‘A bunch of losers;’ PM Reacts To New UPP Candidates


Prime Minister Gaston Browne over the weekend dismissed as “a bunch of losers” a list being circulated with the names of potential candidates for the United Progressive Party in the next general election.

Since the circulation of that list, the UPP has formally announced four of those individuals in a news release today.  They are Alex Browne, Alister Thomas, Michael Burton and Richard Lewis.

Browne said the names of the individuals circulating on that list cannot be taken seriously.

“I don’t know if you look at the slate that they put out, with a bunch of losers,” he said.

“I find that to be quite disrespectful to the people of Antigua & Barbuda who are looking for leadership from accomplished individuals. Individuals at least who would have run some kind of successful entity in the public or private sector,” Browne added.

“They feel like they can pick up these losers; one of them dropped out of school in third form, another one is an unemployed former banker. You see they glorify mediocrity and that is why they always continue to attract those low level candidates,” the prime minister said.

Elections were last held in Antigua and Barbuda in March 2018.



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  2. I agree. I was looking forward to seeing more accomplished candidates. I was surprised that only two went to university. Come on UPP, you need to come better than that. I’m actually rooting for a viable opposition.

      I never realized that one has to attend a University to be smart and or run for a political office.Look at the Labor Party in Office at present.Most of them would have a Degree of some sorts.Look at how those University grads are running the damn country.Point to one thing they have done in the past 6 years in Governance.That would help the poor and down trodden in the DAMN COUNTRY.Many,if not most of the people are living hands to mouths,daily.And you talking about University and Politics.DID YOU EAT TOO MUCH RAMEN AND VIENNA SAUSAGES.

      • Why done you accept the fact that these first four candidates are full of fart. Burton is an ABLP reject who trying to pull a Winston Williams, Richard Lewis lost in 2018 and is now the whipping boy of the hog with the lipstick, Alister Thomas is just stroking his ego. UPP needs to throw away this sorry bunch and get some fresh blood and for crying out loud get rid of Lovell as the leader.

      • You are correct. Don’t need to be a college grad to be a politician. But I saw some fraud. I saw some lies as to were one of them said he earned a degree. I want to make sure they are truthful from the beginning. This is the important thing.

      • Its a pity that six years of consecutive growth of at least 5% doesn’t mean nothing to you. I guess the negative growth under the UPP was much bdtter

        • #Sideline. You believe we will find evidence of that 5% on the IMF article 4 report? As we say in Antigua, ” a fisherman never admit he fish tink’. We dont want yo hear from no fisherman, especially this one that can only survive by fooling people.

          • So it doesn’t matter if the ECCB says it, or if ECLAC says it or if CDB says it. You want IMF to say it. And if I’m not mistaken they did say that last year was 7%. Listen you cannot fight or deny independent agencies that are not in any way shape or form controlled by the Antigua government. But you can live in your own denial. No one can help you with that. You have to emancipate yourself

        • You are right. Six years of fraudulent growth doesn’t mean a thing to the Antiguans without food right now.

          • Have you seen the lines going to the Food Banks in the Great United States of America. The Richest country in the world. Compare that to us, I think we are not doing to bad. Our needy are being delivered food packages right at their homes.

      • @Tuna, is it an argument you desire? I am being realistic. There is no way the Majority if Antiguan voters will put their confidence in undereducated men. I’m clearly not for the ABLP, which is why I stated “ I’m actually rooting for a viable opposition.”

        We need economists, we need tourism and investment masters. These people exist and ought to come forward to give Antigua a brighter future. Will these men (UPP’s candidates), in your honest opinion, be able to make international decisions for the country any better than the current leaders?

        • @Just Trolling
          There are many qualified Antiguans but they don’t want to be part of Antigua gutter politics. Who wants to be subjected to character assassination by the emperor on his radio station? Why subject themselves to law enforcement trying to drum of criminal charges against them. Remember what happened to Burton? Only certain people can stomach what the ALP calls politics.

        • Just Trolling:Because someone has a University Degree.Does not mean he/she is smarter than someone without a Degree.The way you are thinking.That is the way we thought 60 years ago in Antigua.That all with Degrees were smart,not so at all.

      • Well said.
        The more university educated we are, the more dunceness we appear to display; so character, principle and commonsense are more important in politics , in my view.
        Which university Papa Bird went to and how many of those in his admin went to university?
        Wasn’t it after all them so called university grads took over Antigua started the race down hill?

  3. What is gaston accomplishments again? Enlighten me please since he is so accomplished why is Antigua in such a state under his leadership?

