93 Covid-19 Test Results Pending


 (Amendments to the Dashboard Publication Schedule)


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment remains committed to providing the public with timely and accurate information.


In keeping with this commitment with regards to Covid-19 developments and statistical updates, the Ministry on July 10th, 2020 started updating the dashboard three times weekly; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the cut off time for the collection of data each day being 6pm of the previous day.


The Ministry recognizes the concerns of the public that the pending cases column has remained zero on the dashboard for a number of weeks.


The reason for this was that at the time of publication, the results for the pending cases taken in between the issuing of the three weekly dashboards would have already been received and reflected in the statistics.


Notwithstanding the above, in order to account for all statistical data, the Ministry has decided to issue a daily publication of the dashboard, Mondays through to Fridays to capture the pending results and the laboratory reports.


The ninety-three pending cases shown on the dashboard were samples sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) yesterday.  This demonstrates the Ministry’s intention to expand testing capacity and contact tracing.


The Ministry wishes to thank you for your feedback as it has assisted us greatly in our quality assurance mandate.



  1. ABLP will pay at election time if they continue with this nonsense of mandatory wearing of masks and curfews. You have been warned ABLP.
    There is a PROVEN CURE for covid-19. HCQ among other treatments. There was no need to ruin businesses and people’s lives with this medical problem response that has now been PROVEN to be less deadly then the common flu.

    • You sound like those idiots in Florida. They have the same attitude as you and we are now seeing how Florida is because the young people wanted to go partying.

      • Florida has been caught doing ‘creative counting’ when it comes to covid deaths.
        Governor Ron DeSantis recently called for Florida to review its case-counting methods after a man who died in a motorcycle crash in Orange County was tagged as a Covid-19.
        Another important factor to consider is the high number of elderly people living in Florida.

  2. Looking at the seriousness of covid 19 which the World Health Organisation has announce as the worst pandemic the world has ever face the 6th world health pandemic crisis which is now the worst. Alot of serious thoughts has to be in effect in effort to keep the virus contained.
    Social distance is a must. The main industry is impacted massively, alot of people are unemployed, there is no vacince for the virus. Alot of people are suggling to keep food on the table or roof over thier heads. Medical assistance is costly. Over fifty percent 50% of the population cant afford. But we still have to continue Social distance.
    School has to remain close for the balance of the Year. Bars, clubs, parties and huge gatherings must be ban for the rest of the year its hard to accept but we cannot put the children at high risk and society at a higher risk. Travelling is high risk and is going to remain very high risk.
    Tourism is gonna remain very slow until 2021.
    Now is the time to think about humanity. How best we can keep humanity together.
    Remain on Social distance.
    Remain on a curfew.
    Keep churches funerals and minimum.
    Follow rules wear mask in public and follow protocols in businesses essential and non essential.
    Yes we want our normal lives back but we cant bring back a life, love one or if the state goes back into full state of emergency we cant control, it will be the end🤔
    There is always a ripple effect from the bigger nations down to the smaller islands. Just be wise!

    • You just listed all the examples of the damage being done to the island’s economy and to the mental health of it’s citizens but then dismissed it all as irrelevant because of the imagined seriousness of the covid-19 pandemic.(which no longer even qualifies for that definition).
      Masks don’t protect you or anybody else and social distancing is a farce.
      This is all about CONTROL. (Agenda 30 for global domination)
      I hope you have enjoyed the preview of you re-enslavement.

  3. You people are acting like a bunch of sheep. Wake up and do some research. The WHO AND THE CDC have been caught lying to you. Look it up yourself.
    The covid-19 has a death rate of less then 0.02% which is less than the flu.
    It hardly has ANY effect on healthy people. (If you are not healthy than that is a different matter)

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