85 new cases of COVID-19


(Dashboard Update for September 9, 2021)

The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed eighty-five (85) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 6pm.

Seventy-eight (78) samples were processed at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and two hundred and twenty-two (222) at CARPHA.

Forty-three (43) recovered cases were recorded increasing the total to one thousand four hundred and thirty-three (1433).

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is two thousand and fifty-nine (2059); which is inclusive of five hundred and seventy-nine (579) active cases.


There are thirty-six (36) hospitalized cases; twenty-one (21) mild, eleven (11) moderate and four (4) severe.

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda has fully vaccinated thirty five thousand two hundred and sixty-four (35,264) individuals while seven thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight (7,978) have only received their first dose.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

*Please note a Covid-19 related death was recorded on September 8, 2021 and will be reflected in the next publication of the dashboard.

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  1. Infected test kits ?test kits giving false positives? Fear increase as the case goes up.
    1 vaccine shot 2 vaccine shot 3 vaccine shot 4 vaccine shot people might drop to the floor, these people have been lying to us alot of people are still sleeping

  2. 579 Active Cases as of the 7th September,2021. Those numbers are blowing up.I wondered how come all of a sudden.So that the Mandatory/Woman-datory Vaccines Laws would be enacted.LOL

  3. First, people were saying the numbers were understated on the dashboard. There’s even a note on the dashboard making mention of the recent death because they know people will question the veracity of the figures. Now the numbers are high, you are doubting whether it’s truly the case because you think the government wants to needlessly get you vaccinated. No! They want to get you vaccinated BECAUSE COVID is an existential threat and the case count continues to go up. Antiguans are incredibly dunce. I realized that it’s the people of higher social standing who are well-educated and in good job positions who got vaccinated first and have their kids vaccinated. It’s the uneducated among us who want schools opened but don’t want to get vaxxed. Mind you, rich people already tend to have their education and can help their kids AND pay for a private tutor. Whether the country closes down or not, while there businesses may suffer a bit… they still aren’t going hungry. But it’s the poor, duncy-headed people who work for them who don’t want to do anything to fight this virus and their ignorance is going to continue to confine them and their offspring to being the proletariat.

  4. Death from covid,Aids, Cancer, , accident,suicide is a death. Death is inevitable no one no the time or the hour, cast out the fear, live every day like it’s your last, build your immune system, follow the protocols, find some activities to keep down the stress level. Choose faith over fear it is the only way for a peace of mind so one will not live tormented.

    We have natural disasters we don’t know which one will hit the shores, how many deaths it would be, do we walk around with these disasters on our minds and stress out ourselves?

  5. No, this don’t no include dem at AUA because they do their own testing in their own clinic. They has an outbreak dems not telling us about. They rich so they keeps a secret. But they behind the bigger outbreak in the island bringing all dems kids without the vaccine to our island. Some may have it. But most no have the vaccine cause dem don’t believe in it. Theys have big antivaccine group there among students and dem doctors. Ask AUA to tell the truth!!

  6. The Virus was made in a lab, they come with the cure. Mankind can be very evil and the people that will put their trust without questioning nothing is the most gullible, “the government is looking out for you”, they are looking out for themselves.

    They want a safe working area they are not testing everybody every two weeks only the non vaccinated. Is like they don’t want to expose some lies when they test the vaccinated they will get alot of positive cases also. A non vaccinated was doing well all the 19 months they go for a test it’s positive, then they will say ones asymptomatic, the more test the more cases, sometimes I have to wonder if those kits get contaminated since alot of testing takes place in that designated area where some people might be positive in the same area where there is a negative

  7. Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Most cases are asymptomatic, especially among the vaccinated. What you see above is just what is being detected by RT-PCR. Rapid antigen testing has revealed even more than that but isn’t logged by the government. It’s going to get worse by Christmas. By next year, the folks who vaccinated earlier in the year will start catching it as their immunity gets too low to cope with current and even newer variants that don’t care about your antibodies. But the scary thing is that vaccinated people are calling other folks “uneducated” even as they are completely oblivious to the temporary and fleeting nature of their immune status. They don’t know that they’re still in danger.

    It’s actually kind of hilarious what’s happening now. Vaccinated folks screaming at unvaccinated folks to get vaccinated while being completely unaware that their Covid antibody levels are dropping by the month and that some of them are actually walking around infected and spreading it without even as much as the sniffles. Unvaccinated folks screaming at vaccinated folks as they catch the virus because they failed to follow protocols or keep other people (vaccinated or not) out of their homes. The Antiguan government is now talking about mandatory vaccination…even as the heavily vaccinated state of Israel is now screaming for boosters and more boosters with nearly 8000 cases a day.

    In the US, the vaccinated took off their masks and tried to pretend that the pandemic was no longer their problem after they got their shots. Yesterday, they had over 160,000 known cased confirmed in a single day and close to 2000 deaths.

    Vaccination doesn’t solve the problem….it only makes you scream for boosters…

    Sure, they blame the unvaccinated…as one would expect…except that statisticians have been screaming that the only way the virus could be spreading in the US this quickly is if the undiagnosed (asymptomatic) vaccinated people are participating significantly in spreading the virus. More and more people got vaccinated after the increase. The result? The infection rate got even faster.

    If the vaccine was actually as effective as they claim with stopping infection, there should have been some slowing effect on infection rate. Just the other week, a single vaccinated passenger on a cruise infected almost 30 other vaccinated cruise passengers by the time the cruise had ended. Not a single unvaccinated person was required to start or propagate the infection. So much for rare. If winning the lottery was that rare, everyone in the room would win at the same time. Smh. So even if you vaccinate every living person, the virus will still spread just as quickly as it’s doing now. And that’s because they’re not telling you that the community immunity achieved by these vaccines is uneven (because everyone cannot be vaccinated at the same time) and insufficient to slow down the virus as it continues to mutate away from the impact of your antibodies.

    The vaccines will mostly keep you out of hospital. But not forever, and probably not beyond next year. Vaccine proponents need to focus on what happens next for themselves because they’re not even close to being out of the woods. And until they realize this, they’re every bit as risky to the wider community as the unvaccinated folks they enjoy berating…because you won’t know until it catches you completely off guard. Right now, there are a lot of vexed vaxxers in the US who caught and spread the virus in a manner that they thought was impossible because they’re being lied to about the extent of breakthrough cases.

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