every story, hearing the nurses lament in today’s omg which I read last night (making me depressed), I know that the msjmc or slbmc is a psycho-dysfunctional institution
    Msjmc is dysfunctional
    MBS is broke
    NSwMa is tardy
    Is anything as it seems?
    Who will take the time to truly investigate?
    We will tomorrow start talking about the tropical storm brewing and everything will just be 9days or 9nights of talk.

  8. Writing a letter to Minister of Lift Rolls Royces over the Port Fence is a complete waste of time.

    Instead of this ass spending time in jail, he is knighted, which means shit now, and given a position in politics.

    Our country is nothing but a Banana Republic.

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