A Complete guide for Green Hulu Kapuas: Rare but effective strain


For everyone who finds regular kratom boring, green Hulu Kapuas kratom is the one that you should try. Most people haven’t heard about green Kapuas Kratom because it’s very rare. It’s a notable strain that has been there for a long time. There’s no doubt that the Green Hulu strain is a unique and very potent green strain. This variant is often enjoyed as a morning strain. Some of the unique effects of this rare strain involve elevation in energy,  discomfort reliever, and mood enhancer.Now, this strain is finally getting noticed. Through this article, we will discuss all this rare strain.

About Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

It is a lush green-coloured kratom strain that is a bit exotic because of its place of origin. The birthplace of this variant is the Kapuas Hulu district of West Kalimantan, Borneo. Primarily it was grown in wetlands where the soil contributed to its remarkable maturation. Like other kratom varieties, this variant is also available in red, green, and white veins.

Why is it called a rare strain?

The first reason behind this is that the riverbank of Kapuas river in the Hulu area is almost isolated. As there was no local population and it was difficult to go there. Although it is an old strain, many people do not know about it as it was difficult to access it.

Till now only, few people can successfully find this kratom strain. Among all the three variants, the green vein Kapuas Kratom is more in number.

Secondly, it is said that the natives were surprised when they for the first time harvested the leaves of green Hulu. because its leaves were far stronger compared to other variants.

One more reason is that only the mature leaves can be harvested to make the green hulu kapuas kratom powder. This condition makes it even harder to sort out Kapuas Kratom leaves with the green vein. That is why it is not always in stock at kratom vendors.

The alkaloids in Hulu Kapuas Kratom strain

The alkaloids are the main constituents of kratom that makes it all beneficial. These are naturally occurring active compounds that give unique properties to Kratom. They are more than 40 in number and each of them has different concentrations in every strain. This unusual makeup varies in different variants.

In the case of green Hulu Kratom, there are two main alkaloids: Mitragynine and 7- hydroxy mitragynine. They both are responsible for half of its effects. Some other alkaloids are Corinoxin, Iso Mitraphylline, Mitraspecin, Mitrafolin, Epicatechin, Speciofolin, and many more.

All of these alkaloids are present in different concentrations. And each one of them is linked with a unique effect. Based on the particular concentration of alkaloids, its effect becomes dominant or recessive.

Pros of using Green Hulu Kapuas


The green vein of Hulu Kapuas Kratom is the most common variant among all three types. This variant is good for morning and daytime boosts. It is kind of a mild Kratom strain and that is what makes it great. It is a non-stimulating and non-sedative strain with very moderate effects.

Following are some of the benefits of this variant :

  •   Act as a smooth energizer
  •   Stress reliever
  •   Mild mood alleviation
  •   Strong invigoration
  •   Provides motivation
  •   Mild euphoria
  •   Very helpful against panic attacks
  •   Have mild cognitive boosting properties.

Nonetheless, these effects will depend entirely on the dosage and whether it is not or taken on an empty stomach. However, it is advised to brew green Kapuas Kratom when taken in large amounts as it may cause some undesirable side effects and can also lead to tolerance.

Green HK is best for afternoon relief from morning slumps.

How does it work?

The effects of this variant are very unusual. This is one of the simple strains, known for its fusion effects. The first thing to expect from the consumption of this strain is a comprehensive feeling of goodness. It gives motivation, improves mood, and increases visible confidence. These are some of its initial and very prominent effects. This feeling is not a very strong cognitive feeling but it’s like how one feels after having one cup of morning coffee.

After 2-3 hours of its consumption, the effects of the variants boost up. This means, all its initial effects are still there but its potency increases. For instance, mood improves even more with time, which will eventually help to get over stress and anxiety. Pain relief effects also start to show up that help deal with headaches, body aches, and period pains.

At the final phase after around 4-6 hours the effects become incredibly high. The pain relief and stress relief features become powerful and reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.


At high doses, individuals may feel sedated, but on mild doses, this will not happen. At this time the user will be more calmed, relaxed, and satisfied.

It has a very impressive duration of effects with about six-plus hours on average. According to some users, there is some significant reduction in daily stress within the initial 25 minutes.

Final thoughts

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom is a perfect choice for those seeking a mild, fast-acting new kratom strain. The unusual mix of alkaloids in this indicated variant gives it a balanced effect that helps against stress, anxiety, tension, and low-self esteem.

All in all the result of this particular strain is very satisfying. For those who need quick mental and physical boosts that can also last for long hours, this variant will be very helpful. Do some research and find a trusted Kratom vendor that sells authentic Hulu Kapuas powder and capsules. Some other things to keep in mind while using this strain is that its effect can be a lot more stimulating if you have a low tolerance level or you have an empty stomach while taking green Hulu kratom and if you are smaller built or less heavy. If you are a green Maeng Da lover then you might end up liking Hulu Kapuas Kratom. Who knows, you might end up finding your favourite go-to Kratom strain!



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