8000 students ages 12 to 18 to receive Pfizer vaccine within weeks



The Cabinet invited The Chief Medical Officer (Acting), the Head of the Laboratory at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Center, and the Director of Education (Acting) to meet with the members in order to devise and to implement smoothly a plan to roll-out application of the Pfizer vaccine to approximately 8,000 students 12 to 18 years old, enrolled in public and private schools across Antigua and Barbuda.


The three officials stressed the need for consultations with teachers and parents, in every secondary school or across districts, before the roll-out begins; the object is to commence prior to the start of the new term.


The framework of a plan was articulated, and following consultations with Principals and others in authority, and securing the buy-in of the parent-participants, will be sought. The officials will return to Cabinet next Wednesday to present the plan and to seek the Cabinet’s approval.


The Pfizer vaccine, scheduled to arrive Antigua in weeks, will be used exclusively until other vaccines are tested, and the peer reviews are completed and approve of those vaccines just as Pfizer has done.


The Cabinet was informed that 62% of all teachers were vaccinated, and that the object is to have 100% of teachers fully vaccinated since they come into contact with students who are now vulnerable to the Delta Strain of the Covid Virus.


One of the officials voiced regret at the falsities that have been spread around— especially on radio and social media—that influence professionals who can think for themselves.


The official expressed surprise that far lesser educated people are influencing their superiors with falsities and lack of evidence. The National Technical Working Group will seek to expand its role, making public education and refutation of false claims among its work.

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  1. Children are NOT affected by the original COVID virus, NOR ‘DELTA VARIANT’, so WHY vaccinate people pickney ESPECIALLY with Pfizer’s mRNA “Vaccine”?

    You guys can say people’s concerns and facts from even former Pfizer top scientist and Doctors and Scientists all over the World are false as much as you want. THAT DOES NOT MAKE THE TRUTH A LIE NOR A LIE THE TRUTH.

    According to you “Officials” Delta Variant in Antigua since March 2021; where are the hospitalization and deaths of children?! You can’t get adults to meet your Herb Immunity quota (while ignoring those of us who have gained Natural Immunity because we encountered the virus and lived) so you inject people pickney with possibly The WORST VACCINE YET!

    You say mRNA Vaccines are not new tech; but you do NOT tell the people that the tech failed by killing 100% in the ferrets injected with it once they came across a variant. This is the reason it was NEVER USED on humans not even for testing.

    You better leave our children alone!

  2. When will i get my plastic card to say I was vaccinated? I dont like that piece of blue paper I currently have. Plus some nearga I know who aint take the vaccine have cards that look like it….Imagine dem no waan tek d vaccine but dem wary parody wid card as if dem tek um.

  3. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!

    Just as with Adults, Children are to be protected!

    “Sooner or later The People get the Government they deserve and sooner or later The Government gets the People it deserves.” Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth!

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