    Sorry …There will be NO Opposition after next Election. ABLP BIG SWEEP. UPP not Attractive. UPP attract Third Rated Candidates . Pearl Quinn-Williams my Choice for Leader of UPP. Harold Lovell and Gisel Isaac must GO.

  5. @ BLADE 268
    Hon.Gaston Browne is a well accomplished Person . Hon.Gaston Browne has His MASTERS DEGREE. Also a well SELF made MILLIONAIRE. Do you believe We can trust Antigua to BUNCH of UPP NON ACCOMPLISHED LOSERS ?????

    • Please tell us what’s the name of the University that Gaston Brown graduated from? Please list his his acomplishments, Michael Brown had a lawyer wrote a letter stating that he perusing his PHD, better yet, we could ask Dr Emanuel to investigate such, now there’s an individual with CREDENTIALS A SCHOOL PRINCIPAL & NOW

    • @RUPERT MANN. What particular skill contributed to this ‘self made’ millionaire? Is he a Software Engineer or some orher kind? As far as I am aware, he was not even a recognized banker. So what is it? Simply put, this is what barefacedness and personal enrichment looks like and it will be continued until people realize that there is an unfair distribution of weatlh here which will hurt the masses while enriching a few.

    • What is Gaston’s Master’s degree in? Have you ever seen it? Do you know which school he attended? A best he no min go no school cause he don’t know what the hell he doing.

  6. Just Trolling please do not raise the issue of university because not many of the members of the ABLP has ever walked through the doors of a university. The Cabinet is supposed to include one individual who does not know that a JD (Juris Doctor) degree is not equivalent to a Ph.D and that person is supposed to be our Minister of Education. That same Minister of Education told this nation that one of the region’s foremost scholar in the person of the late Dr. Eric Williams could not get into Howard University to do a double doctorate (as he did). For such a lie he is unfit to be a Minister much less a Minister of Education. Dr. Eric Williams left Oxford University in England to become a Professor at Howard University. I need to see an apology from Michael Brown for both his lies and ignorance.

    • Really? 🤣 now you sound like trump pressing Obama to present his birth certificate. The fact of the matter is almost all of the ABLP members have been through a university door and have used that degree to establish themselves in the antiguan society and elevating their reputation. I to had hopes that UPP would bring proper candidates this time around but this is not it, and I hope Harold gives up the leadership because it is clear Antigua people do not trust him!


        • @All Around
          Which professionals want to enter politics to have their character destroyed with lies by this government and abused by labour supporters? Professionals by all accounts are enjoying what they worked for and don’t need to wallow in no dirty politics. Mansoor entered politics only to have his family business bombed. The unlearned Antiguans will have the government they vote for just so they can go begging the politicians.

      • Taking Notes please indicate the ABLP members who have walked through a university door. With the exception of Cutie Benjamin, Weston and Samantha how many more can you mention. Please don’t get me wrong since a university degree to me is not a requirement to be a good politician or a successful person. Our great Father of the nation did not have a university degree as Audley Phillip has indicated. One of the most brilliant minds that our region has produced (CLR James) did not go to university. Bill Gates and Michael Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard because to them it was a waste of their time. Now, do you still think that a university degree is the be all and end all of everything. What we need in Antigua and Barbuda in our politicians is honesty and integrity and putting country first unlike the people in government at the moment.

        • For you not to know the professional profile of the ABLP candidates tells me you are really blinded by political bias. I mean the UPP candidates of 2004 were most of them impressive. Almost all lawyers. except Baldwin, Daniel and Hilston.
          But iv you want to know their profile just go to the ABLP Facebook page.
          The only one that I doubt has a university degree is Sir Robin. But he has the years of experience.

        • Benjamin went to the open university which is as useless as Mrs. PM’s degree from the Phoenix diploma mill. Weston is the only person on the ALP benches who you could call educated.

    • After @Charles Tabor lost his argument with Sir Gerald Watt he wants to come challenge MY OPINION! Please, contest the election so we can see you lose bitterly. A spade can be nothing more than a spade and I just called it like I saw it.

  7. Rupert Mann please ask Gaston Browne to produce his Masters Degree for the nation to see. Antiguans seem to be the most gullible people in the world. We believe everything we hear without seeking proof. Didn’t we also hear that Michael Brown has a double doctorate.

    • @Charles Tabor I agree. They claim he has a Master’s degree yet there are no evidence of that degree. Which school did he attend? When did he graduate? It’s the same way they believed Michael Browne was a PhD. Later he was a PhD candidate. 6 years on and he hasn’t graduated. Gullible and credulous.

