82 % of Africans say they experienced discrimination in Antigua


International Organisation of Migration Report:

A total of 82 % said they had experienced discrimination while in Antigua.

A total of 94% said they left their country of origin due to violence related reasons and 94 % answered they fear to return to their country of birth/origin.

A total of 44% cited migrant status (work permit) as their major specific need, with 39 % citing employment and income generation.

29 % said they need legal assistance and legal status; 24% cited accommodation and assistance with shelter as their main need.

An estimated 53 % of respondents said they received support since their arrival in Antigua. Most of the support took the form of in-kind donations.

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  1. It’s okay.

    If standing up for our right to exist in the country of our birth is discrimination, we will continue to discriminate.

  2. How are immigrants affecting your right to exist? After all Antiguans are currently living in other people’s countries and are not being discriminated against. Its very shameful that our brothers and sisters from the motherland should feel any sort of discrimination from their own kind. I hope sometime in the future we would not have to run to any African countries for refuge and get treated like crap. Most of us are Decedent’s of Africa and walking around acting like we forget. When our small Island run out of food and resources, Africa will have plenty and there is where we can run if anything was to go wrong in the west. However with the way some of us are treating our brothers and sisters, we probably wouldn’t be welcomed there.

    • African have plenty food? You are kidding right? Do you have any idea how many people in Africa dies from starvation annually?

      • You feed into the western propaganda about starving Africans. People are starving everywhere at any given time. Its not just in Africa. That’s what the media shows you here in Western society and you eat it up. Many are living well in Africa. Africa has all of the world’s natural resources. Why do you think America, Britain, China and so on have been continually reaping from it. Believe you me. Africa is the future. America and other European Countries are declining and Africa is rising. Mark my words. You will see.

        • And many are STARVING. If Africa have excess food they need to share it fellow Africans who have none. Africa had all the natural resources but other countries own the rights to them. Show me 10 Africans that own the it own diamond mine. Why are children working in colbalt and lithium mines? Come back and school me when y’all get rid of the Chinese who has taken over where the white man left off.

          I’ve been to several countries in Africa…
          Stop making assumptions about where my information comes from.

      • Much of the starvation in Africa is caused by wars and drought. A lot of the war mongers in Africa just crave power and they will kill their people to get it. And some of their leaders are dictators who don’t want to give up power. I mentioned wars, who supply the weapons? Africa needs to mature. Don’t be surprised if Antigua runs out of fair elections and slides into dictatorship.

    • @Yarrow
      Have you lived in other people’s country? You obviously haven’t or you would know non whites are discriminated against in other people’s country. Non whites are the last hired and first fired even if they are more qualified. The so-called native population always look out for their own. They are willing to give the non whites the dirty jobs they don’t want. It is worst if you don’t have legal status in the country. You can work at McDonald’s or some fast food joint for minimum wage.
      The problem with Antiguans is we are too welcoming. All kinds of people are allowed in our country and then they talk crap and put down Antiguans. Go to any other country and do this and see what happens to you.

  3. Every Dominican and latino living here can relate.to ya bang water come ya and Antigua me come from rant of the jealous, selfish and envious part of the Antiguan population

    • I’m sure no one is keeping you in Antigua.
      If you don’t like what you claim Antiguans are saying, yu can alwau hall yu RH an goh back ah yu yard. Plenty ah aru are run away criminals. Look like aru want Antiguans fu fraud aru. Not ah f**k.

      I said what I said…Who bex can goh def.

    • Elizabeth, if you are black, go to the DR and see if the police don’t beat the crap out of you taking you for Haitian. Just leave Antiguans alone. No country would have us land in their country illegally and have us walk into a business the next day and get a job.

      • They even deported children born in DR who are of Haitian parents.
        They can’t live in their own f**ked up county, but they want to come here and bully Antiguans.
        Thank God for Antigua carz plenty ah dem wuddah done ded inna weh dem come fram.

  4. @Yarrow if we run out of food and water what makes you think Africa will give us when in certain parts they desperately need it like RIGHT NOW. The reason Africans leaving Africa is for this same reason as stated and the war thats going on among other… Not saying everywhere in Africa is poor but why give when your own people want. It all comes down to race. The black race cares nothing about no one but themselves. We dont support one another in business nothing. Chinese and Syrians showing us up everyday and all we can do is complain about foreigners. Some of us dont want to work just lazy and expect everything to fall from the sky any who thats for another time

  5. Let us not get deflected my fellow Antiguans, but remember how the Africans were brought here by Gaston Browne and his government.

    Once we get an independent investigation into how the ABLP displaced them here and the virtually left them here to fend for themselves, then a discussion about any so-called discrimination afterwards.


  6. When in Rome…
    They need to first observe or practice OUR standard of personal hygiene. We shower twice a day with antibacterial soap and apply antiperspirant to the underarms.
    We are not “nose blind” to their body odors.
    That is the most important step to stop the discrimination

  7. @ Franks. Have you ever passed next to a Syrian or Chinese cook, serving you chicken and chips or fried chicken. Ever got a whiff of their body odor? Yet their food places are packed daily. Go figure.

  8. Elizabeth you are welcome to go back to where you came from. People like you I think you deserve the happenings in your birthplace. Is there any good you experience in Antigua. Speak 4 uself! That “bang water come ya ” story you talking about sound like a lie. Right now a great percentage of this country ya either come from foreign or is parented by one foreigner or have Dem relationship mash up by one foreigner OR HAVE ONE FOREIGNER AS DEM BOSS.

    This African story is also a lie…seems like a bunch of dunceness is fueling that story.

  9. Let’s see it as a good thing maybe in ten years or less the African men will make children with our females and our men with the African sisters a kind of back to Africa community right here and this may be a blessing in disguise with all the women running around with no men marrying them our brothers from Africa so let’s live in love and harmony and stop cussing because we all are Africans , the home of our Ancestors . In the belly of the slave ships we cried and ate pop , we wallowed in our fecal matter and urine , oh ! That trans Atlantic journey was a nightmare many died so let’s love they are us and we are them .

  10. Antiguans dont discriminate, we just dont love when people come to our country under the guise of some political scheme. Antiguans cant show up in jamaica illegally and its all good nor can we do it in any other country, so why should we accept it.Jamaicans and Dominican Republic Citizens that use politicians to slip through our immigration system, make no mistake you shouldnt be here. In D R you guys dont get as much benefits aswhen you come to Antigua, so be thankful we are not chasing you out by force, learn that the politician is not your friend and help us to be better, not worse by voting blindly.

  11. Don’t worry about your typos, I agree with you. They have a lot of nerve talking smack about Antigua…
    I live in the US, and many black Americans here hate blacks from other countries, including Antigua. I’ve also had to deal with racism, when I even made fun of white kids when I was in Antigua. Sorry (sad tears).
    I got paid back big time. Let’s all be kind.

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