94 new cases of COVID-19


(Dashboard Update for September 10, 2021)

The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed ninety-four (94) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 6pm.

Seventy-four (74) samples were processed at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and two hundred and fifty (250) at CARPHA.

Thirty-five (35) recovered cases were recorded increasing the total to one thousand four hundred and sixty-eight (1468).

One (1) Covid-19 related death was recorded on September 8th 2021 increasing the total to forty-eight (48).

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is two thousand one hundred and fifty-three (2153); which is inclusive of six hundred and thirty-seven (637) active cases. There are thirty-six (36) hospitalized cases; twenty-one (21) mild, eleven (11) moderate and four (4) severe.

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda has fully vaccinated thirty five thousand seven hundred and nine (35,709) individuals while seven thousand nine hundred and seventy-two (7,972) have only received their first dose.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. Where are those severe spreads coming from? Gaston,we the people need answers, fastest.Did the crowded pools contributed to the upticks in Covid-19 Cases? You cannot blamed the Antigua and Barbuda Freedom Fighters.

      • What is the dumb comment? We absolutely need to know the sources of all these new cases. Just like they used to say whether a case was imported or domestic, we need to know from serious investigation and contact tracing the possible source of the cases.

        • Absolutely, we need to know. The so-called “Freedom Fighters”, the pool incident….all of these and numerous other incidents are likely contributors. Just say it.

          • Who are the people getting infected? Do they work in a particular sector? Stop mentioning Freedom Fighters as more people go to the market on Saturdays. Is there a correlation between the increased number of tourists and the increase in covid?

      • @. I can see that you were born behind a horse’s arse.We the people have a right to know.Where those spreads are being generated and curtail them.

    • Jesus not going to “take the wheel” (dumb idea) on this one. The people are just going to have to follow carefully all of the health orders, and violators need to be charged.

  2. how many of the cases were fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals. no transparency with these stats they giving to us

  3. In times like this of covid 19 taking over the world with no signs of stoping, what are the government of Antigua and Barbuda are doing for its citizens in 1735 now the virus is getting worst? They the government said that 1735 is inhumane on numerous occasions why can’t the white man from England stay in house 1735 ? so they made recommendation for him to be house else where.no recommendation were ever given to thier citizens to whom families out in the free world going to vote. He were found guilty of rape an bare in mind he were a police officer of England at the time an when he were charged he ran away.so can the government please tell. Us Wat’s going on with 1735 because there is covid in there and no one knows Wat’s gonna happen to their family member.

    • That “white man from England” should be hauled over to 1735 today. He no better than any of the rest of them. Damn rapist! England don’t run this place, and there are no special rights for convicted rapists.

      • The white man can’t stay in 1735 because it is an inhumane place. When his High Commissioner visits him and tell the world what is going on, tourists will boycott Antigua. So you see there is political reason for his treatment. It is not now that the government said they are building a new prison and cleaning up 1735.

  4. State of emergency forever, a 2 weeks curfew happen to be 2 years bigger countries don’t have this madness continuously. I wonder if people are going to continue be so divided with vax and non vax while the leaders taking away our rights pretending they care and have all the answers.

    The protocols suppose to stop the spread not the curfew, stop being fearful , stop listening to the lies of the leaders who only love themselves.

    The curfew is to control, the people and to make nonsensical decision.

  5. It’s better to die of covid than to be enslaved by wicked liard leaders who look to control, pretending they have your best interests at heart trying to suppress the people into an experiment.

    How many times people are dying from cancer and other sickness and these caring leaders are not around and people have to do fund raisers for assistance.

    How many times a vagrant has to eat out of the bin and they never look to protect and prevent those activities by putting laws in place and that is a health concern.

    Where was the protection and the concern all the time? Where?

    All the countries are reading and following the same manual, “The vaccine is the only way back to normalcy ” it will stop you from dying” herd immunity but there is no liability

    Pure lies!

    A foolish man allow the media to think for him he question nothing, he say trust the scientists, trust the leaders they know what’s best even if it don’t make no sense to you, your natural immune system is not effective.

    Fear captivates their minds they are looking for peace and safety in the wrong place, they operate as if a death from covid is the worst and only way one will die.

  6. Let not the fictitious numbers in still fear and shake you, stand fast build your immune system follow the protocols

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