    I am soooo Happy that you surfaced . Honestly, Tabor are these the Candidates that UPP can attract ??? I know that you know that NO WAY that Antiguans will vote for these Four Candidates. Also on the weekend I saw a slate of sixteen Candidates . All sixteen NOT ELECTABLE. Your UPP is suffering from Public Relations Nightmare. Did you hear Cortright Marshall on Observer Radio on Friday June 12 2020 ????. What a HORROR show. Cortright Marshall was Laughable. Darren Matthew Ward told Marshall that He was CONFUSED. Tabor the problem with the UPP is All You Guys bury your heads in the sand. You Guys are afraid to speak the truth at the Executive Level. Losing UPP. By the way are you or your Son will be on the ticket ? By the Tabor Prime Minister has His Master Degree in Banking. Very Intelligent , Smart Hon. Gaston Browne. Hon. Gaston Browne much much more intelligent than you Tabor.

    • It’s amazing how you are agreeing with the PM when you can’t string a proper sentence together. Who is the dunce? Let me correct your question to Tabor: Will you or your son be on the UPP ticket? No need to thank me.

      Btw, Corthwright Marshall is one of the brightest minds in Antigua. Check his resume.


    Michael Browne is my Representation. He is a very Honourable Man. Very Intelligent. A man of Integrity.

    • Correction again: Michael Browne is my representative. (Not representation). And you all calling people dunce. (*facepalm)

  10. I have been following all the postings on this medium and for the life of me I hope my UPP is taking notes.99.9 % of the postings are TOTALLY against the UPP Candidates. Something is wrong with my UPP. You cannot enter election with these VERY LOW pollings . Please UPP GO back to the drawing board. A word to the wise. I am a UPP Member. My good Friend Charles Tabor Please talk to the Executives. This does NOT look good at all.

    • @ Mr. Johnson
      99% of the postings are totally against the UPP candidate because only one person is doing these postings under different names. An Alp paid operative.

    • @ Johnson. That just means 99.9% are ABLP operatives. Notice how they dont answer to questions that seek at the truth. Like Michael Brown’s doctorate. In St Lucia, a candidate once declared his doctorate before it was conferred and was abruptly removed; that is what accountability is. So unless you are just another ‘ wolf in sheep clothing’ take all these comments above Harold Lovell and UPP in general with a heavy dose of salt beacuse they are activily CAMPAIGNING.

  11. Antigua and Barbuda doesn’t necessarily need people with degrees to run the country. That is a myth. Those politicians that has degrees are the biggest scamps in the country…….they use their degree to manipulate the loop holes in government institutions which enables them to enrich themselves at the country’s expense. Ever since the politicians created Statutory Corporation the level of corruption has increased over a thousand percent. Politicians and cronies puts machinery in place so they can divert funds from the Treasury into their pockets. Bunch ah wicked people!

    • @ ALEX
      Why don’t you see things in Their right context ? We are talking about PRESENTATION. These Four Candidates already lost. No Women Candidates available. Wake up Man..

  12. The PM is correct.

    Seems like the UPP emptied the barrel in 2004.

    2004 was an awesome team look memories……Even the ABLP would agree to that.





    • @Melch. You just want another set to call deadas. I can just see it: Gavin-all he know is music. King Zacari- why he dont just continue to sing he calypso and fix car? Jesus Christ – why he just dont continue heal he sick and raise dead. The last case is purposely extreme but just to prove my point that whoever UPP puts up will be vilified by ABLP and their operatives no matter what. That in itself is nonsense because whether UPP changes leader or not, find the brightest and best or not, they have no intention of moving from ABLP. The promise of being on the gravy train is too strong.

  14. These candidates are a joke and an insult to the UPP. It is high time the party get serious and clean house starting from the the leader and the chairman of the party. What a set of hasbeens. Oh my gosh not even a new young fresh face. This is why I see now Gaston Browne and company do as they feel like because the opposition is weak and makes no effort to put fire under them. I did had hopes for Joanne Massiah and DNA but they are a even bigger joke than the UPP. God help Antigua.

  15. Lovell likes to pride himself on saying that he listens to the people. I hope he listens to the feedback regarding these 4 candidates loud and clear.

    Where is Cool Runner, jed, DessASSlines and _________ to give their input?

    • That is a VERY good question. The mentioned names have gone quiet. But you miss TWO OF THEM WHERE IS ‘BLACKMAN’ and ‘TUNA’

  16. Our politics have sunken to the lowest low when all we can do is spend time belittling others. We have greats who have represented Antigua at the highest levels in politics, most of whom do not have a College or University Education. These includes but not limited to the Right Hon. Dr V.C. Bird, Hon. Mr Ernest Emmanuel Williams, Sir Adolphus Freeland, Sir Eric Burton just to name a few. It’s about time that we raise the level of our discussion and stop the person attacks and character assassination. I am imploring the Prime Minister to please take the lead in this regard.

