90 is the New 60: Entrepreneurship in Retirement is a Growing Trend 


Retirement used to mark the end of an era, with a complete exit from the workplace. However, today’s retirees will not be living their grandparents’ retirement lifestyles.

Increased longevity means that today’s retirees in their 60s are closer to middle age than old age. They are often more successful as entrepreneurs because they have more financial strength, personal stability and self-awareness than their younger cohorts. The confidence and wisdom gained from prior work and personal experiences can also provide  significant advantages.

My mother, Miriam Samuel is turning 90 and as the owner of an agri-products business, called Screw Pine, she has refused to slow down. In fact, Mirie began making plans to become a “seniorpreneur” more than 10 years before retiring. She has outlined her journey in her new book Mirie’s Magic Recipe: Loving, Leading, Legacy. Here is an excerpt from the book.

“Before retiring, I established a market and a customer following, so I was ready to take that leap in starting my business. But it was still a learning process and I had to learn new skills. I was not afraid to get back into the classroom to learn new skills,” Mirie said.

For many, retirement has become a transition to greater lifestyle choices versus a complete severance from a career. Such choices include tailoring work so that it can be done on their terms instead of being restricted to traditional models such as a 40-hour work week.

If you are thinking about entrepreneurship as part of your retirement transition, here is some advice that I gave to my mother that you may also want  to consider:

How much should you invest in starting a business?

Although entrepreneurship may provide newfound freedom, it should not threaten the financial security you have worked long and hard to build. Before committing to a business, consult your financial advisor and discuss what types of businesses are appropriate for you. Gradually converting a small hobby such as cooking to a catering business as a side hustle, may be more prudent than investing in a full fledged restaurant. You should also discuss if borrowing and using savings are appropriate based on your financial position.

What personal risk may come from your business?

If you’ve had a full career as an employee, you may not have had to think about business liability and threats to your personal estate. By converting hobbies or other interests to a business you may engage in activity which requires protection beyond your homeowners and personal umbrella policies. You should discuss your business plans with your attorney, insurance agent and other trusted advisors, and explore whether sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability is more suited to the type of business you wish to create. You may also consider business insurance to protect the assets you have accumulated personally.

Will you have fun?

Although you are starting a business, you are doing it as part of your retirement lifestyle. Activities in retirement should continue the things you enjoy about work such as social engagement, achieving goals and having financial security. Make sure the venture you choose doesn’t feel like work, but instead is enjoyable and contributes positively to your well-being.

Like my mother, retirement as an entrepreneur can become your next adventure! It is important that you have fun doing something new, while at the same time planning ahead for potential expenses or risks associated with your new venture by discussing your plans with professional advisors.

If you’re considering entrepreneurship as part of your retirement plans, you may want to read this book that explores life through a culinary lens. Cooking is one of Mirie’s favorite pastimes. She delves deep into the ingredients necessary for entrepreneurial success, exploring the mindset, skills, strategies, and principles that pave the way for accomplishing one’s goals.

“There’s no expiration date on passion because retirement may just be your season to shine and help pave the way for younger people. If you have health and strength, why stop doing what you enjoy?” Mirie asks.

Mirie’s Magic Recipe: Loving, Leading, Legacy is available on Amazon: https://a.co/d/2QZL8fk

Megan Samuel-Fields is CEO of SamuelFields Consulting Group (SFCG). She is a CPA, Attorney-at-Law and Financial Coach. As an experienced Executive Consultant she has a demonstrated history of working in the financial, accounting and legal sectors, with a record of success in challenging business environments.

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