9-member jury finds man NOT GUILTY of raping 31-year-old woman


A man in his early 40s was found not guilty on an indictment filed by the Director of a Public Prosecutions Anthony Armstrong for the offence of rape. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

The defendant was represented by Attorney-at-law Wendel Robinson, a noted defence attorney in the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

After the 4-day trial the nine-member jury of 2 males and 7 females, returned an unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY after approximately two hours of deliberations.

The man was accused of raping the 31-year-old woman at his home in Swetes where he offered her temporary lodging.

The virtual complainant who is a mother of 2 children, gave evidence behind a screen as she complained to the prosecutors that she suffers panic attack whenever he sees the defendant.

The crown alleged that during the early hours of June 8, 2018, she was awakened with a heavy weight on top of her and then she realized it was the defendant who penetrated her.

She also told the court that the man fell asleep in the same bed with her. In addressing the jury, the crown said that the woman was vulnerable and desperate and the man take advantage of that vulnerability.

However, under cross examination from Defence Counsel Robinson, the woman admitted that she left and went away to visit her cousin and then returned to the house the next night and the same thing happened to her again.

Robinson told the jury that the case for the crown logically makes no sense… a woman was raped and the man fell asleep on the bed and the next night she came back to the house was raped a second time and laid on the bed until dawn.

The defendant wept bitterly as he gave his unsworn testimony from the dock.

When the jury announced the verdict of Not Guilty the defendant fell to the floor in the dock and wept again.

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  1. Attorney Wendell Robinson is the legal authority in Antigua and Barbuda at this present time. He understands police department’s ineptitudes. Thus, giving him an enormous advantage.


      From this perspective, ‘…Full Agreement’ my friend.

      One ‘…Fundamental Disadvantage,’ was that the Defence provided the Prosecution (DPP) ‘…No Opportunity’ to test the veracity of ‘…EVIDENCE GIVEN ON OATH.’

      When evidence is so given, these ar what obtain:

      (i) ‘…Accused would be subjected to vigorous, if not intense ‘…Cross Examination:

      (ii) ‘…Dependent upon what may have been revealed, Defence Counsel would have been able to ‘…RE-EXAMINE THE ACCUSED:

      (iii) ‘…Court may ask a question or two to clear up any part of the evidence that it
      considers ‘AMBIGUOUS’ (not clear to the understanding: and

      (iv) ‘…Jury may also do the same.’


      A ‘…Statement made from the Dock’ (not on Oath) ‘SHALL’ not be questioned, neither by the ‘…DPP: …JUDGE: nor JURY.’


      This now resides with the ‘DPP,’ but only on ‘…POINTS OF LAW.’

  2. Even though the man should be charge for raping,the woman was wrong for not calling the police, and she also made a mistake by go back at the same house and slept there again

    • Wha de hell u ah talk bout? De man get charge and 7 WOMAN AND 2 MAN say he NOT GUILTY de bish was lying me to want her sue she rass and tek she to de cleaners and back

  3. Well ANR took ya long enough but still ya post um congrats bruh me na know u but me glad dat ah 7 WOMEN and 2 MEN UNANIMOUSLY find he NOT GUILTY now when de justice system go deal wid all them woman who mek false rape report?? A plenty man done got jail innocently cause of this
    Bruh if me min be u me woulda sue she rass for de hell she put u through

  4. Through disappointment and adversity purpose can be revealed… it’s amazing to observe Mr. Robinson walk into that purpose in which he was called.. interesting a jury of 7 women and 2 men acquitted him.. something really didn’t hold water…

  5. None of you were there when he forced himself upon me on my own bed, both times. The same bed I sleep on to this day. None of you were there when he almost took my life but his lawyer wouldn’t bring that to light. I knew the judicial system would fail me because women are dispensable to men who think they have power. I have forgiven him, I don’t wish bad for him but he will live with his conscience. YAHWEH ELOHIM will deal with him. I’m happy he didn’t go to jail because he has a young son to raise and the final judge is and never will be Man.


    • Gyal bye ya to damn lie talk about de man rape u if u know re system min go fail y waste de po po and court time y’all women to wicked and me ah pray fu de dey come wen them start real wid y’all wicked ass me to want de man sue for all he pain and suffering

    • I back you all the way – stay strong in mind and
      body, be safe and know that there are many more that support you than not!

      I admire your strength and forgiveness …

      • She to lie bout man take she not all woman who say them get rape ah rape victim time fu de po po deal with them wicked bish

    • The two situations that caused the jury to return a no-guilty verdict are:
      1. not getting up to bathe or run to make a report to the police
      2. Coming back the next night for more.
      I don’t see how a conviction could have stuck..

      • Good points. Note to ladies though – Not good to bathe right away in these situations. Better to let DNA evidence be collected.

        • Gov’t ain’t paying for no DNA result. You know how much gov’t owe them overseas lab? You know how many cases go to the high court, and rape kit results aren’t presented because they were not processed in time as the gov’t didn’t pay?

    • So why didn’t you call the police right after it happened the first time? Why did you even go back, if you were so undignified ? It is not a nice thing for a man to force themselves on any woman because we all have mothers and would not like it too be done to them, however it is equally not a good thing for a man to be accused of committing such atrocities, when he was innocent. I’m sure we would love to hear the true story. What really happened?