      • No interest in representational politics but want to see our politics upgraded to issue based rather than personal attacks.

    • Audley, they met the standards of those times (not only just in ANU).The persons you mentioned stood above most if not all of their peers educationally. You really think the standards should be the same today considering the many opportunities we now have? Your way of thinking we don’t reward persons for utilizing opportunities but instead reward those who did not? Since major companies these days will not place persons in leadership positions without a degree, why should it be different for political office? Like your push is to make A&B the laughing stock of the world by not adhering to known benchmarks

      • While we’re at it, maybe we should look into some of those degrees flaunted by some of the preachers in this country, especially those who say they are “Bishops”, “Apostles” and “Prophets”.

    • The times of PAPA BIRD were different times. Many of us didn’t have the option or opportunity to go to university, but yet they had common sense. And PAPA made sure his children went to college. Cause he knew his shortcoming.

  17. Ten situations where the UPP failed to show leadership and effectiveness:

    1 Yida agreement
    2 Port agreement
    3 Murders, rapists and other serious criminals released from jail early.
    4 The Michael Freeland issue
    5 The AG criminal case
    6 land swap
    7 long bay inside information land deal
    8 WIOC sale
    9 CUB investment
    10 PM wife’s charity activities
    11 land sale in point
    12 CIP money
    13 NAMCO
    14 Lack of infrastructure
    15 Lack of potable water
    16 endless amnesty
    17 Land at Morris Bay end up in a foreign Bank’s asset account.
    18 High unemployment
    19 High fuel prices
    20 Barbuda land grab
    21 High utility bills
    22 Late pension payments
    23 The over crowded and poor condition at prison situation
    24 High national death (debt)
    25 Handling of hurricane relief funds.

    • @Melch. Which of the protests against any one of the things on your list did you join?
      It is easy to be a computer warrior while waiting for others to fight for you.

      • @Zackie
        Please take note that the era of marching is long gone.
        Civil disobedience is the way?
        I am prepared are you?

    • nobody can give you freedom. nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. if you are a man you take it (Malcolm x). 25 reasons cited only affects harold lovell and UPP?

  18. I am going to call some of these colleges and universities to find out the truth. I saw some lies as to were one of them said he earned a degree. I want to make sure they are truthful from the beginning.

    • And while you’re at it you can check on the “doctorates” of some of the preachers in this country, especially those who call themselves “Bishop”, “Prophet”, “Apostle” etc. How many of those degrees are the real thing?

  19. ALP supporters for some reason likes to have their politicians rich while they live hand to mouth. Why all the commotion. If voters can see antigua today and think we are going in the right direction, no problem vote labour. If you prefer a PM that claims he building a power house yet doubles the public sector wage bill putting an entire economy on the brink of collapse. Vote labour.
    80% of the houses built by national housing are occupied by public sector workers. The monthly bill by the govt is northwards 40 million. Think about that. Is that sustainable?
    I havent seen water from my pipe in 3 weeks. If that situation is tenable we deserve ALP.
    If a man can tell you his salary is not enough while he gets paid an extra $10,000 to live in his own house. He also gets free utilities and other incentives like his choice of crown lands at $25,000 per acre. We know of the 3 acres of land in english harbour he got for $75,000. He sold a house plot for $500,000. Vote labour

    • @juju beard. Couldnt say it better than you . All of the negative posters here are using UPP as an excuse to continue to support a PM who has clearly failed! and instead of calling him out on the: failed promises; continued borrowing to keep propping his govt up; the continued give away of our resources etc, they are complaining that they need a hero, while killing every hero who is brave enough to try to help them.

  20. If he thinks these Candidates are losers what does he think of the average Antiguan ? The CBH and Backhoe man ?

  21. Mr. Prime Minister:

    What is man ? Consider your mortality. Notice, I said “Mortality”. You are like every other man….just mortal …sinful….evil…. deceitful…..unholy. You call others “Losers”. Be aware: your words will come back to haunt you, my friend.

