A drafting error: minister defends last-minute changes MSJMC bill


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has put the amendments to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre Bill which resulted in a nurses protest this morning to unclear wording.

A large number of nurses and other hospital staff protested the amendments outside parliament this morning.

However, when he addressed the house, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph said the contentious sections of the bill had already been re-drafted.

In its original form, the amendment suggested that nurses seconded to the Holberton Hospital were not guaranteed employment at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre. The new amendment means that their continued employment will be automatic.

“The whole idea that there would be redundancies was never a part of this bill,” Joseph told Lower House which included a number of nurses in the gallery.

The minister said it would be insane to make nurses redundant “when we already have a shortage.”

He said the confusion over the bill was due to a misunderstanding with the drafters.

“This was an issue of language,” Joseph insisted.

The bill was also amended to guarantee all pensions for nurses who choose to work the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

Their duty allowance will also be guaranteed by MSJMC in the form of a personal allowance.

Barbuda MP Trevor Walker blasted Joseph for giving the impression that the nurses knew of the last minute changes before taking to the streets.



  1. Joseph must be getting memory loss.
    What a piece of hmmmm.
    What a liar!
    All this was discussed and decided upon long ago…. Tap fool are we!!!!
    Rather shameful!

  2. Error me foot. People have their eyes open and are no longer prepared to lie low and the trotted on. Alas my people are standing up to the Cartoon directorates.

  3. If God was like man, Molwyn Joseph tongue would swell in his head for how he so lie. He and his cabinet just did not think that the hospital workers would get up and stand up for their rights. Keep fighting hospital workers, do not let your guards down. This is a fight to the bitter end.

  4. This government needs to get serious and stop playing warri with people’s lives. We must applaud the nurses for taking action and holding them accountable.

  5. Alas…the memory loss is evident.
    But what is Cutie’s excuse and what is the white whale’s excuse?

  6. If the government wanted to really do what the nurses believe was the intend in the bill they could do it because the ayes have it. But as a caring government that they are they listen to the complains of the people. Just like with the Banking Act they made a promise to the bankers went to Parliament and amended the Act that the passed contrary to the other OECS Islands. UPP never did things like that. When they were wrong on something they continued nonetheless.

  7. But I caught u on camera! Twasn’t me
    Well look at lies lies lies…more is yet to come
    AG had to confess and xposed that health minister for what he is.

    • Oops I downthumbed by accident…. Can the Ministry of Health get a junior minister? Let’s try to make health workers feel great again

  8. Has anyone affected seen the final bill? Don’t trust these clowns. Verify. An apology is owed to the clerical staff now lying under the bus.

  9. Wonder why the UPP government who were the ones who that seconed the nureses to MSJMC in the first place did not secure their jobs. Not only now the bill secures their jobs but also have more benefits now. Mmmmmm look at dangerousness. Well cant expect any better from UPP supporters they bitch cry an moan about everything caused they want to sound revelent.

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