BARBADOS: 84 new cases of COVID-19 recorded


Barbados recorded 84 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday. Additionally, nine people were released from isolation.

The new cases were among 974 tests carried out by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory, and represent results for locals and visitors.  They comprise 75 men and 9 women.

Of the 84 new positives, 67 are from Her Majesty’s Prisons, Dodds.

There are now 553 persons in isolation.  To date, Barbados has recorded 968 confirmed cases – 377 females and 591 males, and 408 persons have recovered.

The public health laboratory has completed 84,879 tests since March 2020.

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  1. Zackie et al, you seeing this? You still want us to mirror them? Active cases (NOT TOTAL) there now 553. Hope they get on top of this soon. Same for SVN who just today had 31 new cases where its of nationals who had no recent travel history , Active cases there 178, and total cases 284

    • Ten-man please tell me how many communities have been tested on Antigua and Barbuda? I guess you Bird brain people never heard of people been A Symptomatic, people walking around with no symptoms. I will be awaiting your answer.

      • Nine people getting oxygen in BDS (covid ),plus 14 persons in the isolation area being watched in BDS while 3 people hospitalized in A&B with same. Guy the criteria for testing when it comes to locals (no travel history) is basically the same as BDS No one wasting scarce resources doing mass testing . Not even Japan, USA, UK has engaged in such a fruitless exercise. Yet watch you bitter buffoons’ demanding the impossible: “Nine months into the pandemic, population-scale COVID testing remains elusive, but signs suggest we may be reaching a stage in which testing of tens of millions of people in the U.S. on a regular basis may become feasible.” see Will U.S. ever get to mass COVID-19 testing?
        Adam Bonislawski, Modern Healthcare, Dec 2020. Again, mass testing is not feasible. Please encourage you and those you love to adhere to the protocols which are clearly working to stop the spread. Testing will not prevent you from getting covid, adhering to the protocols will, ask Donald Trump and his staff who tested daily, how come they still got covid.

        • Here in the U.S. we may not be doing mass testing but I can get a Covid test done free of no charge or through my insurance if I so choose and I can get it done regularly . As a matter of fact the City encourages you to get tested regularly at its no charge centers . Comments well received

          • Notice you said paid for by your insurer. Now most insurers require that you are either symptomatic or found in a trace. Here is a NBC article from June 2020 on said issue: “In advance of an upcoming road trip with her elderly parents, Wendy Epstein’s physician agreed it would be “prudent” for her and her kids to get tested for COVID-19.

            Seeing the tests as a “medical need,” the doctor said insurance would likely pay for them, with no out-of-pocket cost to Epstein. But her children’s pediatrician said the test would count as a screening test — since the children were not showing symptoms — and she would probably have to foot the bill herself.” see Is your COVID test covered? The answer is up for interpretation.
            Insurers will be making judgment calls — likely on a case-by-case basis — about how they will handle cost sharing for screening tests under new guidance. July 18, 2020, 4:30 AM -04
            By Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News

      • There’s a lot of people with mild cold/flu symptoms on island.

        I know several that work at a certain large supermarket who have been passing sickness amongst each other for weeks.

        None have stayed home from work for more than a few days.

        Do these people have C19 or just a cold? No way to tell since they’ll never get tested in Antigua.

        In Barbados they’d be tested and isolated. In Antigua, the disease will just spread and spread and spread.

        Many will recover; some with lasting morbidity. Few will be hospitalized and some will die of MI or stroke.

        But almost none of those people will ever be identified as having C19 simply because they will never be tested

        • Oh wow so the common cold flu and sinus don’t exist now. So every time my sinus kick up it actual covid I have! What a groundbreaking discovery!!! Skne of internet experts amaze me!!

          • Killing thousands of people everyday

            If someone shows symptoms of an URI or other symptoms typical for C19, we should assume they have C19 until we know otherwise.

            In other words, at minimum, symptomatic people should be tested and quarantined until clear. They should not return to a working at a major supermarket to potentially spread a deadly disease.

  2. Those folks wouldn’t be tested or treated. They would just die alone at home or collapse in the street and their deaths would never be recorded as C19.

    The only reason the numbers are lower in Antigua is that the Antiguan government is suppressing the truth about the situation here by testing very few people and other underhanded means.

    • They would be tested first to ascertain if its the flu. You guys really need to stop. Flu tests as you well know are more easily accessible than covid tests. As far as your assertion that the A&B government is suppressing the numbers, I gather in your thinking so also is Japan, Jamaica, TNT, Guyana, Grenada since their test per million is less than ours. There are over 100 nations who rank lower that A&B as far as test per million

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