    Consider what you have done for the time that you have spend thus far on this earth. Are you ways pleasing in the eyes your Maker ? Or do you even remember that there is a Creator who knows your heart and sees your every deed ?
    Do you know that ? If you did not…..then I am telling you TRUTH !
    A fountain cannot dispel cold water and hot water from the same point. You either stand on one side or the other. No MIDDLE GROUND. It is Life or Death.
    All of us have that choice. God NEVER have the majority on His side. NEVER!
    The whole world is deceived. You are deceived.
    Every word that you utter from my mouth….that really comes from the heart; is recorded and you will give account for them soon. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

  22. I find some of ya’ll very disrespectful trying to degrade the 4 candidates.We as the people of this nation of Antigua and Barbuda needs to wake up and smell the coffee.Give the people a fair chance.Look at his wife.Is she highly educated?Does she has a degree or diploma?How did she became a Minister?Stop degrading one another.Instead lift one another up and support each other.Tearing down one another ain’t getting the Country nowhere.You see so many young educated students who have gradguated with a high degree,you find them working at Gas stations or Supermarkets.Where is the Government support system for these youths.Talk about the most important things that needs strengthening and stop the blasted criticism.Only when election time come round the corner yall alp candidates running around shubbing a little stipend in people hands.Where are you when the people of this Country needs you?All ya’ll doing is getting rich off of poor peole instead ya’ll help them.Do remember the people put you in a position and so can they take you out.The system here for young people is very very poor.In terms of College and job opportunities.Yall can do better than this.

  23. Alister sad to say is just looking to secure an income for himself. All those government related incomes have dried out. Now he has to fight hard to make a dollar. And no one is lending him anything anymore. And too bad no Carnival this year either. So no money from costumes and mass troupe.

    • LMAO!!!!! Alister Thomas himself looks “dried out”
      No one (not even Alister himself) can confirm what secondary school he GRADUATED from. Do you know?

    • @Sidelines:Where is Alister Thomas from.I never realized Antigua was own by Gaston Browne and the Labor Party. Alister Thomas has the rights to run for any offices in Antigua.Gaston Browne used his positions in political office for over 20 years to enriched himself.Do you want to argue that?

  24. All you people in the comments just bad as these politicians. Alp upp all of them is the same. Same old crap. Nothing new and refreshing. Antigua is in need a a third party with freash ideas not who go to univeristy and who have degree. But who go look after Anitgua people.

  25. Amazing how as a nation, in an effort to rid our bodies of surplus bile, we rant on and on trying to outscore the other to be the most vile, disrespectful and idiotic of all. Is there an export market for such people? We could gain much needed revenue from this source…but then the value may be negligible. This whole boast of educational status and its inextricable link to good governance first made its appearance in Antigua during the 1970’s when the PLM boasted then of having “the most educated” gov’t in the region. They messed up big time, degrees notwithstandind and were kicked out of office after only ONE term, 1972 – 1976. Fast forward to present times, PLM now rebranded UPP, is again regurgitating the same nonsense. Despite their superior educational acumen, they were again kicked out of office in a most humiliating way in March 2018 managing to capture only ONE single seat, one single pringle. Ironically, the one successful candidate from this bunch of education elites has yet to grace the halls of any university anywhere. He is however officially addressed as the Honourable Leader of the Opposition….! Enough already!!!! Hang your degrees on your personal walls where you can see them and be comforted by them. Bring to the table talent, fearlessness, ideas, a proven track record, testicular fortitude, boldness etc., etc.,.. Pound for pound, like it or not the current slate of ABLP statesmen and women far outclasses the current mottley of UPP aspirants. And if they are defined by the mental capacity of the foul-mouthed supporters, then they are to be shunned at every turn.

  26. From all your comments…I can see more clearly why this country is in such a state of disrepair. I say again: you allow politrickians to deceive you and control your minds. I ask once again: Antiguans….are you REALLY THAT FOOLISH INDEED ? It is amazing how for so long you are slaves to your MISLEADERS and you are happy to remain in that state. Really Pathetic ! They have no good intentions for this nation. Their only desire is to enrich themselves and destroy this nation.
    Can you not see and understand it ? Are you really so blind ?
    Then again… the Creator did warn about these corrupt misleaders and their followers. The blind leading the blind. Your corrupt practices and schemes will SOON COME TO A CRASHING END.
    One of these days soon; you hear a voice say come: Where you are gonna run too. You will run to your riches but they CANNOT HELP YOU.
    The heart of man is wicked, deceitful, evil, and corrupt. Those are the qualities of the people who portray themselves as government of this nation. Only getting worse. No truth, no love, no compassion, no justice.
    WAKE UP, Antiguans. Yes …I am talking to you who is reading this…yes you and you and you also.
    You civil servants, you minister of religion, you business man, you permanent secretaries, minister of government…you statutory board members…you trade union misleaders: .YOU ARE ALL CORRUPT.



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