86-year-old farmer wants to see more emphasis placed on growing and exporting the Antigua Black

Farmer Enoch Anthony

For eighty-six (86) year old, veteran farmer of the Old Road Community, Enoch Anthony, he wants to see the return of  the ‘glory days’  with regards to the production and exportation of the Antigua Black Pineapple.

Anthony made the point this week while visiting Grant Joyce’s Pineapple Farmer at Claremont Farms which brought back great memories of him working in the pineapple field decades ago.

He said that he is pleased to see the massive pineapple production that is being undertaken by Joyce,  as he (Anthony)  was the one who had taken Joyce ‘under his wings’ many years ago and taught him the many techniques that are integral to growing the Antigua Black Pineapple.

He recalled with pride when he was working on the pineapple farm many years ago, they had a sixty (60) acre plot of land under production.

According to Anthony, every Monday, some 2200 pounds of pineapple were exported to Barbados.

He added that every Thursday and Sunday, 1100 pounds were exported to Bermuda while they still managed to provide pineapples for all the hotels on the island.

While tourism still remains our main industry, Anthony thinks that Agriculture can work ‘hand in hand’ with tourism to further drive economic growth.

“Focus on Agriculture, because when tourists come you have to give them something to eat,” states Mr. Anthony.

Anthony who still tends to his farm, thinks that the Ministry should acquire more land and focus on growing the Antigua Black Pineapple- the sweetest pineapple in the world and vigorously market it not only locally but regionally and internationally as well.

Antigua Black Pineapple



  1. You would need to produce over 15,000-20,000 lb per week just to supply the Antigua resort sector today, let alone supply for the local public. Exporting is another kettle of fish. Worry about producing for local consumption first. Based on 60 acres supplying roughly 5000 lb per week, time to triple the acreage

    • But who said anything about making resorts and locals the priority. You have greater demand in export. Leave an exclusive amount for in-island customers, they accustomed and more time… They either growing it them selves or purchase from a market.

  2. The Black Pineapple is GOLD. Production needs to increased and export is a necessity. Thank God for these good people who tend the soil and produce this wonderful commodity Farmers are to be encouraged and commended for the excellent work they do. Agriculture is honourable, and those who farm are the salt of the earth. Tell a farmer you appreciate them and what they mean to this country. Thank you.

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