A Call For More Focus On Achievements Of Black People In The Region

A child learning more about Black History at the Antigua Museum

The Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission (ABRSC) is urging those promoting Black History month activities here to increase the focus on and spread knowledge of the achievements of Black people in and of the Caribbean.

“We urge that we take this period to identify heroes and other leaders – both male and female – who have helped shape our history through the struggle for emancipation from the European enslavement, the rejection of colonialism, the proclamation of independence, and rigors of the post-independence social and economic development to include the growing international struggle for reparations,” the group said in a news release.

The contributions of Caribbean people to world development have been immense and it is important that we use the knowledge of those contributions to inspire those who are designated – simply by their race and nationality – to continue the struggle for full independence.

ABRSC said the impacts of our people have not only been through the performing arts and sports but we have made major contributions to religion, to education, to the medical sciences, to international jurisprudence, to social and political thought to include the development of racial pride and awareness.

“We repeat our call to the Ministry of Education as we enter this e-book era to return to basics in the development of a relevant history curriculum for our school systems and the training and improvement of a lot of our history teachers.

We call for the inclusion of the work of our artists, historians and other national and regional commentators as compulsory on any reading list. We call on sponsors, the media and other facilitators to give energy to identified historical knowledge projects,” the statement said.

The ABRSC in November 2018 donated some forty books to the National Library that should assist the community in understanding the history of which we promote.

Members of the ABRSC say they are committed – and are therefore on standby – to assist any school or organization in the design and delivery of Black History month programmes.          

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    1 VENEZUELA opposition leader is recognize as the president by SPAIN although there is an ELECTED president.
    2 A natural plant cannot be legalized by a so called SOVERIGN government.
    3 WTO ruling does not apply to Antigua unless it is a ruling to oppress.
    5 Bible, Politicians, Money, and visa, keep the slaves in their place..
    When a man believe he is something that he is not, he is mentally I’ll and will not be able to help himself. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE…..WE NEED TO GET OUT OF SLAVERY BEFORE WE TALK ABOUT REPARATION…BY THE WAY YOU DON’T ASK FOR REPARATION YOU TAKE IT BECAUSE ITS YOURS.

  2. Seriously, we need to stop self-identifying as a race that has suffered in history and start focusing on building Antigua’s economy? We need to start thinking globally and focusing on Asia and the rest of the world as global growth markets for us. Antigua cannot survive by complaining about history.

    Also, Antigua is a diverse nation we have many other races here besides Blacks, such as: Whites, Asians, and Latinos. We should celebrate and value all races in Antigua. As an Antiguan first, and as a Black man second, I ask: let’s stop complaining already and focus on the 21st century, seriously!

    • Actually your an AFRICAN first…home of the original Man, Woman & Child. Black people were TAKEN to Antigua…& of course we have a right to claim Antigua but in essence we’ll always be African.
      Be careful on these comment sections ppl, a lot of white supremacist trolls posing as black people trying to sew seeds of discord.

  3. I humbly request that King Short Shirt’s song ILLUSION be made the song of the month..

    King Frankie and Mr Omard what do you think?

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