A hungry man is an angry man


By Makeda Mikael

Gun toting hungry men are beginning to terrorize the place, holding up shops and gas stations, shooting and robbing people! Sounds like Jamaica where the gap between the rich and the poor is no longer a gap, but a highway separating those that eat well from those who have to kill for their families to eat.

An old historian tracing slavery routes said that among the last movement of Africans to the Caribbean was a contingent from Angola that was split up between Jamaica and Antigua, thus explaining the nexus between the two islands.

Jamaica has had even more influence on Antigua with the Revelation of Rastafari spreading to Antigua and then on to the rest of the Eastern Caribbean. The revolutionary lyrics and rhythms of reggae  express the life of the down pressed people for whom poverty is a daily experience with hunger being the foremost concern.

Antigua is heading in the Jamaica direction fast, where even the politicians are beginning to refer to their constituencies as garrisons and promoting the gangster minded to positions in the government service with police protection.

The refusal to see the hunger of the poor, by those whose daily bread is visible in their big bellies, and who drive around the newest rave in cars, and the politicians whose backyards are littered with functioning vehicles just sitting there and adding more, all will feel the rage!

Rage begins in the poorer areas then spreads to the nearest areas of the lesser poor, then to the cash outlets like supermarkets, gas stations, shops and then into the homes of those who think they are protected by dogs and security alarms. As the lyrics say, a hungry man is definitely an angry man, and plenty people are hungry these days.

This is not the time to be annoying people by talking down to them, taking away their little rights and abusing them because as leaders you don’t want to share and you don’t know what to tell people in the face of Government’s wanton abuse of power.

Everywhere privately owned expensive equipment is clearing hills, valleys and lands all over the island.

Several areas are getting their second and third clearing of bush in order for the equipment to create wealth for their owners among whom are said to be persons of worth. Roads are being built for the election, which is a cultural expression of our pre-election work-up which used to be every five years, but as the roads are now only built for the new three year election cycle, they are cheaper and will now last just 3 years.

Antigua people’s ability to dress-up hides the content of the refrigerator and the cupboards in the homes of people who have so long gone past the hungry years that admitting the state of the pocket has become an embarrassment.

People don’t want to admit they are broke and hungry so it has become something now to be ashamed of and which ultimately will encourage theft and other criminal acts like smuggling of drugs and guns, all being done to feed the family.

If we do not face up to the rich getting richer from the pandemic while the poor are getting hungrier and angrier, we are going to see crime loose on the streets as garrisons are created just like in Jamaica where the gunman rules the day and the night!

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  1. I now really see you guys have nothing better to report on. Is this a newspaper for advising the people within the country on what is happening daily amongst them or you only here to bash, insult, and degrade the people who are actually doing something to better the country; EXAMPLE better roads, better quality of neighborhoods, better customer service. They tell you what they do every step of the way but you still find fault in everything EVERYTHING they do. PLEASE STOP IT LOOKS BAD ON ALL OF US

  2. Wow! what a beautiful and pellucidly written article. For me the fifth paragraph is a gem which clearly and cogently encapsulates the naked greed and personal enrichment of politicians at the expense of the vast majority of the society. Was a joy to on read. It would be interesting to hear how the ALP and the government explain the reasons for the country’s slide towards chaos.

  3. Although what you say has much truth, isn’t it true that YOU also belong to the rich and elite class??? Please clarify.

    • And unlike her neighbor Mr. Ayre she hardly if ever gives to the poor. Bussy trying to build her empire, which is tumbling down day by day. Perhaps she needs to take an example from her neighbor and start a charity as well.

      • If what you say is so, maybe we shouldn’t pay too much attention to her philosophical diatribes. Walk the talk lady, and show us how it’s done. We’ll be watching. Charity if good, but social justice is better. Long live the revo.

      • @Sidelines: What is your belly gripes with Makeda? What has this lady done to you? Because ever since she began her contributions in this Medium. You have always been negative towards her. Even when she speaks factually. You are comparing her now with Calvin Ayre. Talking about not giving to the poor. Is your Siamese twin Gaston Browne giving to the poor of the Land. He did say he was worth $30 million. Is that gross worth and or net worth. I need him to be specific. Because there could be huge differences between gross and net worth.

  4. Great article indeed . A Henry, I think Makeda is indeed an elite of the island. I also think she is highlighting the dis functionality and happening events on island . I think what would also be nice is , along with great opinions . Those in positions should also do something to help the ones most in need . A food bank is a food way to start .

  5. Let’s not fool ourselves….. Yes the socioeconomic strata is divided among the upper class, middle class & lower class which certainly derives from a mind set of a standard of living & an accomplishment of an education & skill… However, many of the crimes that are taking are not coming persons who are in need neither poor or a lack of jobs. The perpetrators are focused on greed, covetousness and the want to be in the swing of things in order to boost their self image so that they can be recognized in society. IT IS THE STANDARD OF SOCIETY THAT IS MAKING US AND AT THE SAMETIME BREAKING US !!

  6. Dear A. Henry, let us just all deal with truth, and do something about it before we all are consumed! First expose it and then fix it.

