80% of ECAB staff stay home today in protest


Over 80% of ECAB staff are absent  from work today forcing the company to close atleast two branches.

They are dissatisfied with the treatment they have received from management in light of the acquisition of Scotiabank.

A source tells Antigua News Room that it is not go slow, as reported in other sections of the media.

“Ecab staff is protesting the unfair and inhumane treatment being dished out as a result of the BNS acquisition,” the source said.

The protest has led to the closure of the Coolidge and Dockyard Branches.

The workers point to increased workload and no additional compensation for ECAB staff.

They says former BNS staff are handsomely compensated and are calling equality with  BNS counterparts.

The staff want ECAB Management to take issues seriously and address them.

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  1. The salary paid to Bank of Nova Scotia’s employees is the envy of many a banking and corporate institutions. Get your coins!

  2. I stand in solidarity with all the staff and completely agree with thier actions. Many of my friends work there at ECAB and they compare it to working in a brothel. The better you perform, the more often you are screwed over.

      • JUST SAYING now you have openly admitted what was always suspected i.e., that you are are frequent visitor of brothels and the drinks and nocturnal activities have affected your judgement and thinking 😂

        • Ha ha….when things normalise I will organize a boys lime with you. No need to be afraid people like you who are considered “upstanding” are of no better ilk than me.

          • Lol. JUST SAYING I will not allow you to corrupt my morals 😁. I would suggest that you have your boys lime with comrades like FROM THE SIDELINE, ERIC (THE RED), PETE, TENMAN, FREDERIC, CARSON B, BEEF, PHILLIP G, Cermle, KRISTI and BETTYS HOPE.

  3. Scotia Bank came to the Caribbean to establish themselves and grow Canadian Banking in our region, and having done so they deserted the region with bags of our blood & sweat money. Scotia planned and plotted to pull out of the region secretly and surreptitiously putting many businesses in peril over the two years while they reduced local businesses by halting expansion. No loans, no commercial real estate as security, and a general block coupled with deteriorating customer service.
    Our indigenous banks cannot fill the hole left by Scotia and the other Canadian banks departure, because they are politically controlled and staff are permitted to discriminate politically and otherwise, like and dislike customers and not be held responsible!

    • Explain this…..

      “because they are politically controlled and staff are permitted to discriminate politically and otherwise, like and dislike customers and not be held responsible!”

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!

      Within a week of acquiring a solid Banking and Financial Institution, “Things fall apart. The Center cannot hold.” Why become a laughing stock?

      “The Afrocentric Paradigm is a revolutionary shift in thinking proposed as a constructural adjustment to black disorientation dislocation decenteredness and lack of agency.” Dr. Molefi Asante, The Theory of Social Change!

  4. The political control is the “BIG” problem!! Followed by the fact that having these banks pull out is a direct hit in international trade and integration. Having something of your own is one thing but crippling your ability to bargain is another

    • I totally agree with you Tiera, i was a customer with one of the banks that left and now i’m with the local bank and for the life of me they cant get nothing right, credit card don’t work right, cant get money wired to me without all sort of problems… i’m just sick of it… i don’t think they really think this through , what about when u want to deal with business internationally , like the US and UK etc… i’m just fed up ..

      • Melchesidec
        September 2, 2021 At 2:28 pm
        Disturbed A man moved his mortgaged from ECAB to Scotia because of lower interest rate ànd other issues he was experiencing, without any consultation with him Scotiabank sold his mortgage to ECAB, is that ethical?

        To move his loan from ECAB he had to pay $12,000.00 now his loan is back with ECAB is that ethical?

        ECAB need to have a no penalty clause for customers who do not wish to do business with them for known and unknown reasons.

        • @Mel: In the States in which I have lived.You could get a Mortgage with a Company and they would sell it to another Mortgage Company or Bank.That is okay here.I do not know if it applies to Antigua and Barbuda.

        • It is legal. Ethical, maybe not, but these days most buisness places don’t seem to bother about ethics.
          If the second loan agreement at Scotia is more favorable. he has nothing to worry about because that loan agreement with lower interesr rates will still stand.
          If he just wanted to get away from ECAB. tough luck.

  5. Thank your brilliant finance minister for having to go through hoops and jump rope to get money wired to you.

    Antigua and Barbuda has lost corresponding banking status and it has had a negative effect on the financial sector with the internationally services that they provide.

    What you may have done in the past. Wrong I propose. Will always come back as a biting insect.

    • Ummmm how is the Minister of Finance to blame for an international banking deciding to leave the REGION? Scotia didn’t just leave Antigua. They left the CARIBBEAN!

      Are you going to blame him for RBC leaving Antigua and THE CARIBBEAN too?


  6. I have had reason to visit E.C.A.B. (in the vicinity of the Airport) and at Woods Mall and I AM NOT IMPRESSESED WITH THEIR SERVICE.


    Now they want more money when they do not appear as EFFICIENT as the former Scotia Bank Workers?

    Give me a break. Do you all work efficiently and with a sense of urgency then talk about pay increase.

    • Lord have mercy if someone didn’t write it…I sure as heck would’ve AND they are not pleasant at all. Faces like BULL.

  7. To Tabor.
    Why you always have to try and pull me in things.
    I’m too old for boys liming. Been there done that.
    In my latter days it’s just me and the madam. I mean some of us can hardly walk. And we just lost our beloved leader Lester. It’s getting very lonely I can tell you.

  8. if I’m correct there was a precedent set as it pertains to the taking over of a business by another entity. When Rubis took over from Texaco. You cannot take over staff. You have to give them the option of a new contract or to be paid off. I thought that all would have been negotiated by ECAB before the switching over day. We saw the same thing happening when Barclays merged into FCIB and later into CIBC/FCIB. You just cannot bring staff in one company with these differences in pay. I wonder if Mr. Spencer is up for the job. But if I were him, I’ll find the severance pay and pay-off everyone and re-hire them under new terms. Eventually you will have to close some offices. And when you bought the ABIB assets you did the same thing. Oh no the government paid the staff from ABIB.

  9. This whole deal is all about ego and bragging rights. I can bet we will be hearing about all the negatives in the months to come. Was this really profitable for ECAB? Gird your loins, workers. Anything that involves politicians and government is doomed to fail.

  10. The exit of international banks generally has been an attempt to curtail our regions ability to do international business. The banking issue is not something new, its a play that has been gradually taking place over at least the last 3 decades. The First World is attempting to put our region back in its place because we dare to demand reparations for slavery, dare to demand to be compensated in line with the WTO ruling over online gaming and dare to try and boost our economies with CIP programmes. We are additionally being punished for our close ties with Cuba, China and India. The ECAB acquisition of Scotia assets was a bold one because for once the international banks weren’t allowed to simply wipe their feet upon exit through the back door once they had sapped us dry. I genuinely hope that the acquisition pays off. We are still in a transitional period so it may take a few years before we see whether this has worked. What I do know is that we as a region need to unite and resist this long standing colonial control that has delayed our development at every turn. Please people look at the bigger picture. Scotia bank pulled out of THE WHOLE REGION. This is NOT an Antigua problem or one that can or should be reduced to our local politics. To do so would be reductive, disingenuious and widely inaccurate. Our regional banking institutions need to establish a way ahead to create global banking relationships with countries who don’t have the set agenda of cutting our achilles heels whilst looking us in the face and telling us that it’s all for our own good. Let’s hope this is the first step in the long walk to financial independence for our region.

    • Unite? We will be our own doom while the world just stand back and watch us fight ourselves.

      We even supply then with their popcorn.

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