86-year-old woman dies after contracting COVID-19


Dr. Albert Duncan, MSJMC Medical Director said:

“We can confirm that sadly, a female patient, age 86, who had underlying medical conditions, has passed away at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Saturday February 20, 2021 at 11:45pm. She had tested positive for COVID-19.”

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

Even as we do our part by wearing masks and practicing physical distancing along with hand washing/sanitizing, we must remember we are fighting to protect our community. Together, with each of you, MSJMC will continue to work hard to combat this pandemic.
Important safety measures that have been scientifically-proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, includes:

Wearing a mask
Practicing social distancing
Avoiding large gatherings
Additional data, including whether the patient was a resident or tourist (Imported/Non-Imported Case) will be available as a part of the National COVID-19 Dashboard provided by the Ministry of Health Wellness & the Environment.
The media are asked to respect the wishes of the family, and the interests of staff at the hospital to avoid any disruption to operational services.

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  1. a female patient, age 86, who had underlying medical conditions….

    Wearing a mask, Washing your hands, Practicing social distancing and Avoiding large gatherings WILL NOT PROTECT YOU from dying from OLD AGE!

    • Please stop with the Trump logic.

      Many people have comorbidities which they aren’t going to die from anytime soon

      The legal standard is “but for”

      But for contracting COVID this lady would still be alive

      But for PM 🤡 letting in everybody and anybody from high COVID areas with no rules or restrictions, this lady and many others would never have contracted COVID

      • Please stop with the globalist elite logic.

        But for the fact you’re an idiot, you would be worth listening to….

  2. Although it has taken many months for the rest of humanity to get this far, this is not new but that which has been known to the progenitors of the plandemic right from the beginning.

    The evidence falls into two areas; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR “test”) and the non-existent “virus”. We will deal with the latter first:

    Way back in 2002, yet another attempt was made to plunge the world into panic over a brand new, super deadly ‘flu-like “virus” out of China. At the time, it was called severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). On average, the pharmaceutical cartel has attempted to do this every three years since 1963/4.

    These are all propaganda exercises designed to boost “vaccine” sales managed by a special group, called the Epidemic Intelligence Service, developed by the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the 1950’s to artificially declare epidemics.

    Time and again, as you will doubtless recall, these have been non-events which sold a few millions in “vaccines” but, otherwise, nothing happened. SARS managed to log up just 974 deaths world-wide. Avian ‘flu, just 300 or so. Swine ‘flu (1976 and 2009) none whatsoever because it doesn’t exist! Corona virus disease 2019 (Covid 19) is just the next one in the series with one large add-on.

    Eugenics is the belief that humanity is to be improved by killing off all of the “undesirables”. What, you may well ask, is an “undesirable”? It is anyone who leads a life-style which you find undesirable. For Hitler is was homosexuals, Jews and Bolsheviks. For Canada, it was the native indian tribes. In America it was both the indigenous indians and negro ex-slaves.

    For Australia it was the aboriginal peoples. Etc., etc., etc.. Eugenics enjoyed great popularity from about 1920 to 1966 when it, temporarily, went out of fashion. Certain extremely wealthy persons, Bill Gates being prominent amongst them, have resurrected eugenics to compensate for their extreme spiritual impoverished and emotional inadequacies.

    Basically, everyone to whom they feel inferior is to be killed off so that they will feel better (they won’t but they are too retarded in their personal development to realise this.)

    What we now have is the pharmaceutical cartel and the eugenicists working together.

    More information: https://principia-scientific.com/irrefutable-scientific-proof-covid-19-does-not-exist/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+psintl+%28Principia+Scientific+Intl+-+Latest+News%29

  3. COVID is overrunning your island and you are busy convincing yourselves that these poor folks didnt actually die “of COVID” but “with COVID.”

    Sounding like Trump supporting imbeciles.

    And convincing yourselves that COVID doesnt really exist. Meanwhile 2.4 million people have died of it worldwide.

    Great approach to handling a crisis – just pretend it’s not happening.

    That should work out well.

    • Meanwhile 2.4 million people have died of covid-19 worldwide…. Really?
      Can you PROVE that statement? NO YOU CAN’T.
      You’re just parroting something you heard… so I ask, who is the real imbecile?
      You can’t even PROVE the virus exists you moron! Did you know that it has NEVER, EVER been isolated by ANYONE? Did you government inform you of that… NO, they didn’t. WHY?
      Take the time to research the facts and you will perhaps stop being such an ignorant fool.

      • If I hear the truth, does it mean it’s any less true simply because it’s “something I heard?”

        Medical professionals are the ones to rely on when counting COVID deaths, not fools like you.

  4. That document is proof, proof that ignorant people are easily fooled!

    Moderators why do you allow this garbage to be posted?

  5. Am saying…there needs to be an explanation to account for the persons who are active positive cases but are not included in the categories of hospitalized, government and self quarantine. If there are 367 active cases: of which 40 are presently in hospital , 57 and 79 account for government and self quarantine respectively. That gives a sum of : 57 + 79 + 40 = 176
    There is a difference of 367 – 176 = 191

    Where are the 191 positive cases now ?
    Also, Are the 79 self quarantine persons presently covid-positive cases ? If such is the case, I would think that it is MADNESS to have them on self quarantine. Does self quarantine mean that they are at home with family, friends, etc ? Who monitors them to ensure that they are no contact with others around them ?

    I consider also that persons who enter Antigua must be quarantined for 14 days. I am supposing that the numbers on the dashboard do not refer to this category of persons.


  6. The cases was 1,1,1, 2,2,2, 3,3,3, for almost a year the statement was uttered “we going to have cases in the 20’s” like they know the future, we started a curfew then case rise as the curfew start, vaccine come out few weeks after. Is that coincidence? People need to open their eyes and see whats really going on, the virus is killing people with underlying illness and some of the measures is mostly control not out of protection. Where was the love and protection all this time. Fear has captivated the mind of many people they refuse to think.

  7. All these COVID cases are on dictator and traitor Gaston’s head.

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

  8. To live in fear is going to rob people from enjoying their lives, its obvious the virus is real it affects people with underlying conditions mostly, how one will die they are going to die , whether it be covid, cancer, aids, gun shot or vehicle accident thats the way it will be, do what you can do to protect yourself but at the same time continue to live your life or the stress of covid will take you out before the virus, dont be sucked in with the media. Why we don’t have a dash board for all ailments also instead of covid only?

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