A Letter to Joanne Massiah

Massiah during launch of political campaign of DNA

Dear Joanne,

I am now feeling a sense of relief to see that your team, the DNA, is now out of the political starting block. You have now given me a wider option to choose from.

Yesterday, as I prepared myself with abated breath and great anticipation, I was quite impressed with the  high spirit of your team members as they were warming up to ascend onto the launching stage.  A considerable degree of confidence was surely seen.

Your team’s uniform, displaying the black & gold,  as well as the surrounding decor surely lit up the atmosphere… It was most pleasing to see a mixture of males & females, youth and middle age adults poised with charisma, experience & intellect. A composition that the other parties are lacking.

Of course as the whistle went off to start the launch, the prayer that was first uttered by the gentlemen who carried that baton, was extremely inspiring, invogarating & exhillerating and he absolutely gave your team a great push start.

As the baton was passed on,  it was very evident that some members of the team needs more preparation as they are proceeding towards the election showdown. Clearly, nervousness took the best of them especially the younger ones. However, it is still early to be conclusive. I assume they will have alot to offer as the race continues.

It was a bit unfortunate that we, the electorates did not get a personal bio/profile of the candidates  as to their personal & professional background.

Clearly the older ones showed more mantle, more confidence & more tenacity. They carried the baton quite well and their messages was to the point and indicative that they are ready & convincing enough to bring a breath of fresh air to Antigua’s politics.

In my view, the younger ones need to be a little more assertive to convince me and perhaps many more that they have the resilience to survive  the political fight. I will admit that according to what each one presented on the table, there seems to be great potential to make a worthwhile contribution to our twin island development, however, they will have to be more persuasive.

Overall Joanne, I must commend you and your team for reaching this far in the race. Of course, it certainly will not be an easy task for the entire team.

The odds are certainly against you because your team is still in its infancy stage and our political culture is one that is traditionally focused on a red vs blue political party.

The rivalry between yourself,  Weston & Bowen  will be something worthwhile to watch and there will be no doubt that all eyes will be on the rivalry between Gail, Richard & Malayka .

Ofcourse, I wish you & your team the best of luck!! Although I believe that  your team will suffer some serious casualties, your teams presence in the political race will certainly be felt and a strong message will be left behind.


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  1. Best wishes to her. No one on her team used a GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY!

    No “blood on their hands” going into the ring. Thank you writer

  2. Fitzroy I tip my hat to you. Your comments are quite applaudable. DNA will soon be our official opposition in parliament while ABLP will be the ruling administration.


      It’s 2022 and no one seems to know what happened to the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY 🤔

      • Is that all you know how to do? Harp on about the same thing over and over, you serve no purpose here, your contribution is rather dismal at best

        • Hi babes

          The 🐍has 26 ACRES of land withering away with OLD STOVE, OLD FRIDGE, DIRTY PAMPERS AND RUBBISH!!! Babes you think he should be our Agriculture Minister for real???


      ABLP. 17. SEATS



      DEPOSITS )

      BARBUDA. 00. SEAT

      • @Eric ( the red )

        Who is ERIC ( THE RED )…Is He a ABLP POLLSTER ? His polling is very PROMINENT. If this correct. Lard help UPP.

    • That’s a fake poll and you know it. I don’t believe this was submitted by the “real” tenman. ABLP will likely win every seat. They have never been this popular before, and Gaston Brown is the Champion of the ordinary people, a natural leader, destined to hold office for years and years to come.

    • TENMAN the first time you making some sense but who winning the Barbuda seat. I take it you include the Barbuda seat for UPP. ABLP dead.

  3. You guys and girls are very untruthful. That sense have a this amount of candidates just to say you have a full slate. It would be much better concentrate a a few. I don’t see DNA winning a single seat but I see people that are good candidates. Then the constituencies some are running don’t make any sense period.,
    Anthony Stewart cannot get a handful of votes in All Saints west for example and the guy Smith is another. Then I don’t know where on earth are you going with that idiot Trevor Young. Him on UPP ticket made me look at them as a bunch of fools.
    Hey politics is a rough business and to have people making a fool of themselves is no joking matter. If you are nervous and cannot speak in front of an audience stay out of politics. So that young man I am not going to spare him for going on stage and make himself, his family a laughing matter, he needs to step away immediately. If you want to get involved, get some public speaking lessons, go and join junior Jaycees.
    It’s not too late DNA – use your resources and from what I am seeing feel a few good candidates. Anything different than that you are taking our election process as a clown show.

    • Why chastise “that young man”??? His nerves took over. Jamal dead darg Pringle has been in Parliament since 2018 and STILL CAN’T GET IT RIGHT!!!

      Diplomatic KORPSS

      Pringle is one big 🤡 show and on his way out. He lacks reasoning and Common sense. De likkle black boy fu Jeanie emptyhead emptyhead.

      Leave “that young man” alone. Focus on helping DEAD DARG PRINGLE with his grammar and public speaking skills. PRINGLE is a SHAME AND DISGRACE TO THE TEACHING PROFESSION and ALL SAINTS EAST N ST. LUKES

  4. This party started out as a spoiler in the game and are still hellbent on spoiling Antigua’s election by a ‘blemished’ operator pointing fingers. Charlesworth is smiling at the chosen word, and Daryl Matthew must be concerned.

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