A Hotel Partly Under Water Approved For Antigua Shoreline


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda says it has given approval to a Norwegian engineering and construction group to build a green-energy hotel here.

A statement from Cabinet said the Brova Idea Pearl Hotel will be 170 rooms large.

Its estimated cost will be €130,000,000 (one hundred and thirty million Euros) to construct and equip.

The hotel is expected employ more than 200 permanent employees “when completed in 30 months or by November 2021.”

The government is hoping that the “innovative design of this partially submerged Brova Idea Pearl Hotel will be itself an attraction that will help to re-define and renew the Antigua product. “

The group assured the Cabinet that the funding through Banco Deutsche has already been secured, the principals reported.

Its hotels are in operation in Europe and China, and the product has been “very successful.”

The group says Antigua was selected because of its many shoreline indentations and the possibility of building within a sheltered bay.

The Pearl Hotel team is expected to submit the architectural plans, the Environmental Impact Assessment, and the letters from the Bank giving assurances of funding.

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  1. I would only believe it when if i see it. The gov’t always talking about some project and nothing tarl ever come to reality!!

  2. This looks very strange. How is taxi going to deliver guests? There is something very odd about this project. Hmmm.

    • Please use google to find out what you want to know.
      it is sad when I hear us here being so…!!!. The world is full of so called building miracles. Just look at Dubai. Money is not an issue so they build whatever money can build.
      Many years ago when I was in College and they announced that they would build a tunnel from Dover in England to Calais in France we all laugh and took it for a joke. Today the tunnel is a reality. It took some years and lots of money. And the engineering has advanced a thousand times. When I was small a cruise ship as the Titanic and the Queen Mary”Poseidon” were large ships. Looking at today’s large ships those ships are peanuts. And the same goes for Airlines and tallest buildings. When a man says he can build something do not doubt him. Just ask him when and where.

  3. 200 more Jamaican jobs for another alp project

    I have an idea how about we don’t announce any new hotels until all the other are finish and up and running

  4. I believe that we truly need projects like these to enhance our hotel plant. It is just that not much that the gov’t say, especially in the area of hotel projects come through. I know when they talk about tax increase, such pronouncements come through fast and in a hurry without delay!!

  5. More than a Hotel a proper Arena to host basketball,volleyball,concerts,graduations,home shows, wrestling events International Tourneys bringing tourists to Antigua! It would have office space and provide local use when there was inclement weather! A 3,000 to 4,000 seat arena with portable bleachers allowing space for several courts or floor seating would be huge economic boost!

  6. @ CErmle its called tenders

    @ John Spezia — you are on point there is nothing wrong with our cruise tourism facilities per se, its just that once the tourists disembark there nothing for them to see or do

    And the place is filthy and run down

    • And that’s why tourists tell their friends they were in a “third world” country. We need to make some serious changes in our surroundings.

  7. Can this Hotel go under water? If not can it withstand a Hurricane 5++? It is a nice idea but is it practical especially since we are in a hurricane prone area. This looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

  8. There goes the ecosystems of Green Island and Non Such bay…. I pray an environment impact study is done and there are consultations with the residents in the area that will be affected…. I spoke about diversifying tourism and this is 1 way to do it…. But not at the expense of our environment……

    • Where exactly will this development be? Given your comment, I know the general area, but more specific location would be quite helpful to me. Thank you.


  10. All I know is when they chose Antigua to showcase their talent, means we are fortunate and blessed. It is not our money that would be taking the risk. We will make sure they uphold our environmental laws and other. We can have a man made wonder in the world here on Island.
    Perhaps one day we can get the bridge to Barbuda build.

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