A duty free car every seven years and other benefits for Sir Viv


The Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda has agreed to provide national hero Sir Vivian Richards with a package of benefits.

He will receive a monthly pension equal to the amount now paid to Ministers of State within the Antigua and Barbuda Government.

Sir Viv will also receive an exemption of duties and other charges on the importation of personal items.

In addition, he will be exempt from paying property taxes on the home he owns and where he resides and will be allowed one duty-free car every 7 years.

If needed, he will be provided a driver and a home helper to be paid by the Treasury.

“The promise to treat living National Heroes with a high degree of respect is fulfilled. Sir Vivian Richards will also remain an Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda” said Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst.



  1. Well Deserved Honours & Benefits; For Our Most Famous National Hero! I Salute You Sir ViVian Richards! You Made Us Proud, To Be An Antiguan!👑☀🌴

  2. Makes me remember that song “where are our heros caribbean” at lease one live to tell i am sure he now feel previlege and contended.

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