LETTER: A Gaston Browne Problem

ABLP Leader Gaston Browne

A Gaston Browne Problem

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party having just won the January 2023 elections, but only by the narrowest of margins, has a problem on its hands.

Despite celebrating a victory, the party’s base knows deep down that they barely scraped by. In the following months, it has become clear that the reason, the problem, the ABLP faced for this flimsy victory is Gaston Browne.

Browne has been in power for nine years, but his attitude has shifted from a humble and charismatic leader who inspired the country in 2014 to an arrogant and dismissive man in 2023.

He has become increasingly dangerous in his approach to governing, ignoring the voices of party supporters and countrymen alike. His stubbornness is beginning to damage the party’s popularity, and the election results have reflected this shift.

Post-election, party members are hesitant to comment on Browne’s leadership style, fearful of the backlash from a powerful PM. But behind closed doors, there is a palpable sense of dissatisfaction. The party won by one seat, losing the popular vote and many members of the ABLP are unhappy with the entire outcome while Browne’s divisiveness to anyone who dares to suggest he change his approach is becoming more than members are willing to accept.

Many are beginning to whisper about the need for a change in leadership. They argued that heading into a third term, Browne has become stale and unresponsive to the needs of Antiguans and Barbudans. His ego has grown leaps and bounds, and he is now more focused on his personal goals and gains than the success of the party.

Browne remains entirely oblivious to the internal discord. He continues to rely on his knack for belittling and marginalizing those who are not his yes men and women, and he is confident in his ability to rally support with his bullying tactics whenever necessary, which happens all the time now.

Party members know the risks of taking on a notoriously stubborn PM, they see his Saturday “Browne and Browne” show which should be renamed “Beat up the Nation”. In this setting, Browne beats up anyone he sees as challenging or threatening his power.

Look no further than his repeated weekly attacks on his own comrades Lennox Weston, Michael Browne, Gail Christian, and Dean Jonas. All who Browne blames for not doing enough to win their seats. Yet, he has not taken any responsibility for the environment he created which contributed heavily to their losses at the January polls. An environment he was proud of when we walked up and down our twin island state saying repeatedly “The ABLP will win all 17 seats”. Now in Gaston’s mind, it was not his fault but that of the “losers” who “can’t come back to run again” in his words.

With this in mind, the party faithful are now discussing the need for new leadership. Someone who is capable of bringing the base back home and showing respect to not only the party but the nation, as Browne has shown he is incapable or willing to change his approach.


However, the fear for the ABLP is that Gaston Browne, not getting what he wants will burn the house down and return to the polls if he is challenged for leadership of the ABLP.  Indeed, Browne has made this claim publicly on his radio show. A level of contempt for the comrades and countrymen and women he claims to “love”.


The party should recognize the damages being caused by a PM who became too big for his boots. The man who lifted the party to success in 2014 has now become a Ten-ton anchor, pulling it down to the deepest parts of the sea. If the party is to remain the solid institution that it once was, the members of the party must take steps to protect itself against the destruction of the ABLP’s legacy by Gaston Browne.


It is full-time to stand up and address ‘The Problem’ for the sake of our great nation.



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  1. aaaah my sentiments exactly.
    But, you realize he takes Risperdal right?
    We have a saying in antigua,
    What you buy is what you wear!
    Our people get a government they deserve!!
    They have created a monster now they have to live with him..
    I ain’t no psychiatrist but he seems to be suffering from some sort of narcissistic associatve disorder..
    I wonder what the first lady knows?
    She probably observes a whole lot.
    Smh..ministers grow some cahunes.

  2. Gaston Browne was never humble nor charismatic; we were just looking past his gutter-rat attitude, hoping to see the promised Economic Powerhouse and everything else that should’ve come with it but he has proven to be a total failure and his mental state is telling him otherwise.

  3. Spot on @Rovi. The man is just pure ghetto scum. He is indeed the problem and getting rid of him is the solution. Well written article.

    • @Watching, ghetto doesn’t have anything to do with his behaviour. There are good people who come from the ghetto and have governed Antigua and Barbuda before. Gaston is just mentally sick from head to toe. Gaston is self enter, greedy, and it is all about himself. I hope his behaviour doesn’t continue through his children. The Bible does speak about the sins from the father continues to his next generation.

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