A fully vaccinated cruise set sail in the Caribbean: 2 passengers test positive


Two passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship tested positive for Covid-19, officials said Thursday.

Celebrity Millennium, which is part of Celebrity Cruises owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, was the first cruise ship to sail out of North America since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, Celebrity Cruises said in a news release.

“Today two guests sharing a stateroom onboard Celebrity Millennium tested positive for Covid-19 while conducting the required end of cruise testing,” the cruise line company said. “The individuals are asymptomatic and currently in isolation and being monitored by our medical team.”

All guests were required to show a negative Covid-19 test and proof of vaccination 72 hours before its departure on Saturday, the company said.

“Celebrity Millennium is sailing with fully vaccinated crew and guests and following comprehensive protocols that align with our destination partners and exceed CDC guidelines to protect the health and safety of our guests,” Celebrity Cruises said. “This situation demonstrates that our rigorous health and safety protocols work to protect our crew, guests and the communities we visit.”

The Celebrity Millennium is a 7-day cruise from St. Maarten, the Caribbean port of Philipsburg, with additional stops in Aruba, Barbados and Curacao.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the go-ahead to begin work toward restarting cruises for the first time in over a year after the massive ships became some of the first superspreader locations for the coronavirus.

People who have tested positive for Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated, or breakthrough infections, are rare, according to the CDC.

Of the more than 130 million people in the United States who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, there have been reports of at least 10,262 breakthrough infections, the CDC said last month. Many who tested positive after being fully vaccinated were asymptomatic.

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  1. Well it is said even with the vaccine you can still contract covid. Stories like these make it seem paradoxical.

    NB I am not being critical . Just saying it is as if it is coming as a surprise that people are vaccinated yet they catch covid.

    • If you can get covid AFTER the vaccination, then what is the point? If you listen carefully to the answers to THAT question you will realize that these people are making no sense and that they are trying to scam you.

      • You reduce the chance of infection, and so illness stemming from infection, including illness requiring hospitalization, and of course death. This, I submit, is a very great benefit.

        It is a continuing puzzle to me that people use the fact that the vaccines are not 100 effective as a reason to not get vaccinated. Makes absolutely no sense.

        The reasoning appears to be, “Since these vaccines don’t completely prevent infection, I will ignore the significant protective benefits they do provide and leave myself completely open to infection by remaining unvaccinated — the same infection that I find so disturbing that vaccines fail to 100% prevent.”

        • @DM
          MOST people don’t even KNOW they have the virus infection after they get infected and very few of these will ever need to be hospitalized. Usually it is the very old and people who are already sick with other serious diseases that get into trouble. For children and healthy adults, the chances of serious complications after being infected with covid-19 is practically zero.

          The survival rate of covid-19 is 99.9% for the majority of people.
          The cure (‘VACCINE’) is worse than the disease! It too carries with it the risk of serious injury… including DEATH!

        • @DM
          Why would anyone want to risk death by taking the experimental ‘vaccine’?
          There are CURES already out there for covid-19 that are SAFE! They are Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

  2. I’m going to follow the scientific method and selflessly risk my life by being a member of the CONTROL GROUP in this experiment on humans. 😃

  3. The Celebrity Millennium holds 2138 Passengers and 920 Crew. Assuming everyone on the cruise received the Pfizer vaccine which is the most effective vaccine made (which they likely did not) it is 95% effective in preventing infection. That means that 150 people on the boat would still be able to become infected. Two testing positive is statistically lower than what would be expected, and the vaccines for the 95% that are protected kept the spread from occurring. This is exactly what is supposed to happen. GET VACCINATED!


    • @Lets Get Real You did not follow your name at all in getting real. You used all the fancy probability theory to show justification but you missed the most simple matter, the individuals were quickly placed in isolation. The real fact is, 1. you do not know if they have infected anyone else yet because the virus may take up to 14 days to manifest. 2. The isolation technique has been proven as the best recovery solution and hence why countries even go into lock down when cases are high. Therefore the effects could have been the same whether or not persons were vaccinated.

    • @Let’s Get Real

      OK, that is a PLAUSIBLE explanation…. however there are OTHER plausible explanations.
      It is now understood that the PCR test is not 100% accurate. There are FALSE POSITIVES associated with its use. The ‘False Positive Rate’ data from actual use of PCR tests for COVID-19 usually is between 0.2% and 0.9%.

      People are free to choose if they want to take the EXPERIMENTAL ‘vaccine’. If you don’t mind playing Russian Roulette with your life… go ahead and take it.

    • You make some salient points. However must tell you efficacy vs effectiveness can be different. Based on the data on how the vaccine(Pfizer) has performed in the real world (outside a controlled environment), so far its inline with the controlled environment. Importantly those vaccinated are less likely to catch covid vs persons who re not. Also the data shows that vaccinated persons are less likely t spread the virus(less shedding)

      • COVID-Vaccinated Can ‘Shed’ Spike Protein, Harming Unvaccinated

        In their latest issue brief, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) warned how spike proteins resulting from experimental COVID-19 gene therapy vaccines have the capacity to:

        1.) pass through the “blood-brain barrier” causing neurological damage,
        2.) be “shed” by the vaccinated, bringing about sickness in unvaccinated children and adults, and…
        3.) cause irregular vaginal bleeding in women.


  4. Thus the reason why we are where we are here in this country. People want to believe the BS they read on Facebook rather than the science. It has been that was since day one of this pandemic. @Whatever no one said you be had to be Vaccinated. If people were not vaccinated half that cruise ship would have contracted the virus. Cruise ships are notorious for spreading rotavirus at alarming rates, based on previous cruise ship COVID outbreaks it would be a disaster. My only point was to ask you to follow the science and the math.

      • @DM
        The pseudoscience is mostly coming out of the mouths of the so called ‘EXPERTS’. They are fond of saying, “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” but real life has shown them to be proven wrong almost every step along the way. These EXPERTS are the spreaders of the CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

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