  7. A. HENRY which is more important the truth of the MESSAGE or the wealth or social class of the MESSENGER. You ALP guys such as ERIC (THE RED), PETE, JUST SAYING, TENMAN, CARSON B, PHILLIP G, FREDERIC and FROM THE SIDELINE must stop seeing the tree for the forest.

  8. Since identifying these knowns does not solve the problem please add two paragraphs o how you will divest a few millions to assist the poor…..

    When you terminate persons without a solid cause do you ever stop to think that you are making them hungry and putting them in the very position you speak of?

    Your reputation follows you like a shadow cannot be sanitized.

  9. Writing about a generic topic such as this is nothing to be proud of. Especially when the numbers that were released by the police on crime had showed a big drop in this type of crimes. However recent events do not make it a fact that it is the order of the day. Just like we know that robbery increases during the carnival season and Christmas season.
    This article would be more applicable during the year 2009 thru 2013 when we certainly had very high crime numbers and un-employment was at its highest for years. Hunger is not rampant in the city like then when you would see beggars everywhere you go.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE as usual your reasoning is so flawed. I am sure that given the covid pandemic and the impact on our tourism sector that unemployment is higher now than between the years 2009 to 2013. You just keep writing a lot of crap for writing sake.

  10. I am not well read for the most part, however, I am well #lived.
    Now from experience a couple of things…
    A…this so called uptick in crime for the most part is not a “hungry man is an angry man” issue, but moreso, a lifestyle from a Culture(a revived one to Our shores, since, violence/crime has had their ups and downs in the Caribbean region) which had its incubation period from about the early 1980’s to the present(new recruits into the Orders are still ongoing), and this Culture which is producing violence, of a different nature today was facilitated and still is by very, very, very rich(not physically hungry, but mentally) and several of the poor got caught up in the tsunami or tornado as fuel and fodder for this Culture(gun, drugs, prostitution, smuggling, money laundering etc) controlled initially by the #elites, but the early pawns, foot soldiers etc, have now become generals and are controlling the movements of their gangs/militias/orders(politicians to clergy to Law enforcement) on the streets.

    B…This apparent uptick in crime(gun violence, armed robbery, murder, robbery) is coming from the mental(strategic) side of the Crime Culture, and not so much the physical. Meaning, these few reported crimes which the media(controlled and slanted to fit a particular agenda) are reporting have a feeling of #INITIATION$, as in to prove your worth to those in control, therefore, the actions of the perps(as in #time of day, and location of criminal act).

    C…The solutions which will be tough as #BoilingNails in Pond water, hoping to make Nail Roti. The solutions of course starts with open, fair, honest discussions about the negatives of this Culture, and not emotionalism and sensationalism which can lead to Cultural Cannibalism.
    The solutions must include the admittance by some of the rich(it don’t have to be in the open, as with Makeda Mikael), that they have and are still contributing to this revived culture of violence.
    The solution must include the admittance by those still being used as pawns/foot soldiers) in the Crime Culture, that the percentage of them which will be at the helm living lavishly, like some of their predecessors is very, very, very, very low. Not only will their criminal records be a thorn in their side, their mental stability is even more destructive to their beings and those around them, since, just like prostitution, drug trafficking, money laundering, it’s GENERATIONAL. This is the reason why many of these present perpetrators which are being caught, charged and prosecuted are from certain Communities, those categorized as #Ghetto and Makeda Mikael is even mentioning #GARRISON.
    The solution must also include the arrest, charging, prosecution of those in the affluent Communities where such things as embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, prostitution, smuggling, etc are also contributing to the alleged uptick in crime.
    It’s not an uptick Makeda Mikael, it’s simply being highlighted for more reasons than one. While #Highlighting might draw some sympathy from all quarters due to the indoctrinated psyche of Our Cuture, it will take SERIOUS ACTIONS from all quarters, to not only stem the tide of this rising tsunami, but to design, fund, build, implement, manage systems from the early warnings to the luxurious livings.

    Again, I am not well read, I am well lived!


  11. I absolutely agree that Antigua needs to do more for the people, especially the hungry, I’m also a little struck by the comments of the author such as referring to “big bellies” and “nice cars”. Why is it that being wealthy, comfortable or well off is perceived as a negative thing? And why is it just assumed that those who live comfortably are blind or uncaring towards the less fortunate of society? Its insulting and ignorant to assume that those who work from a young age, bust their humps in school for a better life while gaining a mountain of dept so that they can be successful and live comfortably, need to apologize or feel badly for it. Do you expect “rich people” to throw money at social issues without having any assurances where their hard earned money is going…. especially in a country that has issues with larceny and corruption????? Aso, land and infrastructure development leads to more tourism, more job opportunities, higher wages and….. less hungry.

    Are their circumstances where race, religion, gender or socioeconomically background play a part in systemic racism, poverty and oppression? Of course there is. But to place the blame on persons (some that spend their life beating the odds to crawl their way out of poverty), is absolutely ludicrous. Its articles like this one that drive the wedge or “the divide between the rich and poor”, instead of opening up a dialogue about how the government can bridge that divide between “rich and poor” with food banks, public requests for donations for things like school uniforms, lunch programs for children in poverty, reallocating some funds for public services ect ect ect. First step would have to be for the government to gain some credibility so that the people could have some faith that the politicians wouldn’t line their own pockets or that the funds wouldn’t be stolen or embezzled by some bad actors.

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