A Chinese worker is missing following the XPZ Supermarket fire

Alex, Missing man

The management of XPZ Supermarket said they were concerned because they had not seen one of their workers since fire razed the Supermarket early Tuesday morning.


“Nobody know what happen and we don’t want to guess the bad way”, the Supermarket Manager, who was identified only as David, told state media.


The missing worker, Alex, reportedly left the company’s Whatsapp group after 5 am.


“I tried to call him… and I tried to message him and no answer, so we hope he is still out”, David said.


“The whole team, the Chinese team, is all unite and we never get a problem between us. We never get a problem,” he added.


The employer said he was also concerned about what would happen to the 59 employees, including 50 local people.


“The employees in here, it’s so sad cause they are going to lose their job and we don’t have nothing to care my family,” he said.


David estimated that the damage to the supermarket amounted to “about 10 million”.


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  1. Why you so lie about your F&@king name? Tell the news reporter that your name is some kind of Xinhua bxinhua. Since when chinese name David and Alex soon from now y’all gonna start stealing our local aliases.

    Y’all should just pack up and return home. Who want curse that’s y’all business.

    • Many Asians use Western names when learning English and when they move to Western countries. It’s very typical.

    • You sound very much racist which is very disturbing especiallyfor a black person. Many asians adapt an English name you uncultured swine.

    • This is a very disappointing response. Why are you attacking the man’s name? Will you be providing employment for the number of persons who are now unemployed or those that plied their trade in the surrounding areas? Will you be supporting those local entrepreneurs who sold their items there? Let’s try to contribute positively and not take such a small view or focus on the unimportant.

  2. He not missing, somebody just have him tied up in thier weave I believe, just relaxing eating some fungi n salfish 😅 not even 48 hrs yet n unno don a say missing, I can imagine how you guys had the man under surveillance, my boy mussa couldn’t wait fu escape. Allow the Chinese man and them to roam man, the ambassador nuh here the leader say we need the expand n diverse or population? The Spanish a roam, the Serians a roam, in fact them in ar we bedroom with suitcase 😂 mek the Chinese roam too

  3. Omgosh this is so very sad for everyone, it was such a lovely Supermarket. I hope the young man is okay and found soon….

  4. Hmm. He left the WhatsApp group. As in last message sent or he removed himself from the group? I think the news should have provided more clarity on that.

    If he actually left the what’s app group then.
    A) he started the fire maliciously
    B) he encountered the perpetrators (external or internal) and was silenced/phone stolen
    C) he was hired to start the fire (external or internal) and go into hiding after.

  5. All you Antiguans good for is talk all negatives as soon as bad news hits and its out there yall do nothing but go and run yall nasty ass mouth.If it was something great that happened yall would never speak on it I guess right? It doesnt matter where your from.It doesnt matter the kind of name they are carrying.Ever so often yall stick yall black tongue where it nuh suppose to be.Instead yall clean and mop out yall dirty floor at home yall mopping where doesnt needs to be mopped.

  6. Has anyone checked to see if he is in Dominica? It would appear Dominica accepts those kidnapped. Then they filed charges against you for illegal entry. When in fact it is alleged. They were a part and parcel of such plans. Oh what a tangled web we weaved. When two Caribbean Leaders tried to deceive. I do hope Alex is found safe. Many Asians do changed their first names. When they moved to western countries. They tried to make it simple. Do not forget many persons from Hong Kong have western names. Because of their time under British rule.

  7. The more Chinese and locals mix the better. There is nothing more beautiful than a black Chinese child.

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