    • @The woman who he raped we know rape is hard to prove generally and women don’t always react the same especially those faced with vulnerability.
      If you believe you were raped, you have my empathy. You were courageous for going to the police and face public opinions.
      I hope you will recover from this ordeal and not be further humiliated by harsh opinions which also help to empower rapists.
      There are many women & men who suffer(ed) in silence but stand with you. There are also many guilty persons who cry from relief that they avoided prison.
      Peace be with you.

    • Rape two times? Men have to becareful these days, there are alot of mentally sick females out there.

  6. Not guilty just means there was too much reasonable doubt to convict. Doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t do it. Obviously, she made some poor decisions as well.
    Lessons to learnt here for everyone.

  7. Her story seems fake. You were desperate please .. After he raped you you went by the cousin then came back to the same said house where you got rape .. some y’all women need to be charged for lying… Cuz the lies y’all does be telling don’t make not one sense.
    It funny how a woman can call rape on a man and police quick to pick him up etc. If a man makes a report on a woman saying that a woman tried to rape him y’all police do nothing but laugh and leave it like that. When will the system here will ever change???

  8. You sound very bitter. You probably need someone to rape you and see how you react.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. People can be so cold and have never been in a situation that makes them feel the way a victim would feel. That is just the double standard of society. No one but God knows what was going through her head, what was going on in her life at that time. Where is your compassion for humanity? Maybe someone should rape your mom, sister, daughter and or niece and see how they cope. Money and Batty run this world, no respect for women can be found anymore.

    • So what bout de man oh he nab none feelings just know not all woman who cry rape get rape alu wicked woman must tap lie pan man and po po need fu tap lock up man as soon as woman cry rape do alu jobs!!

  9. This woman is going to hell in a hand basket for taking this man through this ordeal. He almost killed her while raping her and she go back the other night to be killed and raped again. Called the same man after the first rape to pick her up and went back for round two. Traumatized so much in court by seeing this man that they had to put a board between them to prevent her from looking at him. Then she comes on here talking about she didn’t want him to go to jail or glad he didn’t go to jail. SMH !! Now you remember he has a child ? You forgive him for nearly killing you? I wonder what he really nearly kill you with ? You need to tell the people the truth because you know you and the guy had something and fell out. This is not the first time with your wickedness and you better stop because you have a boy and girl child too . And you better know the true meaning behind the word Shalom and stop using it giving people the impression that you are righteous. Shalom back at you!

  10. Apostle Jeno Jennings, frequently being featured on YouTube had a clip warning young men of girls who would falsely accuse young men of rape hence destroying their lives.
    Jeno is one of the few true Apostles sent by Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

  11. Our women should be always protected. I believe he did force himself on her , which is tantamount to rape. On the other hand she should not have gone back to that house again . However victims of abuse do that as not to feel so bad about it.
    I had a friend who explained to me that he was having sex talk with a female friend. She even described what she had on in bed. He said he drove to her home unknown to her while continuing the conversation. Quietly open her door, took off his clothes in her living room. Then rushed into her bed. He then said this is what you want and forced himself on her. I told him that was rape . He said she cried and cried after and told him to get out the house. He apologized and left. The next day she called and asked him for a ride to work. Why ?
    I told him she wanted to ease the pain. After a few weeks she stopped talking to him. I always look on him as a rapist and in my mind he could do it again.

    • Chupse so woman cyant lie as soon as one woman say one man rape she and she bring crocodile tears she must b believed de woman LIED point blank and neatly send one innocent man dey jail thank God fu Wendell one lawyer who worth her sal and thank de 7 WOMAN AND 2 MAN who see throu de bs

    • @frankly speaking. Yes your friend is sick and need help,but there are mitigating factors here and would be almost impossible to come up with a guilty verdict in court given the explanation you gave. Any good lawyer would win this case hands down. You have a little thing call ” motive ” and that’s a huge part in many cases.His motive here was highly influenced by their sexually charged conversations. Anyway you should talk to your friend and give him some good counseling about how real man approach women, and to force himself on anyone.

  12. How is it that the media has access to the courtroom but can only report the accuser’s side of the story? This happens all the time. The crime may very well have happened but there are too many holes in the story plus very important revelations that should have been in the initial police report. When we see the headline RAPE we all want someone to be punished, but this story is very one sided and is not nearly enough to go on, leaving people to their emotions, personal convictions and rumours.

  13. I agree there are different reactions to a traumatic situation like rape, however there are sources close to this situation and in the court room indicates that they were “cool”. Because rape is such a heavy issue, woman out there can try and string a man up and destroy their life without suffering no consequences. Legal actions should be taken against her/ others especially when the accuse is legally not guilty. The consequences for rape is serious and the stain to a person name and character. That should not be taken lightly. This woman has alleged before that she has been raped, as if she is a rape magnet. I am a family member of the person she made the allegation against. We know her well and she is getting people on the sympathy wagon. Acting as some some sort of advocate for woman against “powerful” men. Far from the case here, this lady don’t even raise her own children and running around causing problems in other people’s lives. Leave her children with the grandparents, so she can cause problems with people around the place. If she was more accountable for her actions and be more responsible, then we wouldn’t even be here talking about rape. Shalom !

  14. It’s almost impossible to get a guilty verdict on “he say she say” alone without any forensic, eye witness evidence,virtually impossible. This case was weak on it’s merits, doesn’t mean she wasn’t rape,but the law has strick standards for a guilty verdict.

  15. Psalms {91:8} Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

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